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Amigo Mobility International, Inc.  of Michigan  was founded by the inventor of the first
battery –operated, power mobility product, Al Thieme. Designed for people with walking
disabilities, Amigo power-operated vehicles/scooters are USA-made in Bridgeport, Michigan.
Committed to Improving Lives Through Mobility®, multiple product lines include healthcare,
commercial, transportation services and senior-active lifestyle. Niche products include the
Shabbat Amigo (allows full observance of the Sabbath for Orthodox Jews); active seniors
enjoy the collapsible lightweight travel model –the TravelMate – with lithium ion battery pack
option; SmartMover is used by visitors or personnel inside libraries, hospitals, museums, and
other public facilities for safe and convenient transportation; SmartSensor is added to select
Amigo models to prevent impact with pedestrians (primarily in retirement facilities); the Alert
Light is a battery-operated (strobe or solid beam) safety access!
Mobility Scooters Made in the USA. When you depend on a scooter to help you move around you want one that is well made and reliable. American Made
Scooters meet all that criteria. Not only will a scooter made in the United States help move you around it will help move the economy. Don't take chances or cut corners by
something made here where you live.
Mobility Scooters Made in the USA
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