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American Joe Authentic American Apparel The American Joe brand of apparel provides 100 percent
certified authentic American made, manufactured and processed clothing for men, women and
children and is based on the value that buying American means something – quality, spirit, and
authentic style. Guts. Courage. Pride.

The Bailey Boys Clothing Company The original, fresh designs along with high quality and customer
service, make the Bailey Boys one of the best known labels in upscale children's clothing.

Bamboosa's baby products are manufactured  by men and women who take pride in their work and
enjoy producing high quality products here in the USA. ALL of the fabric and products sold by
Bamboosa are USA Made. Our goals when we started our company were that we would make
higher quality, better performing, really comfortable, longer lasting, sweatshop- free, competitively
priced, American Made apparel and baby products that are a better choice for the environment. After
six years of being business, we continue with those goals and hope to provide more and more
American Made choices for your family.  Bamboosa's fair-wage sewing facility is located in
Andrews, S.C. and is a company with a small production line. Think about the people you are
supporting when you buy from Bamboosa. We don't employ children and our employees work in a
safe, comfortable environment for forty hours a week or less.  Striving to improve the lives of
Americans, we continue to provide jobs in South Carolina.

Buddy's Jeans are the toughest, longest-lasting jeans you can buy The Best Jeans Made in the USA

Earth Wear is a source for organic cotton clothing for infants children and adults all made in the USA

Fairy Finery exciting site where we bring the Wonder of "Once Upon A Time" to life!Fairy Finery is
made in the USA and is dedicated to creating heirloom quality clothing and gifts. Discover
enchanting let’s pretend and special occasion clothing. Fairy Finery dress-up is so comfortable and
easy to care for, it meets the criteria of even  the most discerning of fairy godmothers!

Handmade sweaters and children apparel made in the USA. Our warm, custom made crocheted
sweaters make the perfect gift for boys & girls.

Hawaiian Clothing Our children's clothes are handmade from experienced seamstresses in Hawaii
USA where attention to detail and workmanship are maintained.

Madcapz Children's and Infants Caps. "Madcapz are colorful, patterned caps that are fashionably
sporty and terrific"

NuAngel, Inc., a woman-owned business, is a U.S. manufacturer of quality nursing, infant, and
health products. “Nu” in NuAngel represents the words “Nursing”, “Nutrition”, and “New”. “Angel”
represents the belief that infants are precious angels and are the most valuable gifts their parents will
ever receive

ROUND HOUSE® Round House is the largest maker of Made in USA kids overalls and youth
overalls. For 110 years Round House has been making American Made kids t-shirts, overalls, caps,
and camo. 2 Factories. 2,000+ retailers. Since 1903. Stripe Overalls, Blue Denim Overalls, Stripe
Railroad Engineer Caps, Blue Denim Railroad Engineer Caps, Realtree AP camo overalls and t-shirts,
Mossy Oak Break-Up camo overalls and t-shirts, girls pink camo overalls and pink camo t-shirts.

Swami Sportswear is a manufacturer of men's, women's and children's sportswear. All of our
products are 100% Made in USA using legal domestic workers. Like all American companies, we
have a choice between importing our products from one of the common manufacturing outposts of
the world or making them here at home - for us the choice is simple. We are proud to carry the
"Made in USA" label on our garments and will never put our name on any imported product. is a baby and children's polar fleece clothing company. Our products include
baby hats, toddler hats and children's hats, baby mittens, children's mittens, kid's gators, kid's
headbands, baby blankets, children's purses and accessories made with top quality fleece
manufactured by Malden Mills which is non-pilling and breathable. We now feature the new Curly
fleece which is warm and adorable. Our clothing is inspired by parenthood, innovative ideas and the
desire from all of us to give you THE BEST products possible. All of our products are handmade
with great care and attention to detail and can be purchased in the colors or a combination of colors

Wickers underwear for anywear garments are made in the United States of America! We believe we
have a responsibility to keep American workers working. And, a solid manufacturing base makes for
a stronger America.

BabyPop Design LLC is Located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. We create personalized superheroes
and princesses everyday. The main part of the business is BabyPop’s custom made personalized
superhero princess cape sets . The capes feature the child initials, and the logo of there choice
shield, crown, circle heart star, spider, alligator…in any color of your choice. Quality and affordable
price is what keep people coming back, and telling there friends. We also make the crowns, masks,
tees, skirts, and gloves all customizable. Made in the USA. BabyPop Saving one back yard at a time.

Green Label Organic every T-shirt we make sends a message. We’d like to think if you have gotten
this far on our site you like what we have to say. And we’re certainly glad you do. But we also want
you to know that underneath all of our messages we also make a statement with our commitment to
the most sustainably produced clothing available. Made in the USA, as locally as possible *
Sweatshop Free * Oeko-Tex 100 Certified

Wish Kingdom is a line of coastal inspired linens for your little ones. Living on Singer Island, you
can't help but be influenced by the colors, scenery and, of course, Wish Kingdom is made from the
finest cotton fabrics and trims, and is manufactured here in the United States. All items are pesticide
and formaldehyde free. Each applique' is cut and sewn by hand, so no two are alike. Thus, each
piece is special and unique for you and your baby. If you do not see a design on the site, just email
your request.

Cloth and Needle Creations is a specialty online clothing store for infants, toddlers and children. All
our American made garments are handmade custom ©patterns. We offer elegance to everyday wear
outfits covering all sizes from new born to the little grown-up child

Ladybug Baby Organics LLC of Michigan  & California feature lots of eco-friendly, organic, non-
toxic and made-in-the-USA baby products, such as: organic bamboo and cotton baby clothes and
accessories, handmade organic canvas storage bins, eco-friendly changing pads and burp cloths,
organic bath products, non-toxic feeding products and lots of great gift choices. We hand print our
unique designs with love using non-toxic water-based inks.

Thee Brand Our artists are inspired by many things both in heaven and on earth. We take great pride
in that our designer wear is made in the U.S.A. We've dedicated ourselves to designing and
producing the highest quality of inspired clothing.  Our Thee Brand associates will guide you toward
your perfect fitting clothing and help you pick a few accessories. And you can shop for children's
wear that matches the adults.

Royal Apparel of New York offers the highest quality Made in USA apparel. We are committed to
following all fair labor standards and practices so you can feel more comfortable wearing our
apparel. USA Made apparel is made sweat shop free since 1992. You can trust that all of our
products are made to make you feel like Royalty every time you shop our wholesale collection.

ShirtsThatGo of CA, NC, ME makes train shirts for kids and toddlers. Truck shirts and airplane
shirts, too. Realistic designs of favorite vehicles shown in motion and printed big on soft American
Apparel shirts. Made in USA! Free shipping on all orders!

Jacqui's Preemie Pride of California makes Easy On - Easy Off Preemie & Newborn Infant Clothing.
Made with 100% Soft Cotton Knit - Gentle Against Babies Skin. Designed so nothing is pulled over
your baby's head or face. Very easy & simple dressing.

Lil Poopie Nation is 100% American-made baby clothing for your lil skaters and punks. When you
buy American, you support safe and clean working conditions, protect child labor laws, grow our
American home economy, and support the independent work of your local brothers and sisters.

O Baby! Originals LLC of Texas, California, Pennsylvania is a company that buys US made cotton
baby clothes and applies original graphics by direct-to-garment printing or embroidery to them.
Additionally, we contract with US manufacturers to make our unique denim sheriff bibs (backed
with Western fabric), gingham pull-on skirts with eyelet ruffles that turn onesies into dresses, and
denim diaper covers with a leather branded patch on the back faux pocket. Weve had a booth at 3
Texas State Fairs, 2 Texas Independence weekend celebrations in Granbury (by invitation), and are
carried by several boutiques or gift shops in the state, including the Austin Convention & Visitors
Bureau, Texas Ranger Museum in Waco, the Dallas Anatole Hotel, Rustic Cowboy in Fort Worth,
the General Store in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards, Medical Center of Southeast Texas, and in
Arlington The Shoppes at Brownstone Village. What we offer is made in the USA from Texas (and
other American-grown) cotton, original art work, personalization, and the satisfaction of knowing
that our clothes are safe and of the highest quality, designed with love by an award-winning designer.
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Wouldn't you feel better knowing your kids were wearing children's clothing Made in the USA? How many times have we heard the new reports about unsafe
products coming from overseas? When you buy American Made children's clothing you can also rest assured the items were not made by other children working
in horrible conditions somewhere in the world. They were made here by companies that adhere to our labor and environmental laws we are held to in the USA
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Children's Clothing Made in the USA
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Please Check the Label before you
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