Coffee Mugs / Cups Made in America

Bennington Potters makes American classic mugs Whether you use a mug for fresh coffee,
steaming tea, rich hot chocolate, spiced cider, soup, or a tankard of your favorite lager, the right
feel is important. We offer handmade stoneware mugs in a variety of sizes, shapes and glaze
colors to fit every need. Little or large hands - you're covered.

Hadley Stoneware Mugs. With over 50 pottery patterns from which to choose, you are sure to
find several you can’t live without! Choose from our two most popular sizes: our 8 oz regular
mug and our special 12 oz flare style, or select a cup and saucer set, 9 oz. tumbler or 8 oz. julep
cup. It’s much easier to get through the morning with a little help from a Hadley Pottery friend
such as Cow, Horse, Fisherman and Skier, or a Palm tree or Sailboat, to remind you of where
you would rather be! Select 8 oz. mug and 12 oz. flare mug patterns can also be personalized
with your name or other meaningful expression just for you.

Coffee Cups made in Michigan include the Michigan Love Mug with decorative red open heart
with Michigan’s upper and lower peninsula in red, Tuxedo Cat theme coffee cups, and laser
engraved coffee cups.

Travel Coffee Cups

Capitol Cups of Alabama is a manufacturer of customizable reusable spill-proof insulated travel
cups. The cups are microwave/ dishwasher safe and Made in America. Capitol Cups utilizes
patented designs and manufacturing processes to produce cups that are attractive, durable while
still being cost effective and environmentally friendly.
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Coffee Cups made in the USA
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