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EZ OPEN DOOR LATCH  Ever find yourself struggling with that little push latch handle
on your screen or storm door?  Hands full?  Ever try using your elbow, hip or knee to get
that latch open? Ever see a child struggle with that tiny latch?  Does arthritis or some other
ailment make it difficult to deal with that latch? The EZ Open Door Latch makes it easier
for children, seniors and everyone in between. The EZ Open Door Latch is 5-10 times
bigger target than your existing push latch handle - bigger target - easier to see and hit. The
EZ Open Door Latch provides more leverage which means less effort. The EZ Open Door
Latch fits most common style push latch handles and... NO TOOLS REQUIRED - simply
slide the EZ Open Door Latch over the existing push latch handle - done.
MyInfo911 ID Card In a medical emergency even if you are unable to speak for yourself,
your MyInfo911 ID card will speak for you providing first responders instant access to
your medical history, medications, blood type, allergies, etc. The ability to access this
critical information within seconds will enable timely, accurate and effective treatment.
Quite literally, this card can make the difference between life and death. Emergency
personnel often do not know who or how to contact your next of kin or other emergency
contact that you would want notified in case of emergency. Your MyInfo911 ID card will
provide instant access to this valuable information, and will immediately send an email to
the person that you designate on your application. This Emergency ID Card and Sticker
program is QR Enabled, allowing Medical Professionals to access your medical information
simply by scanning this code with their Smartphone.  Your information is also available on
the web with your unique URL and security pin number.  This program is recommended
for everyone, but specifically children and Adults with specific conditions, for example  
Allergies, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, individuals who take medications, and children
who walk or ride bicycles to school, just to name a few.
Sassie Classie Designs Walker Pouches Made with colorful fabrics. Handy large pocket in
front and smaller pocket in back.  Handle loops over front walker bar and attaches to itself
with hook n loop.  Your personal custom colors and themes can be ordered with a 7-10
lead time..Spot clean
Kentucky Walking Sticks Hand crafted walking sticks and canes created by eastern
Kentucky folk artist.  Types of walking sticks and canes include, Curled/Twisted,
Traditional, Carved Snake, Crook Neck Canes, and Shepherd's Staffs.
Brazos Walking Sticks located in Texas creates handcrafted, made-in-the-USA walking
sticks and canes. Our staffs are ideal for anything from hiking to neighborhood strolls.
Accessories include compasses, medallions, spike ferrules and more. For personalization,
add custom laser engraving. Located in central Texas' Brazos River Valley, we offer
American craftsmanship and superior customer service.
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