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Wintergreen Northern Wear We know what works. We have to. The outdoors is our way of life. We
live, design, sew and sell our gear in Minnesota’s northern border wilderness. We began in 1985 by
designing gear for our first expedition to the North Pole. Since then, we’ve explored just about every
cold place on the planet, from Greenland to the Russian Arctic—all with our own gear. Serious field-
testing. MADE IN USA We take great pride in being one of the largest private employers in a small
remote town where jobs are scarce but garment making talents and pride in workmanship are in
abundance. We’re one of the last full-line outdoor clothing makers in the U.S. Our country has
become a throw away society because we can get cheap goods from overseas. Wintergreen clothing
is made to last so if it means purchasing a garment made by an American worker at a higher price,
we feel this is a good thing. Buy less, keep it longer and throw away less!

Technical Advantage Gear "We Build Outdoor Gear That Actually Does What It's Suppose To Do -
Keep You Warmer Longer!" We Make 100% of our Gear & Accessories in Wisconsin - USA
American Made Mountain Climbing Gear Directory. So you are climbing a mountain in extreme conditions do you want cheap made imports
made by the cheapest subcontractor? Wouldn't you rather have gear made by a company that chose quality control and integrity over quick products. The companies on
this page are dedicated to making their products in the United States.
American Made Mountain Climbing gear
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