American Made Wine. So many states now have great wineries where just a few years ago there were none. I have spoken to farmers who have converted land into
Vineyards because it pays so much better than some other types of farming. The wines we are producing are also world class and sought after all over the world. I'm sure this list
will continue to grow as we discover more wine produced in the USA
Wine Made in the USA

Joseph Filippi Winery and Vineyard of California. The history and tradition of the Filippi
winegrowing family continues and flourishes today with each new vintage as 4th
generation Joseph 'J.P.' Filippi and his son Jared build upon over 90 years in the historic
Cucamonga-Guasti winegrowing area. Since 1994, the Filippis have revitalized old
vineyards and undertaken new vine plantings. They continue working to restore the
historic Ellena Bros./Regina Winery with the City of Rancho Cucamonga.

Apex Cellars is one of Washington's most respected wineries. Its three brands, Apex,
Bridgman and Apex, cover the spectrum of wines from superpremium to super

Barnard Griffin Winery is situated in south-central Washington at the confluence of the
Yakima, Columbia, and Snake rivers, in the heart of Washington State's wine country.

Columbia Crest Winery Columbia  we pride ourselves on delivering handcrafted, superior-
quality small-lot wines, as well as affordable everyday Washington wines. Our first
release in 1984 started a tradition that has established us as one of America’s most
popular and fast-growing wineries.

Fredericksburg Winery is owned and operated by the Switzer family. Wine making is 75
percent art and 25 percent science, and we like creating masterpieces. Our wines are
produced the old fashioned way – fermentation in small tanks and filling, corking and
labeling by hand. We make a complete spectrum of red and white wines: dry (unsweet),
semi-dry, medium sweet and sweet – and even one-step further – late harvest desserts.
Wait, make that two-steps further – Port and Sherry! Come do “Wine 101 (WHP)” and
get the real scoop. Visit our Web site for further explanation. Sign up for our wine club,
the “"Fight Club". Watch for more fun coming down the runway. Named one of the top
three producers in Texas by USA Today

Leelanau (Lee – La – Naw) the Indian word meaning “Delight of Life,” reflects what can
be seen traveling this Northern Michigan peninsula and is at the heart of the journey that
began in 1974 for the Jacobson family who believed this would be a perfect location to
grow grapes and produce excellent wine – thus the beginning of Leelanau Cellars.

Wine Accessories

Haley's Corker  is the World's only 5 in 1 Wine Tool:  Aerator, Filter, Pourer, Re-Corker
and Stopper. While enjoying a glass of wine, JE Haley contemplated one device to  
replace a drawer full of accessories.  A comet like flash of inspiration created the careful
engineering.  Enhance, serve, and preserve your wine with this Swiss Army Knife of
Wine Tools. All USA design and production.

My Vintage Crush. We wanted to share our passion for wine, our crush, with you by
bringing you unique recycled wine gifts, hand crafted wine art & décor made by artists
and craftsmen/woman who use their talents to express their love for wine. Most of our
products are recycled, repurposed, or retired - made from wine trappings that remain
after the wine has been enjoyed. All of our unique items are made in the U.S.A.

Wine Cellar Innovations of Ohio produces the Vintner Series Collection Designer Series
Wine Racks Wine Maker Series Collection Traditional Redwood Wine Racks Rustic Pine
Wine Racks Metal Tasting Tables Metal Wine Racks Small Wine Racks

Platypus of Washington makes the lightweight, flexible PlatyPreserve™ bottle is ideal for
outdoor use where a wine bottle would be cumbersome – and in some cases prohibited –
such as backpacking, outdoor concerts and events, and trips to the beach or park. The
re-usable bottle folds flat for easy packing and only requires a rinse between uses. It can
also be used at home to store un-finished bottles of wine, allowing one to open multiple
bottles of wine at once.
Wine Made in the USA
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