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Liberty Safes Our story began in 1988 building 6 safes a day in 3 rental storage units. No
joke! 22 years later, Liberty now produces as many as 250 safes a day on a 23-acre,
205,000 Sq. Ft. production & distribution facility located in Payson, Utah. Last year
(2009) alone, we BUILT & SOLD more than 105,000 gun safes, doubling our nearest
competitor. As of 2010, after 22 years of selling safes, we will have sold more than 1.1
Gun Safe Manufacturers turned their eyes to the far east, specifically CHINA, in search
for cheaper labor, cheaper materials, and cheaper design. This resulted in an invasion of
low quality gun safes to the US market. We are one of the companies making a real and
successful effort of reversing that trend, and today we can say that most of what you get
from Liberty Safe is Made In The USA with our labor, our materials and our design.
That's a reason to go to work everyday. Buy Liberty, Buy American Made.

Homeland Security Safe Co. was founded in 1996, our products included small office
safes, depository safe boxes and wall safes. In the year 2000 we included a complete line
of residential safes and vault doors. Within the last few years Homeland has become one
of the lead manufacturers in the gun safe industry. When purchasing Homeland Security
Safe Products, you can have a peace of mind that you are choosing protection of
enduring quality. At Homeland, we are committed to assuring superior quality in all
important areas of security: Materials, Product design and engineering. Most importantly,
our quality comes from the caring craftsmanship of our skilled employee-owners.
Because our employees have a large ownership stake in the company they each take a
personal interest in assuring quality in every piece and feel exceptionally lucky to be part
of Homeland Security Safe co. Homeland Security safes are manufactured in the U.S.
where the quality is closely monitored. Competitor safes are often produced in places like
China and Mexico with cheap locks and inferior metal.

9g Products Inc. of Kansas. Since 2002, the name INPRINT has become synonymous
with instant access and personal property protection. Starting day one, we had one simple
agenda... provide a family of products that offer secured instant access through the use
of your finger. As you can see, we've done just that! The INPRINT family of products
was designed, engineered and is built right here in the Heartland of America. Customers
around the world receive peace of mind in protecting their valuables with the INPRINT
each and every day of the week. We believe that something as important as family should
be protected by more than just chance. The technology of the INPRINT is far superior to
traditional padlocks, key-codes and combinations and alleviates chance by using an
individualized system for access:your fingerprint. With the world becoming less safe for
our children every day, the INPRINT and the valuables it protects is one less thing to
worry about. Whether for business or home, the INPRINT is able to accommodate your
specific security needs while providing instant access.From jewelry to medication, money
to firearms, personal property and keys, collectibles and valuables;the INPRINT ensures
protection and instant access to your most sacred possessions. When safety is on the line,
protection is just a fingerprint away.

Sun Welding Safe Company of California manufactures the Cavalry Series, Pony Express
Series, Mustang Series, Scout Series, Renegade Series, Heirloom Series, and Custom
Safes. The main facility has been located in Southern California for the last 29 years
providing quality products to all of our customers. Since 1980 Sun Welding has been
manufacturing safes from our warehouse in Southern California providing quality
products to all of our customers. Sun Welding safes are practical, affordable, and
designed to fit in your home, office, garage, or any other place you may need a safe.     
Over the years Sun Welding has determined a few facts that make a quality safe.  We
have competitive pricing and we stand behind our product. We believe that a well made
safe not only offers the best security, but also should be affordable.  For starters a safes
main purpose is security.  Sun Welding has designed each safe to protect your belongs
first and foremost.  Each one of Sun Welding safes are made with a solid steel door and
unibody construction. Then, Sun Welding  adds fire protection to make each safe both
secure and fire rated.  Recently, we have designed a new method of fire rating to help you
establish which degree of fire rating will fit your individual needs.  We line each safe with
one layer of 5/8" fire code drywall, a standard 1 x 1 fire rating.  An option of
upgrading your safe is available, up to two hours of fire protection.       Sun Welding has
a variety of different sizes. If there is not a certain size that fits your needs, you will be
glad to know that we make custom safes and vaults.  You don't want to buy any safe,
you want to buy a safe that is built for you!

Fort Knox Gun Safes & Safes of Utah. We at Fort Knox are proud of the fact that we are
America's Best. From raw steel to the last coat of paint, we use only the best American
made products. Whether you peruse our site, visit our showroom or one of our many
dealers nationwide, you'll see why such people as Johnny Unser, Bo Derek and General
N. Schwarzkopf prefer Fort Knox Security products over all other brands.

Sturdy Gun Safe Manufacturing of California make Commercial gun and fire safes, made
with thick steel, for superior security, and a real fire insulator, for the best protection
from fires. 100% made in the USA

Vault Pro, Inc.  of California e is a leading manufacturer of premier high quality and all
American made gun safes, vault doors, safe rooms, storm shelters & tornado shelter
doors for sale at factory direct prices. Our company specializes in building high end
custom safes and vault doors for home or business in nearly any size and configuration,
all backed with a lifetime warranty. We are proud to be a Veteran owned business. Are
you looking to buy a new safe or vault door? Call to talk with one of our Vault Pros - 800-
American Made Safes Directory
Gun safes are great for everyone, they keep your guns safe and people that should not be handling your guns from them. On this page you will find
American Made gun safes. Most of the safes listed here are fireproof, keeping your valuables safe from theft and tragedy. When you buy safes made
in the USA you also help protect America's jobs and economy. When you spend your money at home you keep America strong and safe!
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