American Made Blankets At the end of the day when you end your day wouldn't you rather be sleeping under an American Made Blanket? You'll know it was
made well and under safe labor and environmental laws. You'll know that your purchase helped keep your country strong while keeping you warm at night. So blankets made
in the USA are the complete security blanket! Warm and comfortable at home while helping keep the homeland secure and employed, that's a wonderful win win for
everyone involved,
Blankets Made in the USA

The Amana Woolen Mill has been an integral part of the fabric of Amana since 1855. Today
we continue to make superior American-made wool and cotton blankets in Iowa's only
remaining operating woolen mill. Enjoy the comfort and quality of an Amana Blanket.

Faribault's blankets are made in America at our mills in Minnesota and South Carolina.
Faribault Woolen Mill Company is the last "fully vertical" woolen mills in this country which
means the mill provides all functions to change raw fiber into woven blankets. In addition to
its hallmark, wool blankets, Faribault also offers cotton blankets and Ingeo corn fiber blankets
to help keep America warm in a quality way. Today Faribault produces more than half of the
new wool blankets made in this country

Luxe and Liberty strives to be the first resort for American-made home furnishings by
offering the most compelling combination of value, selection, service and convenience. Every
item offered at Luxe and Liberty is beautifully designed, produced with premium-quality
materials, and proudly made in America. We select only superior products, representing our
customer’s discerning taste, which are intended for a lifetime of use.

Brahms Mount blankets, throws and baby blankets are woven from propriety yarns on
Crompton and Knowles W3 shuttle looms. This type of loom dates from the 1940’s and
formed the backbone of the Industrial revolution of this country. They produce selvedges that
cannot unravel or be aesthetically obtained on modern equipment. We hand fold the edges on
all sides and securely sew them in place. This feature avoids the use of attached bindings.
Furthermore it ensures long life to our products. Depending upon the style, an individual
Queen size blanket contains upwards of 5.80lbs of pure Cotton. Linen blankets are slightly
weightier. This is an important consideration in our design process since we wish to provide
the drape and " hand" essential to a good nights sleep.

The New England Trading Company, Ltd. Every item we offer you is made in New England,
most are handcrafted by artisans of various trades. Each item is hand-selected for it’s superior
quality, superb craftsmanship, or unique artistry.

The Bates Mill Store is a family-owned retailer of American-made bedspreads, blankets and
accessories. All of our products are proudly woven and finished in Monmouth, Maine by our
team of expert craftsmen and women. Each product is 100% preshrunk cotton and machine
washable for easy at home care. We are also more than happy to work with customers on
custom sizes and adjustments. Our products are famous for lasting generations and are truly
"Loomed to be Heirloomed."

ThrowGoUSA of New Jersey Our Company Mission is simple:  to produce the finest luxury
cotton throws made in the U.S.A. for Americans everywhere.  Luxury throwgos (that'swhat
we call them) are eco-friendly, moderately priced, guaranteed for life and custom-fit for your
American lifestyle.  Choose from our expanding American Pride, Dafina, Motorsports and
other featured Collections or let our team of creative designers customize a branded, licensed
or VIP throwgo for your brand or company.  Work hard.  Play hard.  Leave the rest to

Quilts Made in the USA

Bluebird Gardens Quilts and Gifts Custom, one of a kind handmade quilts and gifts made in
Missouri, USA

McCombs Counterpanes and Quilts of Illinois produces traditional and modern quilt designs.
Baby, Shower, Birthday, and Holiday Gifts. Quilts, Blankets, Cozy Flannel, Cotton,
Personalized Gift Boxes. Kitchen Accessories and placemats Hot Pads Tortilla Warmers Potato

Debra's Custom Machine Quilting and Gifts of Oregon offers quilts made in Oregon.  The
selection includes both hand-pieced and quilted as well as machine-pieced and quilted of all
sizes from Crib quilts to King Size, Wall-hangings and hand crafted gifts. All quilts and gifts
are made in Oregon by a group of quilters dedicated to producing quality quilts and gifts at
reasonable prices. Debra's Custom Machine Quilting also offers longarm machine quilting for
your home made quilts.  Our workshop and studio in Medford OR.

Pieceful Works Patchwork Baby Quilts are hand made the old fashioned way – one at a time,
with no duplicates. Each quilt is fun, cozy, educational, one-of-a-kind, and practical all at
once. The ABC Patchwork Baby Quilts are made from fabrics showing pictures of things
beginning with each letter of the alphabet. The Activity Patchwork Baby Quilt keeps a baby
happy and engaged for hours with attached ribbons, velcro, pockets and flaps. No two baby
quilts are alike. Each patchwork baby quilt measures 34″ x 45″ and are machine washable.
Patchwork Baby Quilts are made with 100% cotton or cotton/polyester blends and lots of love
Blankets Made in the USA
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