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Elizabeth Laine Handbags of California. Elizabeth Laine is a Los Angeles, California native.
From a young age it was instilled in Elizabeth to express herself artistically by her
grandmother who was a home economics teacher and published author. After pursuing
studies for Art & Design, Elizabeth took her passion for creating and fascination with
handbags and established the Elizabeth Laine brand. The lifestyle company specializes in
handmade luxury products that are exclusively manufactured in America. All Elizabeth Laine
handbags are combined with rich skins, opulent fabrics and adorned with gold-tone or
silver-tone hardware. Every handbag makes a statement and is made for the different
aspects in a womans life. Each piece brings the perfect mix of sophistication, function and
style to women of all ages.

Slainte Bags was started by Jillian Bornemann back in 2003. It was one of those accidental
success stories – did a weekend sewing course, got addicted to fabric, made a few bags
for friends, word got out….All our bags are handmade in San Francisco, CA They are
made from locally sourced materials They are available in recycled materials and eco-
cottons They are functional, durable, washable and comfortable They have multiple pockets
– everything has a place They are light-weight and pack flat; perfect for travel The
workmanship is guaranteed for the life of the bag Let’s not forget – they look fabulous

Posh Totes are Art Designed, Handcrafted, Limited Edition Collectible Handbags. A visual
art that evokes your individual Style. The Duchess style handbag Functions to capture all of
the important elements of today's VIP's. The Glamorous, lightweight, spaciously appointed
conversion Tote to Statement handbag is fabulous inside & out! Made of a mixed bag
of durable textile fabrics, edgy floral prints and bold color, with leather or suede accents
plus feet  & minimal hardware. Colorful coordinated linings with 5 to 7 easy access
pockets for built in organization. Look for the original Posh Tote that has it's own name and
original signature of the designer stamped inside. Posh Totes! The only Print You Should Be
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Purses Made in California
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