Fabricating Made in the USA Directory

Cotson Fabricating Inc. We are a fabricating shop located in Troy, Michigan with a wealth
of experience in sheet metal and electrical fabricating, such as copper bar, custom
enclosures and bases, 508A control panels, Brackets, Covers, etc.

Far Beyond Fabricating of New Jersey We manufacture custom boat towers, anodized
aluminum ladder racks, fishing racks and custom railings. We can repair your existing
metals as well. Although we specialize in anodized aluminum we can fabricate and weld all
forms of steel, stainless and titanium ! Proudly built by the Little Man using American
materials and American equipment!

Alumacart inc of Florida markes carts wagons all aluminum trellis marine and garden
products rails

BEPeterson Inc.  of Massachusetts is a leading manufacturer of custom metal fabrication of
heavy-gauge metal parts and equipment. BEPeterson provides complete engineering, design
and project management of the most critical components. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified
and ASME certified.

Electron and Laser Welding Services Done in the USA

At EB Industries, our people have a passion for Electron beam welding and Laser beam
technologies and the ability of these technologies to solve engineering challenges that cannot
be solved by any other method.  The precision and power density of the Electron Beam and
Laser makes it uniquely suited for cost effectively joining precision parts with high quality.
It is the perfect method for joining specialized metal alloys or complicated part configuration
American Made Fabricating Directory. These companies make all types of things here in the United States. If you need something fabricated please contact
one of these companies to see if they can make what you need right here in this country. Lets keep the work and jobs at home.
American Fabricating companies
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