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American Made Work Boots we specialize in American Made in U.S.A. work shoes and
boots.  Buy from us with confidence, knowing your hard earned dollars are being re-invested
in American made work boots and shoes and the Americans that build them.

Double H Boots Footwear Handcrafted in Womelsdorf, PA. Please check the label as they
do not make every product in the USA

Friedson Brothers We believe that there is a market for quality Western, Police, Polo, and
Riding Boots, made by Americans.. and we mean REALLY made by Americans! Our boots
are cut, sewn, lasted, and soled in the United States and are NOT made mostly 'somewhere
else' and then just 'finished' here. is a full service distributor with the capability to supply individuals,
small and large business and federal agencies with occupational safety for law enforcement,
fire & rescue, military, industry, assembly, construction and office personnel.We are a small
family-owned business. We are registered with Dun & Bradstreet. We are US Government
CCR Certified. We are a Department of Defense supplier. We are EDI compatible. Building
America's Premiere Work Boot Web Site

Weinbrenner Shoe Company has been both a leading manufacturer and a pioneering force in
the American footwear industry since beginning operations in 1892, initiating many of the
safety and job-fitted design elements that are common today. Weinbrenner Shoe Company's
dedication to craftsmanship, expertise, and innovations continues today. As seen in
Weinbrenner shoes and boots, it's a philosophy proven to be Working Over Time.

AFBOOTS - Allegiance Footwear, Inc 100% American made boots for farm, field, work or
casual.  We at AFBoots we are dedicated to providing the most dependable and affordable
products and service with the highest available quality American craftsmanship the footwear
industry has to offer.

Wesco American Owned, American Made For 92 years, four generations of the Shoemaker
family have invested blood, sweat, and tears into a business which is both legacy and legend.
From our early days in the timber camps, measuring loggers' feet for boots, to entering the
21st century with the ultimate customer convenience of online ordering, Wesco has surely
evolved. But as they say, nothing changes so much as it stays the same.We're still here in
Scappoose, building fine boots with John Shoemaker's unwavering commitment to quality. To
see a Wesco boot built is still a beautiful thing - 155 carefully finessed steps from start to
finish. In the words of our founder, "A shoe is no better than the leather it is made of - and all
the leather on the market is not worth a 'whoop' where there is no shoemaking skill." These
words tell our Wesco story - a simple tale of quality that has endured a serious test of time.

Chippewa Built with American pride and American handcraftsmanship Chippewa Classics
represent the best of class in components and classic styling for everyday wear with features
like Vibram outsoles, full leather welts and comfort insert insoles.

Huseby Custom Boots is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction -
we will do everything we can to meet your  custom boot expectations. We have an abundance
of leather products that will suit your every need. Please keep in mind that if there is
something we don't have in our store, we can order it for you. With a variety of standard and
exotic leather, boot styles and colors to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with
us on your custom boots. Look around our website and if you have any comments or
questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to do business with you soon!

CruiserWorks™, the official carrier of 100% Made in the USA CruiserWorks™ Motorcycle
Boots, known for their high-end premium leather and extreme comfort.  CruiserWorks™
Motorcycle Boots have a reputation of being the most comfortable motorcycle boots on the

Cove Shoe Company Our products are made with pride in our Martinsburg, PA facility by
people who take pride in their products, company, and country.

Helm Boots USA we are proud to have our boots crafted in Maine, USA. We source our
materials as much as possible in the United States and use products from other small
manufacturers like Horween Tannery in Chicago and Fairfield Textile in New Jersey. We like
building relationships. We are attracted to timeless quality and design - what is the point in
making something last if you're going to be sick of looking at it in a year?

Boot Repair Products Made in the USA

RUBBER BOOT REPAIR PATCHES Patching A Rubber Boot Just Got Easier.  Just Peel and
Stick! Our Rubber Boot Bandage is a 2"x 5" fully cured EPDM rubber patch backed by a
super gummy rubber based adhesive.  Just peel off release paper and press into place.  
Instantly seal and water proof punctured rubber boots.
American Made Boots American Made boots are more plentiful then most people think. As you can see from our list of Boots made in the USA you have many choices. These
boots are made all over the country by small and large companies. These companies have demonstrated a desire to source all their material from the US to build their boots as well. You will
find work boots, cowboy boots and even some dress models. Build your American Made wardrobe from the bottom up starting with boots.
Ads are not checked to be American Made Please check before buying products from anyone
Boots Made in the USA
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