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I bet you thought you could not find toys Made in the USA didn't you? Well in this case I'm so happy to say you were wrong. We have found so many
American Made toys we had to create two pages and they keep growing. We have all seen the news stories over the years of imported toys found to be made
with dangerous material often highly toxic. When you buy American Made items you have much more reassurance that won't happen because of our high level
of oversight we have on domestic production. Not only are toys made in America likely to be safer they are made under labor friendly and earth friendly laws.
Toys Made in America
Union House carries a top toy line from Channel Craft is made entirely in America, great
prices and American Made

All-American Baby offers the best quality, American-made toys for your baby or toddler.
Help your children to strengthen important developmental skills with the toys you choose
for them. At All-American baby you will find Wood Toys, Trains, Building Blocks,
Stuffed Animals and Dolls, Easels, Puppet Theaters and more...and best of all, they are

All American Toy Company "Maker of Vintage, Antique Old Toy Trucks" All American
Toys for the All American Boy Made in the U.S.A. since 1947

American Plastic Toy Company. Proud Manufacturer of American Made Toys

Arrowcopter The world's highest flying toy with unique space age action Made in the
United States

Buffalo Games operating from an 87,000 sq ft facility in Buffalo, NY ( that's
where the name comes from), employing 81 full time people, and having a blast creating
products that are a lot of fun for you. Our new and distinctive offerings this year include
3 card games, 9 jigsaw puzzle series and an innovative puzzle preservation tool - Puzzle
Presto! Our focus has been on games and puzzles that go beyond the traditional
boundaries of play, and so we've added features such as specially shaped cards, jewelry,
voting wheels, dice, markers, free garden seeds and more.

Fat Brain Toys Fat Brain Toys is identifying all the products in our catalog that are
manufactured right here in the USA. (please check label for Made in the USA)

FRACTILES-7 to create starbursts, spirals, butterflies, beautiful mandalas of infinite
complexity, bouquets of flowers, swarms of fireflies, spaceships, illusions of 3D space,
and lots more.

Garrett Metal Detectors "We will build the best possible metal detector and offer the best
customer service." Countless hours, and sometimes years, are spent researching and
engineering a new product or technology

GRANZA Inc, we are committed to providing quality safe toys and rag dolls made in
USA. Our Adorable Kinders® Rag Dolls are soft dolls with a unique theme and designed-
in features as explained in the “Our Rag Dolls” section of this website. Our Friendly
Pillows® are also toys made in USA

Green Toys Inc. Announces the World's First Bioplastic Toys,100% Made in USA!

GUILLOW'S proudly made in the USA toy gliders and model airplanes fun easy to build
balsa wood airplanes. Go together in minutes but provide many hours of back yard

HAE! Bringing you tomorrow, later! Right now its time for some fun. HAE provides the
world with the cool products you probably really want right now! We are the creators of
the Skateluge, gravity powered Thrills! We also came up with Flink, Thax, Mountain
Climb and a dice game called Blisters. We also enjoy the Gravity Sport thrills of
streetluging, Buttboarding and Longboarding.

Holgate Toys When Fred Rogers was looking for an American manufacturer to make his
Neighborhood Trolley, he turned to the finest name in wooden toys for children.

LAURI TOYS predominately manufactures all of it's products in the USA in Smethport,

Maple Landmark Woodcraft Great wooden toys

Marble King Did you know that over one million marbles a day are produced by a West
Virginia company? Well, they are. Marble King, Incorporated, located in Paden City,
West Virginia, currently manufacturers over a million marbles each day. They operate
seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year.

More4Kids Personalized Gifts is a Tennessee company specializing in personalized gifts
for children. Our products include homemade personalized baby bibs and blankets,
personalized books, music and software. Made in America: The majority of our
personalized gifts are made and assembled by us, right here in the U.S.A.

Puzzle People of California Web Site Our Wooden Puzzles Are Handcrafted Using Only
Non-toxic Water Based Paints And Finishes The Puzzle People was started in 1972 by
Michael Smith, who was at the time a probation officer, working at a teen detention
center. One Christmas Michael made a wooden USA map puzzle for a young nephew,
and came to realize there was real satisfaction in making wooden puzzles as well as the
potential for earning a living. Within a year he had shifted over to full-time puzzle
manufacturing and sales.

Quick Count Football The fast-paced family card game Half-time Fun to Engage all Your
Big Game Bowl Party Guests! Take Quick Count with you! Quick Count Football fits in
purse or pocket - making it the perfect takealong activity for engaging children or adults
when you find yourself having to wait.....Play it at tailgate parties Play it at the restaurant
while you wait for your foodPlay it at the airport or on the plane Play it in the Dr.'s
officePlay it on vacation in the RV Play it when you're waiting for a ride Play it when you
are waiting at a sibling's team practices Great for traveling sports teams - take Quick
Count on the Team Bus

Step2's Complete Listing of American-Made Toys (some toys Made in the USA with
imported parts. PLEASE CHECK LABEL)

SMETHPORT SPECIALTY COMPANY predominately manufactures all of it's products
in the USA in Smethport, Pennsylvania, allowing the company to examine and insure the
safety of it's products all the way through the manufacturing process. There are very
few raw materials used in the manufacturing process that are not sourced from America,
and those that are not have documentation or are tested.

Back To Blocks Back To Blocks handcrafts a product line of quality wooden building
blocks for children, right here in the U.S.A. We are a family-run business that has made
these natural wooden blocks for years for our family and friends, and now we offer
them to you. Every family should have a set of this classic toy. We believe that a block
set should provide a lot of blocks, be easy to clean up and store and be affordable for
your family. What is unique about Back To Blocks wooden block sets? Back To Blocks
wooden block sets have a lot of blocks for your child, so their creativity will not be
limited by too few or blocks that are too small. Our block sets range from 60 to 200
pieces and are of good size and weight for easy building. Back To Blocks wooden block
sets come in bright colored plastic buckets. These are a favorite for moms because they
make it easy for clean up and storage. Best of all Back To Blocks block sets are
affordable. Our blocks are made from poplar,a lighter and  more affordable hardwood.
They are still durable and will provide years of great play value. They are all natural wood
with no paints, stains or dyes and they have been tested and comply with all regulations
for children's products in the U.S.A. These American made wooden blocks make a great
gift for children of any age.

Pure Play Kids Pure Play Kids is an exciting new company selling kid-powered, creative,
safe and unique products. Our broad product line is comprised of natural and sustainable
products made in the USA.**This company does have a few products from other
countries however they do a great job of displaying the country of orgin

Premier Wagons of Ohio the preferred distributor of kids wagons by the Berlin Flyer
brand. Berlin Flyers are manufactured in Berlin, Ohio. Made with the finest Amish
craftsmanship, these classic wagons are fast becoming a popular wagon brand.

AIR POGO ® can best be described as a pogo on a rope. It gives kids a big bounce in
the air instead of on the pavement. When suspended from a tree limb, deck, wooden
swing set or  any other 8 1/2 ft. sturdy overhead support with 6 ft. obstacle clearance,
the AIR POGO ® gives children a great ride - swinging and bouncing up to 2 1/2 ft
without touching the ground. This is one of the most unique and fun playground
accessories to reach the market in years!
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