Furniture Made in Indiana Directory. We have been looking for companies to add to the list. Below you will find a list of companies that make
furniture in the State of Indiana. The furniture you find here will do more than just look good in your home, it will help your State with jobs and security. Keep your dollars in
your State keep jobs in your State.
Furniture Made in Indiana

Online Amish Furniture We build furniture in Ohio and Indiana using old world
traditions.  All our furniture is handcrafted and built to order using North American
hardwoods.  You can pick you wood type and stain or customize your piece to
accommodate your specific needs.  Our furniture is built by Amish craftsman who care
about quality and integrity.  The Amish have been doing sustainable practices for
generations in their lives and work.  Everything from the North American trees to using
the by products to heat their homes.

The Karges Furniture Company, Inc. produces hand crafted American furniture since
1886.  Family-owned for 5 generations, their custom furniture is some of the finest in
the world made right here in the State of Indiana.
Furniture Made in Indiana
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