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The Essential Marketing Group Company, Inc. from California makes Maiden Spa Pipeless
Pedicure Spas. Placed as an entry level product, The Maiden Spa is a true workhorse and
great value. It is beautifully designed and comes with many options to customize with colors
and accessories. It is simply the best Pipeless Pedicure Spa in the market now! Maiden Spa.
Made in America

Tanning Salon Accessories

SUPER SUNNIES® Eyeshields: Protect your eyes during UV exposure for health or cosmetic
reasons. Prevent eye injuries. For sun lovers, salon tanners, and medical patients taking PUVA,
UV light box therapy, LED light therapy, red light therapy, microdermabrasion, plastic
surgery, and laser therapy. World Class SUPER SUNNIES® brand Eyeshields have a flexible
high-rise nosebridge to eliminate tan lines and an elastic headband to assure perfect fit.

LUCASOL The #1 Disinfectant Cleaner in the Indoor Tanning industry; strong, yet safe for
sanitizing and disinfecting virtually all hard surfaces including acrylics and SUPER
SUNNIES® Eyeshields.
Salon and Spa Equipment and Accessories Made in the USA. Yes we do still make products like this in the United States. When you buy American
Made Spa and Salon Equipment you help create jobs and keep Americans employed.
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Salon and Spa equipment Made in the USA
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