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Soul Flower earth-loving clothing brand made in the USA

*Import Alert* Soul Flower earth-loving clothing brand made in the USA. Mindfully made with eco-friendly materials and heartfelt art, we design our threads with kind vibes from start to finish. We seek inspiration in the simplicity of everyday life – in nature and in music, in free-spirited adventures and in like-minded souls. We create clothing in a way that supports our planet, spreads a positive message, and most importantly - helps you express yourself. You can make a difference with what you wear, so share the vibe and let your Soul Flower.

*Import Alert* Please note this company also imports what they describe as "Ethically made". The decision to list them is based on 90% of their items being "Made in the USA" and this site does a very good job of identifying item by item were the item is made.

Poli Cup American Made Sippy Cup

Poli Cup American Made Sippy Cup is a mom invented product and winner of 2 awards with an innovative easy-to-clean design that prevents mold and bacteria accumulating in the valve. The valve separates in 2 pieces for fast and easy cleaning without a brush saving parents hours of cleaning time and hassle. Parents will have peace of mind knowing Poli Cup American Made Sippy Cup ensures a clean drinking cup every time and promotes overall wellness for their child. Also, the small parts will never get lost as they are secured on the inside of the lid. Babes love the easy flow that keep them hydrated all day long and the soft chew resistant spout will protect your teething tot's sensitive gums. Poli comes in 3 adorable nursery rhyme designs and are 100% made in the USA at $17.95. BPA and phthalates-free.

Solmate Socks

Solmate Socks has been designing and knitting stunning mismatched socks, hats, scarves, mittens and fingerless mittens for over fifteen years. They have continuously demonstrated their commitment to protecting the environment, the health and safety of our employees, and the businesses and communities where we do business. Solmate Socks are proudly made in America. Solmate Socks are made in a North Carolina knitting mill.

Solmate Socks are environmentally friendly because our socks are knit from the ingenious repurposing of recycled cotton yarn. Using recycled yarns means that Solmate Socks decreases the amount of cotton waste sent to landfills. Our yarns also reduce the amount of water, land use, pesticides and herbicides used to grow new cotton fibers as well as eliminates the need for harmful chemicals to dye virgin cotton yarn.

Janiebee Quilted Nap Mats

Janiebee Quilted Nap Mats. Where Sweet Dreams Begin™ Our nap mats are made in the USA with quality fabric, stitching and care. We make nap mats for every color, nap mats for every interest and even custom nap mats!

Great for day care, vacation, campling, trips to Grandma's or anytime a little nap is needed. Nap Mats by Janiebee

Cherub’s Blanket

Cherub's Blanket - Each of our products is made in the USA, and all of our organic cotton fabric has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) through their on-site inspection process.

Our heirloom quality items are manufactured without any dyes or paint. The blankets are placed in a gift box that has been specially designed for Cherub's Blanket. Each blanket is carefully wrapped in tissue, and a small card describing the benefits of organic cotton is placed inside.

American Eco Furniture - Heirloom furniture made in America

American Eco Furniture is a family owned business specializing in hand made, solid wood, heirloom furniture made in America. All materials are sourced from US suppliers and every component in our products is manufactured in the US. All of our lumber is sustainably grown in the Midwest, kiln dried and hand selected by our builders. Each piece is handmade to order and all work is done by skilled American craftsmen. We offer standard finishes and paints as well as water based, formaldehyde free finishes and paints.

Unlike mass produced imported furniture, our craftsmen hand make each piece to order and employ old world techniques such as mortise and tenon joints, dovetails and floating panels. There are no plastic parts and no nails. Our builders take pride in their craft and build with longevity in mind. Our heirloom furniture made in America is designed to be treasured for years and handed down to future generations.

As our made in the USA furniture is handmade to order, our builders can alter nearly every aspect of design. We work with our customers to create custom one-of-a-kind pieces. Offering furniture for every room in the house as well as outdoor furniture, it is easier than ever to outfit your entire home with superior quality, American made heirloom furniture. We deliver our furniture all across the continental USA and offer Free Shipping on purchases over $75.

Sticky Bibs, Ltd.

Sticky Bibs- Reusable and Disposable Self Stick Bibs Make Life Better than before! Gently and Securely "Self Sticks" onto shirts!!

On the Go Moms & Dads Just Love Using Sticky Bibs...

You will too! Comes coated with a gentle pressure sensitive adhesive. There's nothing to tie, nothing to snap, & no fuss. Best of all, there's nothing to wash!  Just pull off the protective backing & apply to shirt. That's It!

Dispose of when finished. They're soft, they're absorbent, & you can't accidentally bump it out of place like with other bibs.

• Won't slip out of place like with using ordinary cloth or those other disposables.

• Clean ups are quick and easy, -Nothing to wash.

• Soft, Gentle, Absorbent, Reusable, & Disposable.

• Certified Lab Tested to insure product safety.

• Made in the USA , Supports American jobs.

• Convenient -makes life easiest on the go.

Plus, because it's Reusable, it's Cost Effective, -you'll save more than you'll spend using other bibs! Makes Sticky Bibs a wise choice for parents!

Babee Greens

Babee Greens uses only the highest quality, eco-friendly fibers in its cloth diaper products, including 100% certified organic cotton (US Made), 55% hemp/45% organic cotton and Merino Wool (US made) made with Oeko Tex 100 certified yarn.  All products are manufactured in Asheville, N.C. using ethical and safe manufacturing standards.  We are proud to deliver the highest quality organic diaper and baby products to customers and retailers worldwide.

Here at BabeeGreens we firmly believe in keeping business local. That is why we manufacture ALL our products here in the USA. Nestled in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, each fabric product is hand cut and hand sewn by an impressive team of local seamstresses. We take much pride in being part of North Carolina's long standing textile industry and continue to do our part in the resurgence of employment in our own backyard. BabeeGreens maintains ethical and safe manufacturing standards and is proud to deliver the highest quality organic diapers and baby products to customers and retailers worldwide.

Liz and Roo Fine Baby Bedding

Liz and Roo Fine Baby Bedding offers a wide assortment of modern crib bedding designs all made with love in the USA. The luxurious quality of Liz and Roo baby bedding is achieved by sewing each piece by hand. Our signature product is the Bumperless Crib Bedding Set, featuring a crib rail cover to replace traditional bumpers. We also offer a wide selection of separates and mix and match crib bedding.


SnuggleWool is a family owned business committed to manufacturing quality, family-friendly Merino wool products for baby and home. Since 1986 SnuggleWool has been providing our customers the finest merino wool. Merino was a bred of sheep that was mainly raised in Australia and today this term refers to a clean - natural wool.  Our Wool is scoured and mixed at one of the few scouring facilities remaining in USA. We are promoting a regional industry with a smaller ecological footprint. From the coziest of baby blankets to seat covers and mattress pad, SnuggleWool has something for everyone.

TJL Enterprises

TJL Enterprises in California is the manufacturer of homeopathic medicines for relief of digestive discomfort in infants and toddlers including Colic Calm and Tummy Calm.

The Baby Safe Feeder(TM)

The Baby Safe Feeder(TM) is a safety feeding device for babies, the elderly and the physically challenged. It was invented by a father who almost lost his son due to choking on a teething biscuit. Now you can introduce fresh fruits, vegetables and foods of your choice without added salts, sugars, spices, or preservatives. Put a wedge of apple in the mesh bag and baby will make their own natural applesauce but the peel and seeds remain in the bag preventing choking. For babies from 5 months to approx. 21 months of age. Put an ice cube, frozen juice and crisp cold carrot and it becomes the perfect teether. No more teething pain medicine. The Baby Safe Feeder(TM) is the only patented feeder, has been on the market for over fourteen years and the only feeder both assembled and made in the USA. We use NO BPA, PVC (not even in our packaging), Latex or Phthalates. We use only FDA approved materials. It is Easy, Convenient and Economical.

The Action Baby Carrier

The Action Baby Carrier is both an extremely comfortable and stylish carrier. Featuring 7 print designs and 7 solid colors, you are sure to find a child carrier that fits your style. The Action Baby Carrier can be worn for front carries and back carries and supposts the option of having crossed straps. By crossing the straps in a front carry, you can have added comfort over some other brands of baby carriers.


Cuddlebee, you will find unique and stylish baby gifts. Ultra hip bibs, burp cloths, blankets and more. Created for moms who want to pamper their baby with style & luxury. Say goodbye to cloth diapers and gingham checks. We offer you fabulous fabric choices and combine them with super soft chenilles. All washable...this is where luxury meets easy care. All handmade in the USA.

Little Dribble Baby Gifts

Little Dribble Baby Gifts: baby photo albums, baby bibs, burp cloths, baby blankets, baby bodysuits, diaper covers, baby furniture, baby gift sets, nursery décor and baby keepsakes. Items can be personalized and they are all handmade in the USA.

Patemm® Pad

patemm® pad—a smart, stylish and practical solution to the diaper bag—is a patented, award- winning design that makes changing your little one quick and simple when you are on the go. The round design accommodates squirmy infants and serves as a sleek, all-in-one carrier for diapers, wipes, and even a change of clothes. The mom-invented patemm® pads have received national and international acclaim by parents, caretakers, and the media and has truly become an essential baby item. patemm® pads are quickly becoming the #1 baby shower gift!


OnTray is a mom invented, made in the USA, product that is perfect for you to contain: Snacks for young children, Coupons , Shopping lists, Small calculator, and more. OnTray effortlessly attaches to the shopping cart's handlebar allowing your child to easily feed themselves while your hands are free to shop!

Tough Traveler

Tough Traveler Manufacturing Child Carriers in the USA for 20+ years - loved by customers worldwide! "Picked by Family Travel Forum as "Favorite Child Carrier"

Soft Gear™

Soft Gear™ designs unique American-made children's products to help you gear up for your child's every moment. We are the market leader in 3-D molded, thermoplastic elastomer, antimicrobial foam products, manufactured in the United States. Soft Gear is proud to provide 100% American- made products that pass the highest international safety standards and inspections, including CPSIA and ASTM compliancy. All Soft Gear products are created to be soft, safe and fun for your little

one. With long-term durability and stylish appeal, these practical products serve as the perfect accessory for you and your child's daily routines. Whether it's playtime, dinnertime, bathtime or naptime, your family can use Soft Gear throughout the day to keep your child safe, healthy and happy as they grow.

Baby Eco Trends - American Made Baby Furniture

Baby Eco Trends - American made baby furniture is a family owned business specializing in hand made, solid wood, heirloom furniture for babies and children. Our builders source their materials from US suppliers and every component in our products is manufactured in the US. All of our lumber is sustainably grown in the Midwest, kiln dried and hand selected by our builders. Each piece is handmade to order and all work is done by skilled American craftsmen. All glues and adhesives used are water based. We offer standard finishes and paints as well as water based, formaldehyde free finishes and paints.

heirloom quality Baby Eco Trends - American Made Baby Furniture is built with safety and durability in mind. No shortcuts are taken, no nails are used and there are no plastic parts. With mortise and tenon joints, dovetailed corners and heavy gauge solid steel hardware, our baby and children's furniture is the highest quality and safest juvenile furniture available. With unique designs that can be converted as children grow, our convertible cribs can be used from infancy through to adulthood. Our children's beds, bunk beds and loft beds can be configured in an endless array of designs, creating a custom fit for any room.

In addition to furniture, we offer organic cotton mattresses and bedding, organic cotton Moses baskets and stands, lamps, and toys. We deliver our furniture all across the continental USA and offer Free Shipping on purchases over $75.

NuAngel, Inc

NuAngel, Inc.., a woman-owned business, is a U.S. manufacturer of quality nursing, infant, and health products. "Nu" in NuAngel represents the words "Nursing", "Nutrition", and "New". "Angel" represent the belief that infants are precious angels and are the most valuable gifts their parents will ever receive

Children's Clothing

Children's Clothing made in Michigan include hand knitted infant and toddler cardigan sweaters, layette sets, hats, hooded sweaters, Michigan theme onsies, outerwear and headwear.

Jacqui's Preemie Pride

Jacqui's Preemie Pride of California makes Easy On - Easy Off Preemie & Newborn Infant Clothing.Made with 100% Soft Cotton Knit - Gentle Against Babies Skin. Designed so nothing is pulled over your baby's head or face. Very easy & simple dressing.


Bamboosa's baby products are manufactured  by men and women who take pride in their work and enjoy producing high quality products here in the USA. ALL of the fabric and products sold by Bamboosa are USA Made. Our goals when we started our company were that we would make higher quality, better performing, really comfortable, longer lasting, sweatshop- free, competitively priced, American Made apparel and baby products that are a better choice for the environment. After six years of being business, we continue with those goals and hope to provide more and more American Made choices for your family. Bamboosa's fair-wage sewing facility is located in Andrews, S.C. and is a company with a small production line. Think about the people you are supporting when you buy from Bamboosa. We don't employ children and our employees work in a safe, comfortable environment for forty hours a week or less.  Striving to improve the lives of Americans, we continue to provide jobs in South Carolina.

CastleWare Baby

CastleWare Baby of California make comfy clothing and sleepware for newborns through size 6. Made with

organically grown cotton fabrics. Sleep sacks, footies, two piece pajama sets, slippers, mix and match top

and bottom sets. Made in California. Member of Green America. Enter green9 during check out for 15%

off entire order.

The Molar Muncher

The Molar MuncherTM was invented by a young mother looking for a product that combined all of the most important features of a baby teether into one inexpensive product. Although there are many teethers on store shelves, she was looking for a hands-free option that provided relief for all the teeth simultaneously, was BPA Free, single piece construction and that was made in America. Commercial distributor carrying a wide range of baby changing stations, liners, and accessories at discounted prices. All Koala Kare products are made with pride in Centennial, Colorado.

El Greco

El Greco is a family business in Jamestown, NY.  There are currently two generations involved in running the business that was started by a Greek immigrant in 1975.  We are hands-on managers, overseeing all aspects of production and design in our factories. Our intimate knowledge of raw materials and attention to quality and detail has enabled us to establish a reputation for finely-crafted products that go from the box to the bedroom floor with ease. 100% Made in USA.  Crafted entirely in our factories - from the rough lumber to the finished product.

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