Jeans and Denim Made in the USA

ALLUSAClothing is your one stop solution for Made in USA Clothing. We sell American made Jeans,
Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Shirts, Socks, Bibs, Overalls and Jackets. We specialize in Union/American made
work clothing. At this time, we are pleased to be the preferred Made in USA Carhartt clothing vendor.

Todd Shelton jeans are exclusively Made in America, inside the company’s East Rutherford, NJ factory
– located ten miles outside of Manhattan.  Todd Shelton jeans are made in small batches and attention to
quality is emphasized.  With customizable fit options, improve your jean fit, then enjoy hyper-consistent
sizing from order to order.

Buddy's Jeans are the toughest, longest-lasting jeans you can buy The Best Jeans Made in the USA

Pointer Brand "Pointer Brand High Back, Low Back and Carpenter Overalls, Carpenter Jeans, Blue
Jeans, Coveralls, Hunting Clothes, Denim Jackets, Shorts and Shortalls for Adults and Children. All
made in the USA, since 1913."

                   100% made with pride in the USA in our own factory. We use only American Made
Denim, Fabrics, Labels, Trim and Hardwear. The "major "American Jean Brands & Labels" that  we
have grown up with are now made in other countries. We need your help to get the word out about our
35 year old brand that is now available online direct

Union House carries the top jeans that are Made in USA, durable and a great fit. Wear your American
Made jeans with pride

Round House is the largest maker of Made in USA jeans. For 110 years Round House has been making
American Made jeans at Foreign-Made prices. 2 Factories. 2,000+ retailers. Since 1903. Also a full line
of USA Made workwear: 5 Pocket Jeans, Carpenter Jeans, Brown Duck Dungarees, Painter
Dungarees, 12 different Mens Overalls, 5 Different Kids Overalls, Realtree AP camo, Mossy Oak  
Break-Up camo, shop aprons, and railroad engineer caps.

Brilliant You LLC specializes in unique designs for a very old industrial – denim jeans, with the goal of
adding more comfort and elegance to your everyday denim ware.Our stretch velvet and stretch nylon
Enhancements allow the jeans to conform to your unique body shape.Our Leg Extensions allow you to
adjust the length of the jeans by selecting 3”, 6” 9” or 12” zip on Extensions. Our Waistband Extension
provides you with that extra inch of space around the mid-section.  Our jeans are available in Low-Rise
Skinny and Boot-cut. Additional styles available in the near future. All our products as well as our  
denim material is made in the U.S.A.

Bullet Blues Custom Apparel of CA All of our jeans are made in the USA, using American-crafted  
denim from Cone in North Carolina. Our custom-made rivets originate from Kentucky, and are made
by YKK who provide industrial strength fastenings. So if you’re looking for jeans made in USA among
other wardrobe essentials, you’ll find everything your heart desires here at Bullet Blues. Bullet Blues
Custom Apparel, LLC proudly serves the ‘made in America’ movement by offering top quality apparel
for both men and women. The owner, a native of France, has put together a patriotic collection of
jeans made in USA, along with a luxurious selection of shirts, tops, skirts, dresses and belts for your
satisfaction. Each of Bullet Blues's products captures owner Isabelle Benoit’s European flair, and
combines this with American-made materials sourced locally to create a unique line of designer apparel.
Everything you see at Bullet Blues has been manufactured using the finest selection of fabrics, so you
get that European meets ‘made in the USA’ shopping experience with every visit. We are very proud  
of our designer products, made by local American craftsmen with the best talent. Bullet Blues Custom
Apparel’s primary goal is focused around offering jeans made here in the USA, and each pair is of the
highest caliber. We also take great pleasure in serving up our core values: quality, durability, fashion,
comfort, fit, and most importantly of all, customer satisfaction. We believe in manufacturing our wide
range of designer products the American way, using USA-made materials. Only when a select few of
our products require premium fabrics will we use materials from across the globe. Please note that for
our line of button-up shirts, we have chosen to use superior premium fabrics from the world of  
fashion to fit in with our strong craftsmanship values of "Made in USA".
American Made Jeans and Denim Clothing Directory. There are few things as American as jeans. The denim blue jean is about as an American Icon as
anything I could imagine. All the companies listed here on this page make jeans in America. You will find jeans for working, dreey jeans and everything in between. Over the years   
jean production has migrated overseas, but the companies in this directory fought back against cheap labor and competition that has no regard for labor and envriormental laws. These
companies decided to forgo some profit to continue to make Jeans in the USA
Jeans and Denim Made in the USA
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