Women's Clothing Made in the USA Directory

ALLUSAClothing is your one stop solution for Made in USA Clothing. We sell American made
Jeans, Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Shirts, Socks, Bibs, Overalls and Jackets. We specialize in
Union/American made clothing.

                   was created for the fiery freedom pumping through every patriot's red, white, and
blue veins. Our liberty-lovin' designs will have you singing your love for Merica from sea to
shining sea!  Proudly based in Ohio's Capital City and manufactured from LA to the Carolinas,  
all of our products are authentically American! Because Merica is more than just a country, it's a
way of life!

Sympatico Clothing is crafted for women seeking simple elegance and comfort in their apparel.
Designed and hand-crafted in America, each piece of Sympatico clothing is preshrunk and is
easily machine washed and tumble or air dried.

Fashionlabel, an online retail store for fashion designers and entrepreneurs, focus on apparel,
clothing and accessories Made in America

LA9 Clothing of Oklahoma specializes in essential wardrobe staples for women.  LA9 is a
lifestyle brand for women on the go. Beautiful. Elegant. Sexy. Sporty. In a hurry. Classic.
Confident. Dreamy. Flirty. Smart. On time. Clothing fit for your life. How do you wear your
LA9? Made in the USA.

Bamboosa's clothing is manufactured by men and women who take pride in their work and enjoy
producing high quality products here in the USA. ALL of the fabric and products sold by
Bamboosa are USA Made. Our goals when we started our company were that we would make
higher quality, better performing, really comfortable, longer lasting, sweatshop- free,
competitively priced, American Made apparel and baby products that are a better choice for the
environment. After six years of being business, we continue with those goals and hope to
provide more and more American Made choices for your family.  Bamboosa's fair-wage sewing
facility is located in Andrews, S.C. and is a company with a small production line. Think about
the people you are supporting when you buy from Bamboosa. We don't employ children and our
employees work in a safe, comfortable environment for forty hours a week or less.  Striving to
improve the lives of Americans, we continue to provide jobs in South Carolina.

Buddy's Jeans are the toughest, longest-lasting jeans you can buy The Best Jeans Made in the

Clothes Made From Scrap, Inc. We manufacture and market a line of clothing and accessories
made from recycled plastic soda bottles and reclaimed cotton. We also offer 100% US made US
fabric organic cotton T-shirts in natural. Every product that CMFS manufactures has a direct
impact on safeguarding our environment.

Hawaiian Clothing All of our Hawaiian shirts dresses, muumuu's, neckties, bucket hats, Hawaiian
car seat covers, handbags, backpacks, aprons, and kids clothes are made here in Hawaii USA
from our family of local apparel makers.

Madcapz "Smart and statement-making. The Madcapz woman will turn heads on the golf course,
tennis court, beach, pool, walking path – even at the mall!"

NuAngel, Inc., a woman-owned business, is a U.S. manufacturer of quality nursing, infant, and
health products. “Nu” in NuAngel represents the words “Nursing”, “Nutrition”, and “New”.
“Angel” represents the belief that infants are precious angels and are the most valuable gifts their
parents will ever receive

Physique Bodyware USA Manufacturers of Workout Clothes, Fitness Clothing, Plus Size
Exercise & Bodybuilding Apparel for both Men and Women at a very Discount price.

Ragged Mountain Outdoor clothing and technical outdoor equipment With Ragged Mountain
labels are still handcrafted in our shop in Intervale, NH.

Swami Sportswear is a manufacturer of men's, women's and children's sportswear. All of our
products are 100% Made in USA using legal domestic workers. Like all American companies, we
have a choice between importing our products from one of the common manufacturing outposts
of the world or making them here at home - for us the choice is simple. We are proud to carry
the "Made in USA" label on our garments and will never put our name on any imported product.

Wickers underwear for anywear garments are made in the United States of America! We believe
we have a responsibility to keep American workers working. And, a solid manufacturing base
makes for a stronger America.

uwearusa.com apparel brand is comfortable outerwear and underwear for Men and Women. Our
apparel is made of the highest quality, a well known trait of US made items in years gone by. We
want to bring back, quality, durability, and pride in the American worker and their ability. We
have been in the Apparel Industry for 30 years and intend to provide you with American Made
product via this site. Our products will be 100% Made in the USA. We believe in the American
Worker, and wish to contribute our part in helping put America back to work!

Schaefer Ranchwear USA Designer and Manufacturer of premium American Made ranchwear
and outdoor clothing since 1982.  Our family owned factory manufactures outerwear, vests,
shirts, jeans, gloves, silk scarves for both men and women.   Call 800-426-2074 for our FREE
award-winning four-color catalog.

Goodwear Incorporated in 1983, we have been making upscale shirts right here in the U.S.A. for
over 26 years.  What sets us apart from all the other T-shirts out there?  Our superior quality,
our basic styling, and our Made-in-USA commitment.Check out our other fabrics and many
styles.  Try our shirts, and we guarantee you will love them.  And remember, when you buy
Goodwear, you are helping keep domestic jobs here at home.  Won't that make you feel good?  
Right. That's why we're Goodwear!

Second Base The new must-have basic for a pulled together, discreet look! Cropped camis give
you a little extra coverage without the extra bulk.Light enough for comfort, but opaque enough
to cover your cleavage, and your bra Won't roll up like a regular camisole Effortlessly go from
day to night No snaps, hooks, velcro, or tape Silky soft, eco-friendly micro modal engineered for
a great fit Made in USA

BlueCollarwear.com home of American Made Clothing and designs for hardworking Americans.
Our designs range from trucker tees to tractor tees and include designs for many types of
bluecollar professions. 100 percent of our products are American Made and help support the U.
S. Economy. We believe that our clothing should serve two purposes 1. To make a statement
about the person wearing them 2. To help drive the US. Economy through the continued
collective efforts of all to purchase American Made products. We also believe that "you don't
always get what you pay for...but you pay for what you get. All of our clothing is made of the
finest U.S. Materials and the design process is the most technologically advanced in the industry.

Seams to You!, the home of Fritzi Leinweber boutique apparel and accessories, as well as
custom home decor Since its modest beginning as a home-based enterprise, Seams to You! has
delighted clients with unique, handcrafted clothing, accessories and home decor items

Sweetgrass Natural Fibers, a company dedicated to creating great clothing with minimal impact.
All our products are made in the U.S.A. from fabrics and fibers grown without any harmful
chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We specialize in eco fashion made from hemp, bamboo and
organic cotton. Shop our site for hemp clothing, organic cotton clothing, and bamboo clothing.

Blue Canoe There's nothing else quite like Blue Canoe. Get dressed once and go through the day
with our fresh, uncomplicated designs. Made in the USA for 16 years with organically grown
cotton, including bamboo blends

WSI Women is a line of active apparel  for women  designed by women! The New HEATR®
and Wikmax® fabric technologies are utilized in WSI Women's line to provide maximum
performance, warmth, quality, and comfort. With Pride,  WSI Women  is entirely hand craft in
the United States of America.

The Vermont Flannel Company Working with a committed team of employees, we have been
hand-cutting and sewing Vermont Flannel products at our East Barre, Vermont, location for
more than 20 years. We’re dedicated to comfort and feel confident our dedication is evident in
each piece of Vermont Flannel clothing we sew.

GO Travel Wear has its roots in the world of high end sports apparel designed for serious
athletes. We have adopted some of the same technical fabrics for their many attributes; the ability
to wick away moisture qwikly, dry rapidly, resist wrinkles and inhibit odor causing bacteria and
mircrobes. Like athletic apparel, GO Travel wear is naturally easy to care for and pack.  It is
machine washable and resists wrinkles. We combined technology with classic, elegant design to
create the ultimate wardrobe help you make the most your experiences on the GO.From a
business convention to the beach, GO Travel Wear is designed to remove the worry and care
about what to wear. The pieces are interchangeable and versatile so they can be dressy or casual.
The flexibility of GO Travel Wear allows you to pack fewer items since you get more use out if
the pieces you do have.

Pambra’s Bra Liner The Doctor’s #1 Recommended Bra Liner! Pambra’s is proud to be women
owned and Made in the USA

GO Athletic Apparel, Made in the USA We guarantee Qwik Wick™ will crush any single
performance fabric from Under Armour,  Nike Dri-Fit, Adidas Clima-Cool, Reebok Play Dry or
Cool Max , Duofold Veritherm,  Marmot Driclime, Helly Hansen LIFA- Polypropylene North
Face or Patagonia Capaline just t name a few. Qwik Wick™ is also 100% made in the U.S.A...
Qwik Wick™ is a light weight fabric that thrives in hot conditions and does very well in cooler
conditions also.  In hot weather Qwik Wick pulls of excess body warmth with the moisture.  
Because Qwik Wick is pulling moisture off the body so quickly, it actually works to cool you
down much like the way alcohol feels cool on your skin. Alcohol evaporates so fast off your
skin, it pulls heat away from your body as it rapidly evaporates which is why it feels cool on
your skin. Qwik Wick works the same way.

Green Label Organic every T-shirt we make sends a message. We’d like to think if you have
gotten this far on our site you like what we have to say. And we’re certainly glad you do. But we
also want you to know that underneath all of our messages we also make a statement with our
commitment to the most sustainably produced clothing available. Made in the USA, as locally as
possible * Sweatshop Free * Oeko-Tex 100 Certified

Union Printed Tees-You Design Union Shirts! We are passionate about USA made products and
very proud of our GCIU decorators and we only ship UPS(Teamsters). Do you need Custom
made garments for your local or organization? If you want to design them online start in our
online design studio.

Yoganastix Your source for inspiring yoga fashions. We make all our yoga clothing ourselves,
from fabric to finish, which allows you the ability to order custom made clothing in any size, any
style and anyway you like it, just like our many celebrity clients. Our commitment is to provide
you with comfortable and inspiring clothing made with amazing quality and integrity, backed up
by our 100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEE. Our versatile line of wearable art is about your
individual expression, loving who you are and how you show up in the world.

Zic & Cha Cha is the leading brand of boxers for couples, where you'll find oh-so unique gifts
for couples. From cotton boxers, personalized boxers, silk boxers, even organic bamboo boxers,
we have them all here. Our women's shorts are made especially for her (fun & flirty). Our men's
shorts are tailored just for him (roomy and comfy). So yes, our fun pajamas make the perfect
couples pjs but we can't guarantee these sleepwear sets will give you much sleep. That's right, all
of our boxers are proudly made in the USA. Zic & Cha Cha is the leading brand of boxers for

Barbara Lesser, designer of casual contemporary sportswear and dresses, launched a highly
successful business based on her own desire to look good yet remain comfortable during her
hectic life. Whether setting a new season’s color palette or rushing through her very active life,
Lesser wants exactly what her customer has come to expect – comfort and ease of care in a
beautiful, fashionable, feminine package. Barbara works closely with southern California
factories that are able to do very special artisan dye techniques in limited production runs,
creating unique applications for each season. Our denim treatments are done by specialists in the
field, utilizing environmentally responsible products and techniques as dictated by California law.

The Caron Miller Collection is a USA designed and manufactured line of women's accessories
out of Santa Barbara, CA featuring fabulous scarves, wraps, toppers, and the faux fur
collection.  Our focus is on making women feel beautimous (beautiful, divine, & fabulous!) and
encouraging them to show off what they got in our delicious wearable art.  Our entire line is
made in Santa Barbara, CA and can be seen on our website

Thousand Mile is simply the journey you are on. It might be the next trail you will hike, the
perfect wave you are looking to surf or maybe it's just chillin' in a log cabin around a nice fire
with friends. The items we offer accompany you on that journey. We make clothes that are built
to last, comfortable and look great. Whether you are climbing Half Dome, relaxing on the
beaches of Kauai or snoozing on your backyard hammock, Thousand Mile apparel is part of the
joy in your journey.

Heraldry is jelled on our strong principles of supporting American jobs, designing with
customers’ needs in mind, and fair pricing ethics; with a mission to provide our clientele
innovatively designed modern and stylish fashion tee shirts, unrivaled and at competitive prices.
Maintaining a base in Charlotte, all of Heraldry’s tee shirts are produced in Los Angeles,
California, ensuring quality, integrity and positive contribution to the state’s textile industry
future. Hallmarking our super soft graphic tee shirts are carefully thought-out motifs, which are
spawned from personal inspiration or experience, giving them individual life and step ahead
character which makes these tees much, much more than tees.

Montana Threads offers Ruffled Swirl Skirts, Eyelash Jackets and Battenburg Lace Tops these
items are very unique. Click on image gallery to view our products.  I need your measurements
and I will custom make it for you.   Many colors available.

Cuspatrology sells custom designed t-shirts (by American Apparel) that we print here in
Manasquan , NJ with our own unique custom designed astrological CUSP symbols, for people
born on the cusp of two signs.  We also now offer matted 8x10 prints of our symbols and
mouse pads.

Drifire is a leading innovator in flame retardant fabrics and workwear. Devoted to ongoing
origination in flame retardant fabrics and garments, our Comfortable FR Wear delivers the ideal
combination of moisture management, flame resistance and comfort in all of our flame resistant
workwear, including DRIFIRE's assortment of outer and undergarments.

Daytona Thunderwear® by Becker Designs Inc has been in business since 1994. We design and
manufacture apparel and accessories for motorcycle riders including children and pets!  Our
products are American Made. We try to support American suppliers as well. Please check out
our website to see our exclusive line of products.

Gypsy 05 was established in the spring of 2005 by a dynamic brother and sister duo, Osi and
Dotan Shoham. Gypsy 05 is a lifestyle brand that transitions from day to night attire with ease
for both men and women. It is predominantly a t-shirt line, but they also like to incorporate
unique casual dresses, pants, and sweaters.

Impact Fitness Wear is a women's workout / athletic wear brand featuring fun and fashionable
clothing for yoga, pilates, tennis, running, hiking, cycling, gym/fitness, aerobics, golf, maternity
and more. Impact Fitness Wear is designed and manufactured in the USA. Our vision is to create
stylish workout clothing that fits real women, to use high-end technical fabrics that stand the test
of time, and to create comfortable clothing that can be worn in or out of the gym.

My Liberty Threads, your home for cool, American made fashion.  We recently launched our
NOO breast cancer awareness line.  NOO stands for Not Only October, because our designs are
more 'fashion forward' than traditional breast cancer t shirts.  The best thing about our NOO line
is that we donate a percentage of our sales to various breast cancer charities. As always, all of
My Liberty Threads' merchandise is made in America, so they just feel better!

Diamond Apparel is a family-owned and operated business located in beautiful North Carolina.
We don't just sell shirts, we make them. Our Mock Turtleneck and Golf Shirts are made from
Supima Cotton, the World's Finest cotton. Grown only in the American Southwest, Supima
cotton makes the most comfortable, durable, and easy to care for golf shirts you have ever
worn. We feel so confident about this, it's guaranteed, or your money back.

Margaret Winters of New York City creates elegant clothing designed for comfort, fit and
modern lifestyles. Margaret Winters clothing is designed for women of all ages and sizes. And
they are made in the USA by hard-working people who make a fair wage

Thee Brand Our artists are inspired by many things both in heaven and on earth. We take great
pride in that our designer wear is made in the U.S.A. We've dedicated ourselves to designing and
producing the highest quality of inspired clothing.  Our Thee Brand associates will guide you
toward your perfect fitting clothing and help you pick a few accessories. And you can shop for
children's wear that matches the adults.

Royal Apparel of New York offers the highest quality Made in USA apparel. We are committed
to following all fair labor standards and practices so you can feel more comfortable wearing our
apparel. USA Made apparel is made sweat shop free since 1992. You can trust that all of our
products are made to make you feel like Royalty every time you shop our wholesale collection.

Brilliant You LLC specializes in unique designs for a very old industrial – denim jeans, with the
goal of adding more comfort and elegance to your everyday denim ware.Our stretch velvet and
stretch nylon Enhancements allow the jeans to conform to your unique body shape.Our Leg
Extensions allow you to adjust the length of the jeans by selecting 3”, 6” 9” or 12” zip on
Extensions. Our Waistband Extension provides you with that extra inch of space around the mid-
section.  Our jeans are available in Low-Rise Skinny and Boot-cut. Additional styles available in
the near future. All our products as well as our denim material is made in the U.S.A.

LA GARMENTS of California is the manufacturer and wholesaler of Rhinestone T-Shirts &
Hoodies, Mineral Wash Tees, Cowgirl Couture, Garment Dye and Tie Dye apparel, Unique Fleur
De Lis Apparel, Yoga Pants and Dresses. MADE IN THE USA. PLEASE CHECK THE LABEL
very well online.

Tianello of California makes women and mens natural fiber clothing.  All clothing is garment
dyed for a soft hand that is machine washable and machine dry.

Hanky Panky Ltd. of New York. Hanky Panky is a better intimate apparel company whose
product is coveted by celebrities and everyday women alike.  The company was built on "buzz",
and is famous for its "World's Most Comfortable Thong(R)".  Customers include better
department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom as well as better
specialty stores, select websites and stores in 52 other countries.  Hanky Panky was founded in
1977 by Gale Epstein and Lida Orzeck, who are still at the helm.

Three Dots is proudly designed and made in America. Manufacturing in America allows the
highest quality product while remaining current with demand. Three Dots is synonymous with
luxury, American-made, contemporary knitwear for women. The company has grown to employ
over 200 people in the U.S., sold in over 2,000 specialty retail and luxury department stores
throughout the United States as well as internationally.

Karen Kane  The collection is made in the United States. Casual, comfortable clothing that's
sophisticated and stylish for everyday life. Check label 80% of products Made in the USA

KD dance has been making the finest knit dance wear in the world for over 30 years,
Manufacturing all items in New York City.  We offer Fashionable, High Quality dance proven
durable Leg Warmers, Dance & Yoga Tights, Sexy Dresses, Ballet Tops & Dance Outfits.   KD
dance New York features the same items seen on Amazon with less expensive shipping options.  
We encourage people new to our clothes to take advantage of our Free Shipping by ordering less
than more.  Please try the sizing out and then dive in, instead of ordering big and having to
exchange for a different size.  We say this because we run an environmentally friendly made to
order manufacturing system that minimizes waste and over production.

SOS t-shirts are made from organic cotton grown on our certified organic farms. We have been
certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture since 1992. This certification
information is provided with our products to show our authenticity. We are finding organic
products in the market with very vague organic credentials. U.S. Organic Standards require a 3
year chemical free farming period before being allowed to be "certified organic".

Don't Tread On Me Clothing of CA makes the Don't Tread On Me Brand. 100% Made in USA
Men's, Women's, and Kids Premium Clothing.

No nonsense Our Made in the USA tights are a perfect blend of style, comfort and affordability.
No nonsense Opaque, Super Opaque Tights and Fashion Tights are available in a wide variety of
colors and patterns. Footless Tights are a great lightweight option for warmer weather.  XXL
available in selected styles.

Bullet Blues Custom Apparel, LLC of California, our women's jeans come in 2 different shades  
of Denim. Fabric has 1% stretch for any type of women. The jeans will make the women look
slimmer and will not loose its shape after a long day or long flight. The jeans are fitted and a bit
boot cut.  

Loggerhead Apparel provides top-quality, American-grown, American-made clothing at a fair
price. Ten percent of the revenue gained from the sale of all Loggerhead Apparel shirts will be
donated directly to local causes supporting the conservation and protection of the Loggerhead.
In addition to supporting the Loggerhead, Loggerhead Apparel will also support the local textile
industry, because no part of the production process will take place outside of the United States.

EDI Clothing, Inc. Over the past years, we have watched as many of our neighbors and friends
lost their jobs in the textile industry and these jobs moved overseas. Over the past year, we began
looking at the clothes we were buying and all of them are made in China, Vietnam, Mexico and
everywhere except the United States. For that reason, we have decided to move from just
imprinting designs on shirts to actually designing and creating our own line of USA MADE
dorags, shirts, dresses, blouses, bathing suits, shorts, socks and undergarments with a diverse
line of fabric designs.

GoGetter we set our goals high in terms of quality and social responsibility.  Our T-shirts not
only look and feel great as they capture the attitude of a GoGetter, they support American jobs
and environmental awareness.  Every shirt we sell is made right here in the USA supporting our
textile and garment industries. We believe in the American worker and are committed to
supporting the manufacturing industry in this country 110%.  At GoGetter we’re also passionate
about protecting our world for future generations. Our shirts are made from 100% certified
organic cotton grown from non-genetically modified seeds and cultivated without the use of
harmful pesticides or fertilizers.  In addition all dyes and inks used in our designs are low impact
and eco-friendly.  Make your mark, but remember to tread lightly on our planet – it’s the only
one we’ve got…

tarn Outdoor Apparel   of Colorado is an outdoor apparel company dedicated to creating quality,
American made clothing. If it says tarn on it, you can be sure it's made in the USA. We're based
in the Rocky Mountains, and proud of that! In fact, our company name, tarn, was inspired by
the beautiful high alpine lakes formed around Glacier National Park.

Mastectomy Products Made in the USA

Gentle Touch Mastectomy Products of North Carolina and Michigan. We are a wholesaler and
online retail company that produces post-surgical mastectomy garments for women after breast
cancer. Our goal is to provide women who are facing breast cancer with quality, made in USA
garments that offer a sense of security and femininity after such an emotional surgery. We have
also donated over 1,000 camisoles to women without insurance, so they can also feel feminine
and secure!

Maternity Wear Made in America

Japanese Weekend Maternity of California is the innovator in stylish clothing for mothers to be.
Many of our designs are made to be worn both before and after pregnancy with discreet nursing
features. Over 95% of our clothing is proudly designed and manufactured in San Francisco.

Scarves American Made

EMKY Fashion Scarves is an American company based in Southern California that produces the
finest of printed fashion scarves.  These silk scarves are timeless pieces and will be a part of
your wardrobe for years to come.  Every EMKY scarf is 100% made in the USA.

Sleepwear Made in the USA

Goodnighties Inc of Tennessee. Goodnighties Ionized, Moisture-Wicking, antimicrobial baby soft
sleepwear with 4 way stretch in mix and match styles, sizes and colors. Sizes XS thru 3X
womens styles, Med thru 3X mens.  Gowns, tops, shorts and pants featured on Diane Sawyer
Made in America and Dr Oz among other magazines. Totally made in the USA with personal
customer service.  Sold in 31 countries and all 50 states. Sign up for specials at on our website

Performance Sleepwear Welcome to the world of high performance sleepwearWe've partnered
with the company that designs the NASA space suits to develop a cutting-edge line of
Nightgowns, Cami's and Pajamas that provides the absolute ultimate in comfort, function and
style. Nano-technology and the power of silver offers such important benefits as sweat-wicking,
odor control and body temperature regulation while our wrinkle-free, extraordinarily durable yet
ultra-soft fabric affords a level of comfort that has to be worn to be believed.
PerformanceSleepwear ...the modern, luxurious and stylish way to a good night's sleep.

Simple Pleasures Inc  of Tennessee is a celebration of femininity and was conceived for you the
busy women of today. Tina Woodruff has designed lush sleepwear to  indulge your appreciation
of exquisite textures, fine cotton fabrics and lace. We invite you to pamper yourself, wrapped in
the comfort of our fine quality cotton, which is a luxury that can be both convenient and
affordable. You will be pleased to discover the lasting quality of our sleep wear that is made in
the USA. Simple Pleasures, Inc is a series of exquisite lines of 100% cotton textured novelty knit
sleepwear, loungewear, and spawear for women and children.  Having begun with a “simple”
short-sleeve nightgown, the line continues to evolve offering something for everyone from  
textured dot robes and cozy waffle weave bath wraps to hand applied Venice lace garments of
fine Supima Cotton. Simple Pleasures Baby and Simple Pleasures for Little Ladies are beautiful
complements  to our adult group. We also have a separates group, The Lounge gear Collection.
All of these feature clean, crisp White, along with our own elegant pastel shades of Blush and
Glacier Blue. Tina Eva-Renee is our signature line styled from the finest Supima Cotton and
Micro Modal blend making it perfect for coolness and overall comfort. Here you can luxuriate in
timeless pieces fashioned in White, Glacier Blue, Blush, Ivory, and Black.

Swim Wear and Lingerie (Adult Content)
Sensual Surprises Apparel, Inc. Dollars spent on American-made products stay in America and
that helps all of us—this exemplifies circle economics. Patriotic Spending protects stable, quality
jobs for Americans and the money they earn comes back to us again. Please check the label.
They have a large collection Made in the USA however some products may not be.

Bikini Sunshine of California is a premier online boutique established in 2006 specializing in fine
quality designer women’s swimwear and clothing fashions all hand cut and sewn in America.
Our Body Slimming designer swimwear and clothing collections are manufactured in the U.S.A.
and carry the highest quality in workmanship and fabric materials that Americans have always
come to expect. We strongly believe that today’s modern American woman deserves the finest
and superior quality in workmanship and materials that she has always come to expect in
American made women’s swimwear and clothing fashions. We are very adamant that American
jobs must stay in America not only for economic reasons, but also so that the U.S.A. may re-
visit the days when American made products were in high demand not only in the U.S.A. but
also Internationally, because the label Made in the U.S.A. always had a strong meaning to what it
stood for.

Hanky Panky Ltd. of New York. Hanky Panky is a better intimate apparel company whose
product is coveted by celebrities and everyday women alike.  The company was built on "buzz",
and is famous for its "World's Most Comfortable Thong(R)".  Customers include better
department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom as well as better
specialty stores, select websites and stores in 52 other countries.  Hanky Panky was founded in
1977 by Gale Epstein and Lida Orzeck, who are still at the helm.

Between the Sheets Lingerie of New York Between the Sheets Lingerie designs and
manufactures two brands of lingerie and loungewear in Manhattan's historic garment center. In
an industry saturated by overseas manufacturing we are dedicated to supporting US

Realgirlslingerie.com of California is a specialty lingerie that offers bust support and is designed
for the curvy and busty figure. Our lingerie includes silk chemises with underwires and ultrasoft
camisoles with built-in bras. Our collections are MADE IN AMERICA at our Los Angeles
manufacturing facility.

Brigitewear International of California was Founded in 2001, Brigitewear International produces
unique women's swimwear and accessories in its Palm Desert, CA facilities. Selling factory
direct, Brigitewear has distributed its niche swimwear to over 50 different countries worldwide.
Ranked in the top 1/2 of 1% of apparel manufacturers in the world for traffic by Alexa.com (an
Amazon company), Brigitewear has experienced double digit growth every year since inception.
The American woman has so many choices when it comes to buying clothes. This page of the clothing Made in the USA list is dedicated to women. We have many categories of
American Made women's clothing listed below. This page is a general category and we have also listed sub categories like sleepwear, maternity and others. Not only does American Made
clothing have everything anyone could want like value and quality when you buy domestic clothing you help keep our country strong. Money spent in the USA stays here and employs our
neighbors and family not to mention ourselves. When employment in the US increases so do our wages and opportunities for all of us.
shoes made in America
Please Check the Label before you
order. The Google Ads on this site
are not confirmed to be Made in the
USA. The listing in the middle are.
Womens Clothes Made in the USA
hand crafted furniture
American Made Shoes
Womens clothing made in the USA
women's clothing made in the USA
clothing made in America
apparel made in the US
American Made womens clothes
Furniture made in the USA
clothes made in America
Capps American Made Shoes
All USA Clothing
clothing made in the United States
flip flops made in the USA
Okabashi shoes made in the USA
shoes Made in the USA
water nozzles made in the USA

Womens's Clothes Made in the USA

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American Made Leathers to Last a Lifetime! FoxCreekLeather.com
Please Check the Label before you
order. The Google Ads on this site
are not confirmed to be Made in the
USA. The listing in the middle are.