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Plastic Forming Company Established in 1966 is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of
blow molded cases.  With an in-house design team, and manufacturing at both their Connecticut
headquarters and Massillon, Ohio factory, PFC Cases has the ability to offer their customers a wide
variety of stock case sizes and custom options.  Whether you are looking for a custom molded
interior, custom foam, fully custom case or a simple stock case – PFC Cases can meet your needs.
PFC’ s newest line of cases, the AllConditions™ weather-resistant line, are an affordable alternative for
those looking to purchase a protective case.  With a proprietary gasket sealing system to keep your
gear clean and dry, AllConditions™ weather-resistant cases are designed to lock out dirt and moisture
while still being affordable.   AllConditions™ cases have been certified IP53 by a nationally accredited
independent testing laboratory. All PFC Cases are made in the USA and are molded from tough,
recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and feature a rugged double-wall construction. We
source our materials domestically, we don't subcontract work to other companies, and we don't
outsource anything to foreign manufacturers.

GPS Cases Made in the USA

GizzMoVest Products are designed and constructed in the USA in Goleta, California (slightly north of
Santa Barbara).  We locally employ Designers, Press operators, Seamstresses and Assemblers in our
small but state-of-the-art facility. Wherever possible, the raw materials we use are also domestically-
produced. We are the only US manufacturer of molded Cases for GPS devices. We use superior
Design, Materials and Workmanship to distinguish our brand. Our products are performance-driven by
the users themselves and are not dictated by marketing companies who don't care and often presume
they must go offshore. GizzMoVest actually EXPORTS our US-made products to individual buyers all
over the world it is very important to EXPORT US products to reverse the trade deficit.
Cases Made in the USA. Seems like they make cases for everything these days. Things of values of course are worth protecting and when you buy an
American Made Case you protect your item and jobs for your country. I'm certain this page of our directory will grow so please check this page and others on our site
Cases Made in the USA
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