Furniture Made in the USA Directory

Bars Made in America Page
A collections of companies that make bars in the USA

Bedroom Furniture Made in the USA Click Here
On this page you will find American Made Bedroom Furniture from companies all
over the Country. Many different styles are represented

Chairs Made in America Click Here
We have built a page here consisting of companies that make chairs here is the USA.
Giving hard working Americans a place to rest their weary feet.

Children's Furniture Made in the USA
On this page we have assembled a good size collections of companies that make
American made furniture specifically for children.

Commercial Furniture Made in the USA
This category list furniture made for commercial purposes such as work stations and
restaurant furniture.

Computer Furniture and Work Stations Made in America
Furnish your work areas with American Made computer furniture and
work stations. You will find quite a few quality companies in this list

Dining Room Furniture Made in the USA
Is there a better way to end a day than sitting around an American
Made Dining room table with your family. In this directory you will
find American Made dining tables and chairs that you will want to pass
down to the next generation

Entertainment Center Furniture Made in the USA
We have a small but growing directory of American Made
Entertainment Centers. Accent your home with pride when you buy
American. Not only will it look great in your house you will feel great
about keeping Americans working.

Office Furniture Made in the USA
The list of companies that Make furniture for your office in the United State has been
growing. Please check back often as we are always adding new companies.

Occasional Furniture Made in the USA
Brighten the look of your home from our list of Occasional Furniture that is Made in
America. Beautiful for your home and your country all at the same tine

Outdoor Furniture Made in the USA Made in America
Relax outdoors in furniture that is Made in America. On this page of our directory you will
find a large selection of outdoor furniture that is made here at home in the USA.

Sofas Made in America page
Who makes a more comfortable sofa than an American Company? Not only can you
relax in your American Made Sofa you will be able to relax knowing your purchase
keeps the US strong

Tables Made in America
Online Amish Furniture We build furniture in Ohio and Indiana using old world
traditions.  All our furniture is handcrafted and built to order using North American
hardwoods.  You can pick you wood type and stain or customize your piece to
accommodate your specific needs.  Our furniture is built by Amish craftsman who
care about quality and integrity.  The Amish have been doing sustainable practices
for generations in their lives and work.  Everything from the North American trees
to using the by products to heat their homes. Steel Furniture & Art Manufacturing Company.  Please take a
moment to look at our different products that include unique types of Furniture and
Artwork.     The Steel Appeal produces, Mirrors, Beds, several types of Tables,
Desks, Bike Racks, Artwork, all kinds of Displays, Gates, Blackboards and
more…all this from Steel and Re-Claimed Wood.
Brian's Furniture  Since 1986 we support American Families manufacturing
products in the USA. We sell only Solid Wood Products, no chipboard or
fiberboard. Upholstery Lines in the USA also. Smith Brothers, Hallagan, Lancer,
Norwalk. We believe in building in America the right way. Our products last for
generations, In a sense- " Going Green"- They will never be discarded in a landfill
due to their construction. Our products can be passed on and always have a use for
someone.  Our quality is superb. We build custom, and We build American. Any
size, any wood, any way.
Steve Horn Mountain Gallery  Mostly made one at a time by individuals - furniture
for the entire home, lamps, shades, bedding, all kinds of tables, beds, desks, bars,
tv stands,  trunks, hand carved bowls, bears, moose,outdoor furniture, stone and
wood sculpture,  doors, mantels, etc. Also, art, antiques, benches, stools, leather
chairs and sofas, mirrors, jewelry, gifts, organic health and food products, natural
decor, etc.  Located on the Grand Teton Scenic Loop Road  in Tetonia, Idaho
between Island Park and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  We have been in business for
13 years with a reputation for outstanding customer service and also custom work.
We are constantly told by world travelers that we have the nicest and most unique
store that they have ever seen.
Bassett Furniture provides a wide variety of Living Room, Bedroom, and Dining
Room furniture in all styles including contemporary, leather, modern, traditional,
and more. The HGTV HOME experience has been added throughout the store to
create a fresh, creative design studio expression that highlights Bassett's unmatched
custom manufacturing capabilities. The custom upholstered sofas, sectionals, beds,
ottomans, and benches are available in more than 1000 fabrics, are delivered within
30 days, and are made in the USA.
American Theme Furniture American Theme Furniture is about the design and
manufacture of unique custom furniture. Furniture that displays your favorite
hobby or collectible. Our tables are made from American steel with American
hands. We use all types of hard woods from North America. Made in America
means a lot to us. We pride ourselves on being creative and delivering the highest
quality furniture. As a company we embrace the values of buying and supporting
local businesses
American Made Furniture Directory
The American Made Furniture industry seems to be doing well. This industry employs Americans in a wide range of jobs and pay scale. Our furniture industry did
have to fight back against cheap foreign imports. Furniture made in the USA has many advantages over the imports like time to market, cost of shipping, and
quicker response to the market. Not only is furniture that is American made a better choice for all the reasons listed above think about the other aspects of buying
domestic furniture. The carbon foot print of American made items is far smaller than imports. The factories here adhere to more stringent pollution standards and
in some cases the shipping to the market place or customer could be just a couple hundred miles instead of 6000 miles, think about it.  
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Furniture Made in the USA
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