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Cell Phones Made in the USA

Sadly there are currently no cell phones being produced in the USA. For a short time the first model of the Moto X was American made. The company making the Moto X was sold and the production was moved overseas immediately with about 400 jobs.

There are news reports of course in 2017 that Foxconn will be building a factory in the USA to create either Apple phones or at least components. If you are aware of any cell phone company we may have missed please let us know.


CelJel is the perfect smart device stand or holder. It's soft, heavy and "grippy". You can set your iPhone, Droid, BlackBerry, Android phone, iPod, Zune or just about any smart device on it.  It is simply the best iPhone stand, Android stand, BlackBerry stand or device holder on the market today! CelJel will gently hold your device at any angle you choose depending on room lighting or glare, etc. CelJel allows you to pick up and put down your phone any time, quickly and easily. You don't need to clamp it in, just set it down, pick it up, set it down, etc.  It's perfect for web browsing, listening to music, watching YouTube, Slingbox, FLO TV or movies on your device. CelJel is also great for simply propping up your phone anytime you

want to be able to see who's calling. Set your phone on it at night to use as a nightstand phone base or your Mp3 player for a bedside music player/alarm clock. Put a CelJel in any room of your house and make your cell phone your house phone.  CelJel is Made in the USA which not only helps us control the quality but also does a small part to help employ Americans!


Thought-Out [thawt-out], adjective Produced by or showing the results of much thought: a carefully thought-out design. Founded in New England in 2004, Thought Out is a motivated company that strives to create great products in the USA and believes that innovation never ends. Thought Out makes accessories to meet any growing technological need. For today and the future, we are here to design the best, highest-rated products in a competitive industry. Beginning with the PED (formerly iPed), our goal was to create iPod docks and stands that you can be proud to display on your desk, which are inspired by today's most desirable portable electronics. While not limited to the design cues of Apple products, Thought Out products reflect the innovation, beauty, and allure in much the same way. Style and function are always at the forefront; therefore, products with not as broad a range are given the same energy and effort as those that are produced in high quantities. When a product does something simple and useful for a select few, but performs well, it is greatly appreciated. While we realize that certain merchandise may have a smaller focus, all product development is given equal attention. Our simplistic, yet elegant products are designed with a specific goal in mind, leaving no detail too small for any consumer. All of the PED-estals are made of uniquely formed steel with a powder hardcoat finish, which complement and give each PED a high-quality look. Now producing PED, PED2, PED3, PEDn, and FlexPED, there is a dock or stand alternative for virtually any iPod, iPhone, or other portable devices. Thought Out has been involved in the world of podcasting and WEB 2.0 (new media), and iS cited as one of the first advertisers to sponsor a show when podcasting was in its infancy. New media resources have always been in the spotlight of the company, as evident by efforts with Flickr, MySpace, Twitter, podcasting, and countless others. With only American design, materials, and labor, all of the products are proudly produced within the United States, while maintaining a competitive edge.

Clear-Coat Scratch Protection

Clear-Coat Scratch Protection Clear-Coat Scratch Protection is an American manufacturer of screen protectors and full body covers for thousands of mobile devices. Our products are proudly designed and manufactured in our Philadelphia facility. Check out our website to see our full lineup of screen protectors, full body skins, and decorative covers for your cell phone or tablet.

Custom Products Manufacturing Inc.

Custom Products Manufacturing Inc. We are a manufacturer of non-apparel sewn products, such as gear bags, backpacks and numerous other items made of nylons and corduras. Custom Products Manufacturing, Inc. is 30+ year old manufacturer specializing in custom design and production of high-quality sewn products. Located in Van Nuys, CA, our 10,000 square foot manufacturing and research and development facility is equipped with modern computer equipment. We offer complete turnkey product development, manufacturing and distribution, or we can fulfill a portion of your company's needs. Everything we make for your project is proudly made in the USA.

First American Plastic Molding Enterprise

First American Plastic Molding Enterprise was established in 1993 as a joint venture between the Mississippi Band of the Choctaw Indians (51 percent owners) and Quad Inc. (49 percent owners). This qualifies First American as a Certified Minority Business Enterprise. We have the level of expertise that you expect from a superior quality vendor. Our total workforce of approximately 150 includes 14 cross-functional management team members with more than 300 years of combined molding experience. First American operates two facilities in the United States . Our enterprise headquarters is in South Beloit , Illinois , a 39,000-sq.-ft. facility that is located 75 miles northwest of Chicago at the Wisconsin border. Our Ocean Springs, Mississippi , facility covers 22,000 sq. ft. and is near Biloxi on the Mississippi Gulf coast. Because of these centrally located facilities — one in the north and one in the South — First American's footprint is ideal from a logistics and freight stand point, allowing us to capture economies of scale and pricing advantages — as well as be closer to your plants and end-users.

Triangle Manufacturing Triangle Manufacturing

Triangle Manufacturing pairs creative engineering, technical know-how and advanced automation to produce high-quality, economically-priced bearings, motor mounts, linkages, oil cups, shaft collars, lazy susan bearings and specialty products. Around the globe, customers in automotive, cabinetry, display, hardware, HVAC, manufacturing, and solar markets turn to Triangle for economically priced, high-quality products

Mogul Manufacturing

Mogul Manufacturing ‘OEM – Your Product, Your Label, Our Pleasure'™.Mogul Manufacturing is the Original Equipment Manufacturer for some of the largest names in the entertainment industry.  From design to manufacture, our reliable product lines are entrusted with protecting delicate and exacting equipment around the world.  Outside of the entertainment industry, our products can be found protecting and transporting expensive electronic equipment and valuable items that our clients can't afford to be without. Our custom products are MADE IN THE USA.  Not only is this a source of pride for everyone at Mogul Manufacturing, but it means that our clients can rely on our quality assurance, ease of communication, and our always being available for all of our client's needs.  In the fast-paced entertainment world, availability is everything; we bring that commitment to your needs as well. Mogul Manufacturing understands today's business climate; therefore, we also offer group pricing for smaller business clients, and have designed and implemented ‘co-op-styled' purchasing for some of our franchise-owner clients. Distance is not an issue!  Our long-standing relationships with major shipping companies allow us to be meet-or-beat even your local manufacturing facilities prices even with shipping costs.

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