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Bear Foot Honey of California & Oregon As third generation beekeepers, we take great pride in
our little girls (the honey bees). We show this love in the care we give the girls and they
reciprocate by providing us some of the most uniquely exquisite pure, raw, gourmet honeys
available. There is nothing nobler than to give back to these hard-working honey bees. Not all the
honeys are the same! Honey is a natural sugar alternative with no additives that is easy on the
stomach, and has an INDEFINITE shelf life. We never know what we will get from year to year
as weather plays a significant role in the honey harvests. Our honey is harvested from our hives
that have been purposefully placed in fields of blackberry, mint-thistle, clover, raspberry, or
seasonal wildflowers, or groves of apples, or oranges, to name but a few. Experience over 15
different varietals of Raw & Creamed Honeys. From delicate and fragrant to full-bodied and
robust, our honeys will dance seductively on your tongue. We endeavor to “Educate Not
Mutilate”, which allows you to taste honey that has the pure color, flavor, and texture cultivated
by the varieties of pollens and nectars that our bees forage. We retain these qualities and all the
nutrients by making sure that our honeys are always unpasteurized, unfiltered, unprocessed,
& unblended. We then use centrifugal force to extract the honey from the frames, allowing
us to present some of the finest honeys that our family have been producing for three generations.
Honey Made in the USA. Nothing as sweet as American Honey. So many uses for honey, some people just like the taste, some say it has healing properties, and kids
like it because it's fun. Whatever you reason when you shop for honey look for the American Made label.
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Honey Made in the USA
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