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Restoria Bathtub Company

Restoria  Bathtub  Company of Mississippi manufactures acrylic/fiberglass claw-foot bathtubs. Our tubs are handmade to mimic the look of old world cast iron tubs of a 100 years ago, but are much stronger and lighter. Each Restoria unit features a Lifetime Limited Warranty and are 100% made in USA.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Made In Michigan includes a solid oak Hide-A-Roll toilet paper holder that stores 3 rolls of toilet paper; themed metal toilet paper holders to coordinate your bathroom décor;  cedar soap dishes for handmade soaps and essential oil racks for displaying/storing bottles of essential oils and roller ball holders.

Hopfer Enterprises LLC

Hopfer Enterprises LLC of Oregon. Best Ever Bath Mat, black with white specks RUBBER mat, looks like classy marble.  NO suction cups, NO mold/mildew issues and is reversible. Cleans easily in the tub, the tub will be cleaner under the mat!  17? x 36? x 1/4? 6 # mat with

rounded corners. Very comfortable for tender feet, easily seen in the tub by elderly, vision impaired and poorly lite tub areas. This will be the last mat you will ever need to buy, will last for a long time.  $24.95 with $15.00 S/H

Excel Dryer, Inc. make hand dryers in the USA

Excel Dryer, Inc., manufactures the industry's finest quality American made hand dryers and hair dryers featuring the XLERATOR® Hand Dryer! While using 80 percent less energy than conventional dryers, XLERATOR Hand Dryers dry hands completely in 8 seconds. Representing a 95% cost savings versus paper towels, and eliminating their maintenance while improving restaurant hygiene. Excel Dryer is the first hand dryer manufacturer to publish third-party, verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), and the XLERATOR® Hand Dryer helps qualify for several LEED® Credits.

1888 Mills

1888 Mills Traces their deep roots to the heritage of textile manufacturing in the United States, 1888 Mills' Griffin, Georgia towel facilities were started by a group of textile veterans with a goal of making US production a part of global strategy. While the competition decided to go

"off shore", 1888 chose o make US manufacturing an integral part of its global plan. 1888 is proud to have 200 manufacturing jobs in the US along with 58 in sales and marketing. The US mill is responsible for global research and development; manufacturing high end and specialty towels; being quick to market; as well as balancing world production. These jobs support families, build schools, provide leadership for the local community, and provide

purchasing power needed to fuel the US Economy.

The Pex Pocket Crimper A Precision Tool

The Pex Pocket Crimper A Precision Tool, Made in the USA. For permanent crimp connections with PEX tubing fittings. The Pocket Crimper crimps 3/8?, 1/2?, and 3/4? sizes in one tool. How can you go wrong with a tool that is:



Use with your own 10? Vise Grips ®

Fits into tight places

Never needs adjustment

Handy size - includes Pouch & Guage!

Why pay for more expensive tools that only crimp one size? Not to mention this is an American made tool that helps you work and other Americans too.

Genova Products, Inc PVC Building Products Made in the USA

Genova Products, Inc PVC Building Products Made in the USA. For the past 50 years Genova Products, Inc. has manufactured PVC building products in the USA. We have 4 manufacturing locations -Rensselaer, IN; Faribault, MN; Hazle Township, PA; and Sparks NV. And we have 2 distribution centers - Fort Wayne, IN and Sparks NV.

At those 4 locations we make a complete line of PVC plumbing supplies, PVC gutter products, PVC fencing products and our newest PVC system-decking. We are a true American success story - having grown from an idea to one of Americas largest suppliers of PVC building materials. We are proud to be included in your MADE IN AMERICA products list.

Pipe-Tytes, Inc. American Made Plumbing Parts

Pipe-Tytes, Inc. in making American made plumbing parts and accessories right in the State of Florida. They make a very unique device called a Toilet Kart used to move and place toilets in place. You can see a video of that product on their website.

Their site also features their Pipe-Tytes Insulators for metal studs, ET5 Metal Stud Punch, Add-A-Hanger, Suspension Clamps, Pipe Clamps. All of these are American made plumbing parts.

High Sierra Showerheads, LLC

High Sierra Showerheads, LLC The recently patented nozzle in the High Sierra shower heads is designed to break up a 1.5 stream of water (40% less water than traditional 2.5 gpm low flow heads)into a full and invigorating spray of large droplets. The spray has just the right force for rinsing long hair and is very satisfying. The other big advantage of this design is that all the water enters and exits the shower head through single orifices virtually eliminating clogging. The payback in savings (water and the energy to heat it) is usually under 3 months. All parts used to manufacture High Sierra shower heads are machined, molded, and assembled in California.

Red Land Cotton American made bedding and towels

The Red Land Cotton company make sheets and towels in the USA in a very unique way. What is unique about them you might be asking? Well they start the manufacturing process by growing their own cotton on their farm. It sounds like the name Red Land Cotton is derived from the red colored dirt the area of Alabama they are from is known for.

It appears they not only grow their own cotton but they custom gin the cotton too. This company is serious about farm to home to say the least. I believe generations ago this was very normal and I like the idea of this model returning.

Red Lands Cotton's website is very well done and easy to navigate. They let you know without searching for the information that they make all their items in the USA from their own cotton. In reviewing their site they offer bedding, towels, crib sets and several other things. We were made aware of this great patrotic compnay by one of our visitors who highly recommended it, thanks Susan.

Give them a try and see what you think.

Don't forget to also check out the other patriotic companies we have listed that made sheets in the USA.

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