American Injection Molding Companies Directory

The Lakone Company. Since 1944 we have manufactured the highest quality injection
molded components. We are a financially strong company, which allows us to be very
competitive. The Lakone Company is built on old fashion values - honesty, integrity and
dedication to our customers. We are an ISO 9001:2000 family owned business with a
dedicated team of coworkers that produce superior products through our continual
improvement approach. We involve all levels of employees to this philosophy and keep one
goal in mind – to exceed our customers' expectations.

Rex Plastics, Inc. is proud to support the US injection molding and the US manufacturing
industries by keeping work domestic, and not going overseas for molds or production. Our
products are guaranteed and made in the USA, using domestically manufactured plastics
whenever possible.      We are a contract manufacturer of custom injection molded plastic
parts who will work with anyone from the individual inventor to international corporations.
Industries served include electronics, communications, military & consumer products.
Capabilities include in-house mold building, prototyping, molding, assembly, packaging, pad
printing, drilling, tapping, & hot stamping. Up to 42oz. shot size.

Peliton Plastics is a custom plastic injection molding company, located in Valdosta Georgia.
Our services include economical plastic injection molding, contract manufacturing,
assembly, flatbed screen printing, mold repair, mold texturing and machining. Our staff is
always happy to assist and advise inventors with their inventions. Our low cost custom
plastic injection molding services can mold plastic products from a variety of thermoplastics
and engineered resins - polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, polycarbonate, ABS,
acrylic, vinyl, nylon, acetyl, polyphenylene oxide, or others depending on customer
requirements, then we ship directly to our customer. Our plastic injection molding facility is
located in Valdosta Ga.

THE RODON GROUP For over 50 years the Rodon Group has manufactured the highest
quality injection molded components at the lowest possible price. Rodon designs, tools and
manufactures your injection molded components on shore (Hatfield PA, USA), on time
(based on your JIT requirements) and in SPEC (per your dimensional specifications). Rodon
produces injection molded components around the clock, seven days a week.

Island Products From Design,  Tooling, and Production of our own injection molding plastic
products and yours. We take great pride that all our injection molding plastic manufacturing
is done in the United States of America

Walter Drake  We design and manufacture custom thermoformed plastic packaging in the
form of clamshells, trays and blisters for the medical, pharmaceutical, electronic (ESD,
static dissipative), consumer and industrial packaging applications. We are known for
creating thermoformed packaging with the visual interest that our customers want and the fit
& function that they need. Our custom thermoformed packaging is available in a variety of
virgin, laminated and recycled raw materials that include PVC, vinyl, PET, PETG, HIPS,
styrene, flocked styrene, OPS, medical grade laminates and conductive and static dissipative
(ESD) materials in gauges from .0075" to .070".

Reliance Engineering  Reliance Engineering is a specialized custom molder of Thermoplastics
and Thermoset Plastic Materials. Reliance focuses on demanding applications that require
high temperature plastic materials and very close tolerance molding. Many of these same
applications require Insert Molding which is one of our core disciplines. Reliance
Engineering is unique in offering both Thermoplastic and Thermoset molding capabilities
coupled with Insert Molding. Injection Molding, Compression Molding, Transfer Molding
and Insert Molding are our passion. We have a strong background in material selection,
together with part design for moldability

Plastic Injection Mold Components Made in the USA

Precision Ground, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high quality components for plastic
injection molds based out of Lakemoor, Illinois. Currently we provide turning; milling; wire,
sinker, and small hole EDMing; ID, OD, centerless, surface, and profile grinding;
gundrilling; honing; and produce virtually every round mold component. We are known for
our quality cavity and gate inserts; ejector and orifice pins; ejector sleeves; stripper bushings
and rings; and complete stack-up tooling. Tight tolerances, thin walls, and intricately detailed
components are challenges we overcome daily to meet the diverse needs of every mold. We
would like the opportunity to prove to you our value as your source for all high quality
custom mold components and hope you contact us for your next quote.
American Injection Molding Companies Directory. Injection molding is a very popular way of making things. It must also be a very competitive field as I get   
emails almost daily from China and Pakistan soliciting Injection Mold production. So if you are in need of services like this please reach out to a company that does Injection Mold
production in the USA.
American Made Injection Molding
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