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Ron Lee Art of California can manufacture your designs right here in the U.S.A.  We can take
you every step of the way, whether it's from a sketch to full production, or the replication of
your original product.  World Renowned Artist Ron Lee has over 45 years experience in Art
Design, Sculpting, and Manufacturing, Metal and Poly Resin Art Casting. Ron can
manufacture your product with impeccable detail and superior quality. He uses a variety of the
finest casting materials, which include a variety of White Metal, Pewter, and Poly Resin. With
Ron Lee’s experience and newest technologies, there is no need to have your product made
overseas when it can be made right here in the United States We also offer full design
capability, as well as design assistance.Ron can reproduce your original design, or can create a
new design for you with a private label. We can take your product from the phase all the way
through production and finishing. Ron Lee Art Casting can meet all your production needs
with superior quality, fast turnaround, and excellent customer service!
Casting Made in the USA. If you need a casting made we hope you will try and fins an American Casting company to help you. Below is a small directory that we
are hoping to grow. Please check back often and if you are looking for other products made here in our country we have lots of pages to check out.
Casting Made in the USA
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