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Computer Equipment Made in the USA
Computer Accessories Made in America
Damage Control Products LLC It's like insurance for your Laptop . . . If you can't charge your
laptop it's worthless. The AC power pin where your charging cable connects is very fragile and
weak. If it gets damaged your laptop won't charge and the cost to repair it is huge! Some of
the problems that you can have when this connector is damaged are noted on the right.  
Technically the JerkStopper™ is a CRD (Cable Retention Device). It was designed to utilize
any existing port (USB, RJ11 or RJ45) on a laptop computer as a stay or restraint to keep the
very fragile AC power connector from being damaged from day to day tugging and pulling and
jerking on the power cord.

Computer Bags Made in America
Tough Traveler invented the USA-Made Backpack Computer Bag Gombac that has been in use
for 19 years. Some designs are too good to change, and the Gombac is one of them: ease of
use, one padded zippered section, one open throw-in section for a quick book, gloves, sweater,
hat, or other travel or work necessities, one large zippered section and two zippered sections in
the front flap, all in a bag that has a detachable shoulder strap and hide-away padded backpack
straps, so how you carry it is your choice! Also available in the computer bag department of
Tough Traveler: A simple padded bag, the Wedge, a series of "computer inserts" small padded
computer bags, and some Carry-ons that have padded computer spaces.
Wheelsaway, your online source for stylish, lightweight, durable and waterproof Apple iMac
Carriers on wheels. We are based in Wayzata, Minnesota, but we ship our beautiful, functional
iMac bags everywhere. Looking for the perfect iMac carrying case for your 21 ½″, 24″ or 27″
iMac? Visit our product page to see our simple, elegant design and size options

Computer Boards Made in the USA
Diversified Technology, Inc. is an embedded computer company whose strength lies in the
design, development, and manufacture of single board computers and system platforms. In
addition, DTI is a recognized leader in the custom development of advanced computer boards
and systems for unique applications. Diversified's single board and system products are pointed
toward mission critical applications such as telecommunications, factory automation,
networking, ruggedized military, medical, and control operations.  The only ACTA provider to
design and manufacturer in the USA
Enable-IT, Inc. is a USA Original Equipment Manufacturer that has pioneered and dominated
the Ethernet Extension industry since 1997 and has built a worldwide brand recognition for it's
innovative solutions in commercial, residential, and hospitality HSIA solutions. Enable-IT is
pleased to provide the simplest to use and most cost effective Ethernet Extension (Ethernet
Repeater / Ethernet Bridge / Network Extender / LAN Extender) technology to exceed your
expectations and deliver significant value. Enable-IT, Inc. is the World's Most Popular Ethernet
Extension and Ethernet DSLAM as we are the only manufacturers in this industry that wholly
design and make their products in the USA. All other competitors are more focused on their
profits and not delivering high quality products regardless of cost as the experts at Enable-IT
are. Founded in 1982, Incorporated in 1997 Enable-IT has developed Global hands on
experience with over 28 years of complex networking and Internet consulting practice and
grown into specialized experts for developing Broadband Ethernet Communication Technology
and Ethernet Extender kits/Ethernet Extension kits. Enable-IT, Inc has regional offices and
representation in many countries to serve our local markets globally.

Computer Monitor Accessories
The FACEMATE™ monitor accessory has a simple one piece design, which stretches over
your monitor's frame and doesn't impede your view.  No glue. No sticky tape. No damaging
hardware or complicated installation.  FACEMATE's inner bands hold your notes, work codes,
pictures, business cards and general reminders firmly.  It will even hold an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of
paper for easy transcribing (depending on the monitor's size).  Keeping everything in your site
and on your mind.  The FACEMATE™ monitor accessory is a great novelty gift, especially for
those who have "everything,"  Plus, it's Made In America and Manufactured in Delaware!  
Additionally, FACEMATE™ is recyclable and so is its packaging.

Hand Held Data Collectors made in America
AML of Texas manufactures handheld computers for barcode data collection applications, e.g.
Inventory management, as well as small interactive kiosks for applications such as price
checking, hospitality, time clocks, access control, and many other uses.

Mobile Commercial Grade Hand Held Computer Terminal Made in the USA

Two Technologies, Inc.® of Pennsylvania. You may not know our name or recognize our
logo, but you've seen our products - every day, throughout the world. Two Technologies has
been designing and manufacturing customizable, rugged mobile, industrial, hand held
computers and handheld terminals for industrial and commercial applications since 1987. With
over 400 GEM partners, 4,000 customers and over a million products in the field, our rugged
mobile computers and industrial terminals can be found in a multitude of different applications:
surveying and measurement, transportation and distribution, medical, manufacturing, field
service, hospitality, agriculture, security, government, gaming, and everything in between.

Mobile Device Screen Protector
Clear-Coat Scratch Protection Clear-Coat Scratch Protection is an American manufacturer of
screen protectors and full body covers for thousands of mobile devices.  Our products are
proudly designed and manufactured in our Philadelphia facility.  Check out our website to see
our full lineup of screen protectors, full body skins, and decorative covers for your cell phone
or tablet.
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Computer products Made in the USA
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