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At DVRG®, we do much more than just print plastic cards and fulfillment materials. We’re
your marketing partners, here to assist in making the choices that will take your business to
the next level. Founded in 2006, we are on the cutting edge of the plastic card printing
industry. No order of PVC cards or keytags is too big or small! Located in Lenexa, KS, we
are proud to say that our plastic card products are 100% American made. of Florida is an online printing company manufacturing all of our products
here in the USA...plastic cards, gift cards, business cards, post cards, etc.  We are proud to
do so for the American working family.  In addition, we are giving back to the community
through an organized effort to put 21st century technology (interactive Whiteboards) into our
schools. This is done through partnering with businesses all across the country.  We acquire
their business, hire local workers in our factory to process the business, and a percentage of
sales is then reinvested back into the communities through the purchase and delivery of the
interactive Whiteboards into the schools.  It is our desire that the children of our country are
trained in science, technology, engineering, and math in such a way that they grow up and
become our future leaders in these fields.  Manufacturing needs to be great again. We are
proud to help make this a reality!
Plastic Cards Made in the USA. Do you think many people called how many plastic cards would be in use across the country twenty years ago? I doubt anyone
guessed how many plastic cards we would all have in our wallet or purse. Even kids with ASB cards, and gift cards. Just think about all the cards adults have like credit cards,
loyalty cards, access cards, club cards, gift cards and more.
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Plastic Cards Made in the USA
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