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Pelican ProGear™ Elite Coolers 7 - 10 Day ice retention and they are Made in the USA.         
A more rugged, colder cooler for your next big outdoor adventure. From durability to lasting
ice retention, the Pelican ProGear Lite Outdoor/Offshore Cooler is engineered to work hard
under extreme conditions. Through constant UV exposure, salt and sand abrasion, rugged use
and extreme temperature fluctuations - Pelican ProGear Elite Coolers last.

Cooler Skins Made in the USA

Camp Camo Cooler Skin - get rid of the boring red, blue or grey color – bring in the camo!
The Camo Cooler Skin is made with stretchy material to accommodate most cooler styles.
The cooler skin is ideal for hunting, fishing, tailgate parties, and camping!
Coolers Made in the USA. To me the ice cooler is such an iconic part of the American life. Remember packing up the station wagon and heading to the hills.
Our cooler was a green aluminum model with a hinged white top. If I were to guess I would think it was American Made like so many products back then. How sad today
that you really have to search for ice coolers made in the USA. We have looked for a long time for an American Made cooler and an alert site visitor (Thanks John) gave me
the link to Pelican who I'm familiar with and had no idea they made coolers. When you buy a cooler that was made domestically you know it was made under our strict
labor laws and environmental protections
Coolers Made in the USA
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