At Todd Shelton we consider our manufacturers to be an integral part of our culture. We are proud
of our products, and we are proud of our relationships with the people who make them.There’s a
unique beauty to American-made clothing. We are part of a grassroots movement to bring American
quality back to prominence. Support American-made quality when possible. Find your own unique
way to make a difference.

Dirtball's mission is simple; to make Eco Friendly Clothing, Surf Clothing, Skateboard Clothing,
Snowboard Clothing, & Outdoors Clothing We use only recycled  materials in our clothing line, and
all of our products are made in the USA.  For every 100,000 pieces we produce we keep 700,000
water bottles out of landfills, eliminate 400 tons of carbon emmisions, save 500 barrels of oil and
916,000 gallons of fresh water.  Do your part be a Dirtball!

Union House Apparel – We have been in the business of selling American Made Apparel for over
twenty years, visit our site for a wide range of Made in USA and Union Made Clothing. Check out
our best selling men’s briefs & boxer briefs, all made in USA.

All American Clothing A wide selection of high quality apparel made in the USA  We offer a unique
shopping experience in the fact that EVERYTHING we carry is MADE IN THE USA and backed by
our "All American Guarantee." If you aren't 100% satisfied, return any item within 90 days for a
refund or exchange....NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

ALLUSAClothing is your one stop solution for Made in USA Clothing. We sell American made
Jeans, Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Shirts, Socks, Bibs, Overalls and Jackets. We specialize in
Union/American made work clothing. At this time, we are pleased to be the preferred Made in USA
Carhartt clothing vendor.

American Apparel

American Joe Authentic American Apparel The American Joe brand of apparel provides 100 percent
certified authentic American made, manufactured and processed clothing for men, women and
children and is based on the value that buying American means something – quality, spirit, and
authentic style. Guts. Courage. Pride.

Bamboosa's clothing is manufactured by men and women who take pride in their work and enjoy
producing high quality products here in the USA. ALL of the fabric and products sold by Bamboosa
are USA Made. Our goals when we started our company were that we would make higher quality,
better performing, really comfortable, longer lasting, sweatshop- free, competitively priced,
American Made apparel and baby products that are a better choice for the environment. After six
years of being business, we continue with those goals and hope to provide more and more American
Made choices for your family.  Bamboosa's fair-wage sewing facility is located in Andrews, S.C.
and is a company with a small production line. Think about the people you are supporting when you
buy from Bamboosa. We don't employ children and our employees work in a safe, comfortable
environment for forty hours a week or less.  Striving to improve the lives of Americans, we
continue to provide jobs in South Carolina.

Buddy's Jeans are the toughest, longest-lasting jeans you can buy The Best Jeans Made in the USA

Clothes Made From Scrap, Inc. We manufacture and market a line of clothing and accessories made
from recycled plastic soda bottles and reclaimed cotton. We also offer 100% US made US fabric
organic cotton T-shirts in natural. Every product that CMFS manufactures has a direct impact on
safeguarding our environment.

Diamond Gusset Brand jeans are different because of the unique gusset sewn into the crotch. So
they're comfortable, have more room where you need it, and you can really stretch in them.  

Earth Wear is a source for organic cotton clothing for infants children and adults all made in the USA

Hawaiian Clothing All of our Hawaiian shirts dresses, muumuu's, neckties, bucket hats, Hawaiian car
seat covers, handbags, backpacks, aprons, and kids clothes are made here in Hawaii USA from our
family of local apparel makers.

King Louie America continues to deliver the highest quality and value to the marketplace. We will
continue to manufacturer the broadest selection of Union Made in the USA apparel in the industry.
King Louie America is excited to offer our two brands for your apparel needs. Our legacy brand,
King Louie Made in the USA offers the largest selection of men’s jackets, shirts and activewear you
can find.

Live Free features American-made products with historic, patriotic and freedom themes.  Our
products are created to inspire our customers, and those who see our designs, to think about
American freedom and greatness.  We are dedicated to providing unique products of the highest

Physique Bodyware USA Manufacturers of Workout Clothes, Fitness Clothing, Plus Size Exercise &
Bodybuilding Apparel for both Men and Women at a very Discount price.

Ragged Mountain Outdoor clothing and technical outdoor equipment With Ragged Mountain labels
are still handcrafted in our shop in Intervale, NH.

ROUND HOUSE® brand workwear and kids overalls is produced by Round House Manufacturing
Company LLC in Shawnee, Oklahoma USA. The company was started in 1903 and soon after began
producing ROUND HOUSE® brand workwear. At 106 years old, Round House Mfg. is the oldest
operating manufacturer in the state of Oklahoma. ROUND HOUSE® prides itself on being American
Made, and is nearly the only bib overall producer left in the U.S.A.

Todd Shelton since 2001, is based in Jersey City, NJ. Specializing in men’s clothing only, all product
design is in-house. Creative, sales, fulfillment and support is in-house. Made in America Shelton
clothing is made in small shops in New Jersey, New York, Ohio and California. These shops range
from five to twenty operators. We choose to have our products made in America to control the
production. To produce our garment in the United States is two to three times the cost of Asia; but
we produce a more consistent, crafted garment.

Swami Sportswear is a manufacturer of men's, women's and children's sportswear. All of our
products are 100% Made in USA using legal domestic workers. Like all American companies, we
have a choice between importing our products from one of the common manufacturing outposts of
the world or making them here at home - for us the choice is simple. We are proud to carry the
"Made in USA" label on our garments and will never put our name on any imported product.

Texas Jeans 100% made with pride in the USA in our own factory. We use only American Made
Denim, Fabrics, Labels, Trim and Hardwear. The "major "American Jean Brands & Labels" that we
have grown up with are now made in other countries. We need your help to get the word out about
our 35 year old brand that is now available online direct

                             underwear for anywear garments are made in the United States of America!
We believe we have a responsibility to keep American workers working. And, a solid manufacturing

Filson  rugged quality for over 100 years Tough, comfortable outdoor clothing for hunters and
fishermen, engineers and explorers, mariners and miners. (PLEASE NOTE, NOT EVERY ITEM

American Made Shirts We do our best to support American workers by offering a full line of Made
in the USA products. American Made Shirts has been serving the embroidery community since 1995
We offer a Full Line of American Made Apparel apparel brand is comfortable outerwear and underwear for Men and Women. Our
apparel is made of the highest quality, a well known trait of US made items in years gone by. We
want to bring back, quality, durability, and pride in the American worker and their ability. We have
been in the Apparel Industry for 30 years and intend to provide you with American Made product via
this site. Our products will be 100% Made in the USA. We believe in the American Worker, and
wish to contribute our part in helping put America back to work!

Schaefer Ranchwear USA Designer and Manufacturer of premium American Made ranchwear and
outdoor clothing since 1982.  Our family owned factory manufactures outerwear, vests, shirts,
jeans, gloves, silk scarves for both men and women.  Call 800-426-2074 for our FREE award-
winning four-color catalog.

Goodwear Incorporated in 1983, we have been making upscale shirts right here in the U.S.A. for
over 26 years.  What sets us apart from all the other T-shirts out there?  Our superior quality, our
basic styling, and our Made-in-USA commitment.   Check out our other fabrics and many styles.  
Try our shirts, and we guarantee you will love them.  And remember, when you buy Goodwear, you
are helping keep domestic jobs here at home.  Won't that make you feel good?  Right. That's why
we're Goodwear! home of American Made Clothing and designs for hardworking Americans. Our
designs range from trucker tees to tractor tees and include designs for many types of bluecollar
professions. 100 percent of our products are American Made and help support the U.S. Economy.
We believe that our clothing should serve two purposes 1. To make a statement about the person
wearing them 2. To help drive the U.S. Economy through the continued collective efforts of all to
purchase American Made products. We also believe that "you don't always get what you pay for...
but you pay for what you get. All of our clothing is made of the finest U.S. Materials and the design
process is the most technologically advanced in the industry. WEAR OUR CLOTHES....MAKE A

Sweetgrass Natural Fibers, a company dedicated to creating great clothing with minimal impact. All
our products are made in the U.S.A. from fabrics and fibers grown without any harmful chemical
fertilizers or pesticides. We specialize in eco fashion made from hemp, bamboo and organic cotton.
Shop our site for hemp clothing, organic cotton clothing, and bamboo clothing.

Pop Cotton An apparel brand producing high-quality graphic t-shirts with playful original artwork.
Our product is 100% American made, produced and screen printed in the USA! We also use
environmentally-friendly water-based inks and packaging materials.

Gasoline Cowboys “Wear the original, not a copy.” When you get a sweater from us, you are not
buying a remake or a replica. Dehen has been making motor clothes and racewear for 89 years.
Dehen’s unbroken lineage - still making racewear woolens and jackets on American soil since 1920.
So we really mean it, you get to wear the real deal, not a copy. Founded in 1920 by William P.
Dehen, who made his mark by making hardy woolen sweaters for the American sports man. Today
Dehen is still family owned, now well into it’s third generation. This is in no small part due to their
obsession with quality and service.

The Vermont Flannel Company Working with a committed team of employees, we have been hand-
cutting and sewing Vermont Flannel products at our East Barre, Vermont, location for more than 20
years. We’re dedicated to comfort and feel confident our dedication is evident in each piece of
Vermont Flannel clothing we sew.

GO Athletic Apparel, Made in the USA We guarantee Qwik Wick™ will crush any single
performance fabric from Under Armour,  Nike Dri-Fit, Adidas Clima-Cool, Reebok Play Dry or Cool
Max , Duofold Veritherm,  Marmot Driclime, Helly Hansen LIFA- Polypropylene North Face or
Patagonia Capaline just t name a few. Qwik Wick™ is also 100% made in the U.S.A...Qwik Wick™
is a light weight fabric that thrives in hot conditions and does very well in cooler conditions also.  In
hot weather Qwik Wick pulls of excess body warmth with the moisture.  Because Qwik Wick is
pulling moisture off the body so quickly, it actually works to cool you down much like the way
alcohol feels cool on your skin. Alcohol evaporates so fast off your skin, it pulls heat away from
your body as it rapidly evaporates which is why it feels cool on your skin. Qwik Wick works the
same way.

Green Label Organic every T-shirt we make sends a message. We’d like to think if you have gotten
this far on our site you like what we have to say. And we’re certainly glad you do. But we also want
you to know that underneath all of our messages we also make a statement with our commitment to
the most sustainably produced clothing available. Made in the USA, as locally as possible *
Sweatshop Free * Oeko-Tex 100 Certified

Union Printed Tees-You Design Union Shirts! We are passionate about USA made products and very
proud of our GCIU decorators and we only ship UPS(Teamsters). Do you need Custom made
garments for your local or organization? If you want to design them online start in our online design

Zic & Cha Cha is the leading brand of boxers for couples, where you'll find oh-so unique gifts for
couples. From cotton boxers, personalized boxers, silk boxers, even organic bamboo boxers, we
have them all here. Our women's shorts are made especially for her (fun & flirty). Our men's shorts
are tailored just for him (roomy and comfy). So yes, our fun pajamas make the perfect couples pjs
but we can't guarantee these sleepwear sets will give you much sleep. That's right, all of our boxers
are proudly made in the USA. Zic & Cha Cha is the leading brand of boxers for couples.

Thousand Mile is simply the journey you are on. It might be the next trail you will hike, the perfect
wave you are looking to surf or maybe it's just chillin' in a log cabin around a nice fire with friends.
The items we offer accompany you on that journey. We make clothes that are built to last,
comfortable and look great. Whether you are climbing Half Dome, relaxing on the beaches of Kauai
or snoozing on your backyard hammock, Thousand Mile apparel is part of the joy in your journey.

Heraldry is jelled on our strong principles of supporting American jobs, designing with customers’
needs in mind, and fair pricing ethics; with a mission to provide our clientele innovatively designed
modern and stylish fashion tee shirts, unrivaled and at competitive prices. Maintaining a base in
Charlotte, all of Heraldry’s tee shirts are produced in Los Angeles, California, ensuring quality,
integrity and positive contribution to the state’s textile industry future. Hallmarking our super soft
graphic tee shirts are carefully thought-out motifs, which are spawned from personal inspiration or
experience, giving them individual life and step ahead character which makes these tees much, much
more than tees.

Cuspatrology sells custom designed t-shirts (by American Apparel) that we print here in Manasquan
, NJ with our own unique custom designed astrological CUSP symbols, for people born on the cusp
of two signs.  We also now offer matted 8x10 prints of our symbols and mouse pads.

Drifire is a leading innovator in flame retardant fabrics and workwear. Devoted to ongoing
origination in flame retardant fabrics and garments, our Comfortable FR Wear delivers the ideal
combination of moisture management, flame resistance and comfort in all of our flame resistant
workwear, including DRIFIRE's assortment of outer and undergarments.

St. Croix Shop's collection of the finest men's sportswear is handcrafted to perfection from the
world's finest raw materials. Shop exclusive apparel including our Merino Wool knit fashions, made
in the USA with unparalleled craftsmanship - now in stores and online. Create your signature look in
classic silhouettes in vibrant hues and classic neutrals.

Gypsy 05 was established in the spring of 2005 by a dynamic brother and sister duo, Osi and Dotan
Shoham. Gypsy 05 is a lifestyle brand that transitions from day to night attire with ease for both
men and women. It is predominantly a t-shirt line, but they also like to incorporate unique casual
dresses, pants, and sweaters.

My Liberty Threads, your home for cool, American made fashion.  We recently launched our NOO
breast cancer awareness line.  NOO stands for Not Only October, because our designs are more
'fashion forward' than traditional breast cancer t shirts.  The best thing about our NOO line is that
we donate a percentage of our sales to various breast cancer charities. As always, all of My Liberty
Threads' merchandise is made in America, so they just feel better!

Diamond Apparel is a family-owned and operated business located in beautiful North Carolina. We
don't just sell shirts, we make them. Our Mock Turtleneck and Golf Shirts are made from Supima
Cotton, the World's Finest cotton. Grown only in the American Southwest, Supima cotton makes
the most comfortable, durable, and easy to care for golf shirts you have ever worn. We feel so
confident about this, it's guaranteed, or your money back.

Freeride Systems and the Prospect Pants Co. of Colorado started business in Leadville, Colorado
producing specific webbing gear for skiing and snowboarding.  Due to customer demand for
different products made in the USA, Freeride introduced high quality technical jackets.  Now
Freeride has expanded its lines to include casual jackets, pants, shorts, belts and more.  All products
are sewn in Colorado. of Baltimore is an American Company that started in 2001 with a simple yet
unique streamline process that finally allows an American company to compete with China and all of
the other foreign government subsidized garment companies! Unbeknownst to the general public,
many of your favorite "American Designers" do not produce any of their products in the USA.
Founder Jeff Fletcher's story starts at JP Stevens Co Inc... At the time, the largest America Textile
company in the world, Jeff honed his skills as a textile designer, designing fabrics for the fashion
trade including the likes of Liz Claiborne, Oscar De la Renta, Jones New York and many many
more! Fletcher then went on to work for two other key companies that helped shape his way in to
the shirting business. Fletcher's key knowledge of fabric and how these major companies operated,
gave him the insight in to how the whole development process should work. From pricing, to the
development of fabric, to manufacturing garments, and finally to shipping directly to you, the
consumer via our website Fletcher believes in quality, and most of all value! Having no ties to any
department stores our stream-line process allows us to offer an American made, comparable high
end dress shirt made in this country at below import prices! "Made for the people; not for the
stores" is our motto!

Ball and Buck  located in Boston .We’re an all American company—born and bred with red, white,
and blue running through our veins. The things that make us American, have always been the things
we create. By incorporating the freedom and honor fought for by our forefathers while emphasizing
American quality over foreign quantity, we’re refocusing on the pride America once had. Through
hard work, honesty, & integrity, Ball and Buck is bringing America back to her roots. Our
current product line includes button down shirts, sandals, belts, Roger Tee's, and Pocket Tees.  In
addition to our own product line, our Boston based store sells over 30 other made in USA brands.

Thee Brand Our artists are inspired by many things both in heaven and on earth. We take great pride
in that our designer wear is made in the U.S.A. We've dedicated ourselves to designing and
producing the highest quality of inspired clothing.  Our Thee Brand associates will guide you toward
your perfect fitting clothing and help you pick a few accessories. And you can shop for children's
wear that matches the adults.

Royal Apparel of New York offers the highest quality Made in USA apparel. We are committed to
following all fair labor standards and practices so you can feel more comfortable wearing our
apparel. USA Made apparel is made sweat shop free since 1992. You can trust that all of our
products are made to make you feel like Royalty every time you shop our wholesale collection.

Andrew David Design, Inc. was founded by Andrew David Moore in 2004. The original business
was to provide freelance design services for the men's apparel market. While we are still doing that,
we have offered the designer label Andrew David since 2007. This brand was developed to fill a void
in the market for quality men's sport shirts, made in America. Andrew David Design, Inc is a proud
member of American Made Matter an organization of companies that manufacture products in
America and promote the importance of buying American whenever possible.

Alex Maine  "Create Jobs, Buy American, Go America! Alex Maine" – “Alex” meaning “defender”
and “Maine” meaning “homeland.” The company stands up for the American economy by bringing
textile jobs back to America, producing 100% of its product within the U.S. Its men’s collection
launches simultaneously with the opening of the Alex Maine flagship store on the famed Sunset Strip
in Hollywood and an e-commerce site Alex Maine is a member of American Made Matters

Tianello of California makes women and mens natural fiber clothing.  All clothing is garment dyed
for a soft hand that is machine washable and machine dry.

Jones American Clothing of Georgia/South Carolina was founded in Summer of 2010 by cotton
producer Terrell Jones. Jones American Clothing strives to provide consumers with high quality
100% cotton garments using cotton grown exclusively for Jones American Clothing by Terrell Jones
Farms in Stewart County, Georgia. All ginning and manufacturing of Jones American Clothing takes
place in the Southeastern United States by 100% American-owned companies.

Three Dots is proudly designed and made in America. Manufacturing in America allows the highest
quality product while remaining current with demand. Three Dots is synonymous with luxury,
American-made, contemporary knitwear. The company has grown to employ over 200 people in the
U.S., sold in over 2,000 specialty retail and luxury department stores throughout the United States as
well as internationally.

Hank Player of California. Shop the Hank Player for hip baby gifts and novelty graphic tees for
infants, toddlers, boys & men. Proudly made in the USA, Hank Player's graphic tees for kids of all
ages are vintage washed for a super soft feel.

Ezz Corp of Florida is the world's best home for all your compression wear. Specialists in
compression shapewear for men proudly made in the USA since 1999. Effective for obesity, waist
and tummy reduction via varying degrees of compression as per your individual need. Also known
as the Gynecomastia Shirt Shop, Gynecomastia, Manboobs or Moobs a condition which our shirts
help relieve or hide with the complete line of Men Girdles, Mirdles, Gynecomastia Suits, Vests
Compression Shirt, Chest Binders, slimming undershirts for men, abdominal support and all body
shaper garments with back support. The line also includes men shapewear, women shapewear,
maternity and hernia garments, men bodyshapers, bellybuster girdles, mirdles, chest compression
vests, muscle compression shirts.

SOS t-shirts are made from organic cotton grown on our certified organic farms. We have been
certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture since 1992. This certification information
is provided with our products to show our authenticity. We are finding organic products in the
market with very vague organic credentials. U.S. Organic Standards require a 3 year chemical free
farming period before being allowed to be "certified organic".

Don't Tread On Me Clothing of CA makes the Don't Tread On Me Brand. 100% Made in USA
Men's, Women's, and Kids Premium Clothing.

T.Walker of New York is a men's flannel shirt company based out of Brooklyn and made in New
York City. It is a collection of rugged yet refined, 100% cotton shirts made from classic prints-with
a slightly tailored fit. Whether traveling the world or staying local, the T. Walker shirt can easily go
from workweek to weekend. Just toss our shirt in your bag and travel anywhere.

Men's Clothing Accessories Made in America
Neck Ties Made in the USA
Mountain and Sackett Established in 1957, we began as a small neckwear manufacturer in the
historic garment district of Manhattan, with the goal of creating a product made in America that
featured all the sophisticated elegance of Europe's finest artisan workshops. Today, we proudly
carry on this legacy of true handmade production, and the timeless tradition of hand sewn quality is
being passed on to a new generation of skilled artisans and hand crafters. By combining a half
century of experience with the innovative technology of the internet, we are now able to offer our
exclusive collection direct to you from our factory.

Sleepwear Made in the USA
Performance Sleepwear Welcome to the world of high performance sleepwear We've partnered with
the company that designs the NASA space suits to develop a cutting-edge line of Nightgowns,
Cami's and Pajamas that provides the absolute ultimate in comfort, function and style. Nano-
technology and the power of silver offers such important benefits as sweat-wicking, odor control
and body temperature regulation while our wrinkle-free, extraordinarily durable yet ultra-soft fabric
affords a level of comfort that has to be worn to be believed. PerformanceSleepwear ...the modern,
luxurious and stylish way to a good night's sleep.
American Made Mens Clothing Directory
American Made men's clothing is as tough as the customer it is designed for. The American man has always appreciated anything that is well made including clothing.
Men want their clothing to last a long time and become even more comfortable as it ages. Men want value which is why me like to buy clothing Made in the USA.
Whether the clothing are fine slacks or a flannel shirt when it is American Made you will find value and style while supporting your fellow Americans and our country.
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