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Fulton Industries Inc.

Fulton Industries Inc. is located in Northwest Ohio As one of the largest flashlight manufacturers in the U.S., Fulton produces a complete line of heavy-duty, industrial, consumer, government and military flashlights. Fulton also manufactures safety approved, waterproof, specialty inspection and portable bow and stern lights for the marine market

Tektite brand lights

Tektite brand lights are made in the U.S.A. and feature HIGH-TEK™ lamps, Engineering-grade polymers, computer-designed reflectors and other features that makes Tektite the best choice when quality, reliability and performance is required.


Maglite Every single production employee on the Mag Instrument payroll lives and works in the U.S.A.; and it has always been that way. Of course, Mag does employ sales personnel in the other regions of the world where Mag® flashlights are sold; but all of Mag's flashlight production facilities, and all of its production employees, are in the U.S.A.

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