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At Carolyn Pollack, one of our core values is that we believe that “Made in the USA”
is more than a mere label. The dedication and talent of our artists and craftspeople
are truly awe-inspiring, and are what makes “Made in the USA” a symbol of quality
and value that our customers can trust.We are truly American from design through
creation. Not only is our jewelry made in America, it is also inspired by the beauty
of American landscapes and the spirit of the American people. Natural and
evocative, Carolyn Pollack Jewelry is as vivid as the spirited women who wear
these beautifully sculptural pieces of art to express their own vibrant outlook on
life.  Known for crafting unusual combinations of colorful genuine gemstones and
heavily oxidized precious metals into real statement-making styles, Carolyn Pollack’s
sterling designer jewelry is available in two retail locations: at ABQ Uptown Mall in
Albuquerque, New Mexico and the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, Texas.
Lets Put Americans Back To Work We offer high quality handcrafted custom made
Crystal Jewelry. The Jewelry is handcrafted by jewelry artist that have been
designing and creating jewelry for years. We use the finest material on the market
such as Swarovski, Myiuki, Czech, Finding, wire, etc that are manufactured in the
USA. Lets Put Americans Back To Work.
Cangles Our fashionably green eco-friendly jewelry design and construction is based
on the 3 Rs: Reusing, Renewing & Recycling.  We make affordable,  fashionable &
fun eco-friendly jewelry by hand from recycled aluminum. Every aluminum can that
is recycled saves an amount of energy equal to one-half a can of gasoline. So as a
family we decided to upcycle used and discarded aluminum cans into fashionionably
green eco-friendly accessories and jewelry. We wanted a way to be environmentally
responsible to the Earth we live in. We hand tool all of our jewelry: hair clips,
earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. As part of our sustainable, Earth-friendly
philosophy we donate a portion of each sale to several eco-responsible charitable
Nautical Jewelry Gold and Silver Cut Coin Jewelry making and selling nautical
jewelry made from coins in the small resort town of Lexington, Michigan located on
Lake Huron in 1972. We started with cut out coin jewelry made from real U.S. and
world coins. Over the years we have sold our cut coin jewelry and whole coin
jewelry wholesale, drop shipping for many retailers very successfully. We are now
happy to offer our fine cut coin jewelry and whole coin jewelry directly to you.
South Paw Studios™. I have been in the jewelry business almost 10 years and
counting. My collections have grown to include custom bridal sets, beaded
bookmarks, one of a kind pieces and a new catalog. I am continuously evolving and
stay up to date on the trends and new ideas in the industry. I studied through the
Toledo Museum of Art to perfect my use of the torch and workings with metal. I
try to make a conscious effort to think outside the box with every piece, to set
myself apart from the pack and keep my customers curious.
Bring Witness Jewelery Express your faith with the most interesting Christian
jewelry design since the cross, the Witness Ring. Make a positive statement, witness
for Jesus and look good all at the same time. Designed by a 100% Disabled Viet
Nam Combat Veteran, and we all know there are no atheists during a crisis situation.
Sterling silver, made in the USA, we present the heirloom quality Witness Rings.
Brooks Fine Jewelry Victorian style gold slide bracelets made in the USA. We make
all of our gold slides (sometimes called slide charms or sliders). These bracelets are
a unique collectible and become treasured heirlooms. Hundreds of slide designs
available to choose from in yellow and white gold to make that special bracelet.
Saverine Creek Heirlooms Artisan Jewelry from Hand Sown and Harvested Organic
Heirloom Seeds. We grow the seeds used in our jewelry on our families' Centennial
farm in mid-Michigan
Marine Corps Rings We design and produce Exceptional high quality Marine Corps
Rings and Marine Corps Jewelry. All of our Marine Corps Jewelry is designed and
handcrafted by Marines. We are a Service Disabled USMC Veteran owned and
operated professional jewelry business
United Casting Company Colorado's Premier Custom Jewelers For many years we
have continued to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients, ensuring their
needs and desires are met with exceptional designs, and quality fine jewelry.  Our
unique custom jewelry designs, master craftsmanship, expert repair capabilities and
solid guarantee far exceeds the "norm" that is often found.  We take pride in every
design and item we handcraft for our clients.
Native American Market brings you fine Southwest jewelry handcrafted in New
Mexico by Navajo and Zuni Indian silversmiths and made with rare and unusual
American turquoises and other beautiful and colorful gemstones.
Modern Artisans offers home accents, garden art, wall decor, journals, jewelry and
gifts - all shaped by the minds and hands of contemporary American artisans.  
Whether enhancing your home or purchasing a gift, you'll be sure to find a truly
unique selection of items handcrafted in the USA.
Montana Threads makes the Jewelry Scarf a new fashion look.  I have used various
pendant designs and put them on different fabrics to make a beautiful scarf with
jewelry. Available in many colors.  New for spring will be light and airy fabrics and
two-tone fabrics.  Click on image gallery and then on jewelry scarf.  
Vital Wonders is keeping fashion-forward with multiple styles and innovative looks
invigorating the magnetic jewelry industry.  We mix magnetism with gems and
fabulous bead finds; lapis, turquoise, coral, crystal, amber, agates, pearls, rare glass
beads...  We offer magnetic therapy bracelets, necklaces, anklets and earrings.  We
also have our new lines of magnetic chokers, cuffs, bangles and drapes in great fun
styles.  We also have a wonderful eclectic gift section with many American-made
products featuring many US green companies; Florida bath sea sponges, US artisan
natural soaps, socks from recycled factory remnants and much more. We at Vital
Wonders celebrates the USA and strive to get America back as #1 in industry and
manufacturing, growing small business through innovation, guts and by never giving
SSC Jewelry & Leather Doing business since 1982 we are a top quality leather and
jewelry design company. Using all US suppliers and currently updating to all US
manufacturing. Chaplets, our leather leggings. kerchiefs, headbands, and much
more everyday
Silver Loon LLC | of Michigan creates Michigan inspired, solid cast sterling silver &
gold jewelry.  Two affordable jewelry lines with hundreds of styles, plus our
custom design gallery featuring Great Lakes fossils, petoskey stones, charlevoix
fossils & more.  Our designs are 100% hand-crafted in Michigan by jewelry
industry professionals.  Please visit our website to see our manufacturing process,
credentials, retail shopping locations and a complete photo gallery of all our designs.
Call for wholesale prices, we sell direct only to the trade. Let's create jobs together
natalie frigo jewelry of New York passion is creating unique, heirloom jewelry that
celebrates the extraordinary beauty in every client.  Each piece is offered in a limited
edition of 30. Sculpting all of the designs by hand in her lower Manhattan studio,
Natalie personally attends to each detail using the ancient practices of metalsmithing
and 'cire perdue' (also known as lost-wax casting).  The organic forms are then
handcast in 100% recycled metals, paired  with personally selected, ethically
sourced gemstones and finished in New York City.
Wrenhouse, LLC of Vermont makes affordably priced handcrafted polymer clay
jewelry by Vermont artist Jenny Wren.  Our nature-inspired collections include the
Songbird Series, Garden Collection, Seaside Series, and Cafe Collection.  Each piece
is made by hand in Vermont and mounted on colorfully illustrated cards designed by
the artist.  Illustrated Note Cards are also available, and wholesale inquiries are
Dedua of Virginia makes Hand made bags and fashion cuff bracelets.
Zest Lady Aroma Pendants(tm) of West Virginia makes Aromatherapy jewelry
handturned in the USA. The Whiffer™, a stylish aromatherapy pendant gently
diffuses oils wherever you go. It has a brass chamber within the wood body with
diffuser vents and a cotton wick to hold and diffuse the oils by constantly releasing
the oil molecules. Just unscrew the threaded top to easily refresh with more oils or
change to a different oil. This hands free self-activating method of diffusing will
work for fuss, no bother. Wear them, hang them in your car or anywhere
you want to experience the healing power of essential oils. Also, good to calm dogs
and horses.
Adornments by Milani of California makes handcrafted and Personalized Jewelry
Gifts for Boomer Women
Mothers Family Rings  - Family owned business for over 25 years. All mother's
rings designs are custom made in their own retail store in Crown Point, IN. All
gemstones are cut in house as well. Selling products made in America by a family
living in the heart of America.
Tanzanite Jewelry Designs - Family owned business for over 25 years. All tanzanite
designs are custom made in their own retail store in Crown Point, IN. All gemstones
are cut in house as well. Selling products made in America by a family living in the
heart of America.
GI JEWELRY Genuine U.S. Military Issue Religious Jewelry Made in the USA of
100% Stainless Steel.
USA Made Jewelry of  Rhode Island is Dedicated to selling the large collection of
medals, pendants and pins handmade from quality materials at Bliss Manufacturing
located in Rhode Island.  We're very proud of our extensive military range of medals
and jewelry that honors the fighting men and women who defend our freedom.
Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman of South Dakota Crafted in the Black Hills of
South Dakota, USA, this legendary designed jewelry features a tri-color grape leaf
and cluster motif as it has for over a hundred years.
Bearlanders Trading made in America. With American Indian jewelry, Bear
jewelry, Dream catchers, Turquoise jewelry, Sand paintings, Kachina dolls and a
wide variety of jewelry and gifts made in America.
Danhov emphasizes the nature of their handmade production process in which no
molds or mass produced assembly lines are used and instead each ring starts from a
single wire which is then crafted into a truly one of kind ring, preserving the unique
intricacies that make each ring just a slight bit different, this in turn cuts down on
the carbon footprint of the entireoperation by avoiding many of the harsh chemicals
and large machinery that is commonly employed in jewelry manufacturing. All
jewelry from Danhov is made in the United States at their Hollywood Ca. offices by
highly skilled jewelers who are paid a fair salary for their hard work. You do not
have to compromise your ethics when you purchase a Danohv ring, you can be
assured that each ring was made using the highest quality conflict free diamonds
and precious metals by skilled hands who were paid fairly for their time and labor.
Diamondstuds diamond studs are designed, handcrafted and assembled all in the
USA. The entire process happens in their studio, from handpicking the diamonds by
expert gemologists to hand setting them by a team of skilled setters. This gives
complete control over the quality,craftsmanship and the finishing. They are able to
work with quick performance, shorter delivery time, timelier inspections and a well-
made earring, just how you had seen it on the website!
Uneek designed and handcrafted in Los Angeles Uneek's innovative and stylish
natural fancy diamond engagement rings has led Benjamin Javaheri to create a
stunning new collection of award-winning designer engagement  rings and fine
jewelry. Uneek offers a variety of exclusive unique bridal ring settings that available
in platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.
Whitehouse Brothers of Ohio has been continuously manufacturing high quality die-
struck jewelry since 1898.  Specializing in vintage style jewelry, Whitehouse
Brothers die-struck process is unique to their quality, providing a stronger product
forged under pressure.  The industry standard of casting cannot hold up to the
harshness of wear over time, eventually giving in to old age. Whitehouse Brothers
jewelry is designed to become an heirloom piece for years to come.

Jewelry Assembly in the USA
Melindesign, LLC jewelry assembly. We have been in the jewelry business for over
15 years. We started out designing our own creations and then began helping other
jewelry designers in getting their orders out for wholesale and retail shipments.
Jewelry Made in America Directory
What could be more beautiful than American Made Jewelry? The USA has a long history of making jewelry. Just look at the list of American companies below and
you will find many of them have been in business for a very long time. When you buy jewelry for your self or a loved one make sure it was made in the USA.
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Jewelry Made in the USA
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