Drinking Fountains Made in USA Directory
Filtrine Drinking Water products are proudly Made in the USA by highly skill technicians
and craftspersons. We have an on-going commitment to insure that at least 71% of
product content is of domestic source. Since 1901, our attention to detail and American
craftsmanship have given us the reputation for manufacturing the most beautiful and long-
lasting drinking water products in the world. This is why specifiers turn to Filtrine when
designing some of the highest profile museums and monuments, like the National Gallery
of Art in Washington, DC.
Drinking Fountains Made in the USA Directory. We take drinking fountains for granted, just using them to relive our thirst where ever we happened
to be. Never giving a thought to where they were made or who made them. If you are in a position to purchase a drinking fountain I hope you will remember Americans that
need employment and buying one made in the United States can help increase our domestic employment.
Drinking Fountains Made in the USA
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