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Bamboosa's adult clothing and baby products are manufactured by men and
women who take pride in their work and enjoy producing high quality products
here in the USA. ALL of the fabric and products sold by Bamboosa are USA
Made. Our goals when we started our company were that we would make
higher quality, better performing, really comfortable, longer lasting, sweatshop-
free, competitively priced, American Made apparel and baby products that are
a better choice for the environment. After six years of being business, we
continue with those goals and hope to provide more and more American Made
choices for your family.  Bamboosa's fair-wage sewing facility is located in
Andrews, S.C. and is a company with a small production line. Think about the
people you are supporting when you buy from Bamboosa. We don't employ
children and our employees work in a safe, comfortable environment for forty
hours a week or less.  Striving to improve the lives of Americans, we continue
to provide jobs in South Carolina.
Clothes Made in South Carolina Directory
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