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Back Packs Made in the USA
Green Guru Feel good about your adventurous lifestyle by upcycling old bike
inner tubes, wetsuits, climbing ropes, and banners so our sewing ninjas may build
you the most exciting eco-adventure gear such as backpacks, messenger bags,
bike bags, duffels and accessories. All of our gear is proudly made in the USA
surpassing environmentally and social standards.

Custom Hide Leather backpacks in our collection are hand-crafted from full grain
leathers in our factory & backed by our Lifetime Warranty Made in USA

Phunnybaggs We Provide Customized Backpacks with unique features. Designed,
Tested & Produced in Washington State

Tom Bihn has been designing and making bags for well over 20 years. Tom
designs all TOM BIHN bags. You'll often find him in our Seattle factory
consulting with our sewing crew, designing a new bag, or making patterns.

Tough Traveler's backpacks are well-known for their superior durability, excellent
workmanship and materials, designed in convenient sizes, shapes, and colors, so
you can pick a backpack for your adventure, travel, or everyday use.

Kifaru We've had extensive experience in the outdoor business - both in the field
and in the shop, and many of us have gained valuable experience as former
employees of Mountainsmith - making and using  Mt. Everest quality
mountaineering products. Every dollar you spend with Kifaru is kept right here in
the United States. Instead of fueling foreign economies, we put funds right back
into American pockets. The taxes reaped from our sales and salaries support our
infrastructure and our communities - not those in Asia or Latin America. We
could go offshore, but we've found from past experience that timelines and
quality are often sacrificed. Because of this crew, and Patrick Smith's dedication
to this country, our gear is unquestionably the best in the world.

VinniBag is a reusable travel bag with inflatable air chambers that protect and
insulate wine bottles, other liquids, and fragile items. It’s designed to provide
superior protection against impact and leakage, is easy to use, and stores flat,
rolled or folded when not in use. And VinniBag is eco friendly

Pax4u hip bags are the hands-free way to keep essential items close.
Ergonomically designed, they free your back, shoulders and neck from daily
strain often caused by traditional over-the-shoulder bags and backpacks. Made in
the US of 100% ecologically responsible fabric, Pax4u combines fashion and
function into one unique and comfortable bag. Pax4u bags are designed for the
earth-conscientious consumer. It’s our mission to be an ecologically responsible
company. Only organic and sustainable fabrics are used in our products to ensure
the safety of farmers and the future of the environment. What’s more, a
percentage of Pax4u’s profits are designated to assist not-for-profits advancing
humanitarian causes.

Mountain Ridge Gear, LLC  MRG makes high quality, American made gear.  I
spent more than 21 years in the Air Force and developed an affinity for quality
gear that was NOT made in China.  I have traveled extensively and have gone
through numerous bags that didn't hold up.  As a result I designed my own bag
and it came to be known as the Tactical Man Purse.  We also make a tactical
messenger bag and various pouches and other bags.  All the gear is made to order
right here in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO.

Rivendell Mountain Works have been in production for over a year now, with our
vintage day pack line, and have been super pleased with the great enthusiasm our
customers have shown for these remakes of the 1979 vintage designs. All of our
packs are 100% USA made, at our micro-cottage workshop in Washington State

Duluth Pack, we strive to set ourselves apart from the other outdoor gear makers.
For 130 years we have been building quality products in Duluth, Minnesota, and
for the last 100 of those years at the same factory on West Superior Street. Many
of our current manufacturing methods are similar to those in the early 1900’s.
Pride in craftsmanship is the reason we put signature labels on all of our products.
These labels read: “Handcrafted by”: with the sewer’s hand-signed initials or name
on it. Just lift up that little American flag, and there is the signature. (see photo
gallery) This touch of ownership was initiated at the sewers’ request to put their
pride of workmanship in writing.

Topo Designs of Colorado makes quality backpacks and shoulder bags all made in
the USA. Our bags feature natural leather lash tabs, all-metal military spec
hardware, heavy duty straps reinforced with seatbelt webbing, and inner organizer

Ultralight Adventure Equipment (ULA) was started by Pacific Crest Trail hiker
Brian Frankle, who saw a need for durable yet light weight backpacking
equipment. Nine years later nearly half the hikers completing this arduous 2650
mile trail are carrying a ULA pack. Our reputation for quality,innovation and
customer service have given us a worldwide reputation that is second to none.
ULA is one of the few remaining U.S. based backpack companies who
manufacture in house. Our factory in Logan Utah enables us to be extremely
responsive to our customers ever changing needs. It allows us to adapt new
technologies and materials in weeks rather than months, and also allows ULA to
offer a level of customer service that is simply unmatched. Because we donʼt rely
on others to sew our packs, we always have all styles and sizes in stock ready to
ship. Our packs have won awards from Backpacker magazine, The Great
Outdoors, and Mens Journal. Our newly launched EPIC has received an award
for innovation from Geographical magazine and was carried on the National
Geographic sponsored circumnavigation of Alaska recently completed by Andrew
Skurka. If you are hiking 2 miles or 2000 miles ULA makes the packs that will
make all your adventures more enjoyable.

North St. Bags of Oregon was founded in 2009, North St. Bags brought a
waterproof convertible backpack/pannier to cycling accessories. With a product
line of packs and bags made from US Made materials and salvaged vinyl for the
commuter and the long distance cycle tourist. All products are designed, built and
weather tested at the micro-factory in Portland, Oregon.
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Backpacks Made in the USA
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