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Green Earth Technologies American Made Green Motor oil

Green Earth Technologies American Made Green Motor oil. At Green Earth Technologies they are "purpose" driven. With a belief that American consumers have lost confidence in big business, conscious capitalism strives to be a wake-up call for free enterprise to return to its innovative and empowering roots.

As you probably already know there are very few "green" products available on the shelves for people who are willing to "do their part". For many years those products that were available were either not really green, too expensive or maybe didn't work. The goal at GET over the years was to provide a comparable "green" product at comparable price VS traditional products within in the same category designation to demonstrate whether or not consumers would choose the "green" choice. We even coined the phrase which became our motto "SAVE THE EARTH – SACRIFICE NOTHING" meaning that consumers and customers alike should not have to give up value or performance when choosing to go "green". We proved this as we gained and maintained distribution within our country's largest retailers and, through our efforts, made "green" the LOGICAL CHOICE.

At Green Earth Technologies you will find some of the most earth friendly motor oils ever made, that work and are affordable. Not only will you find American made green motor oils but also small engine oils, bar and chain oil and Penetrating Lubricant oil.

Do yourself and Earth a favor and use products made by purpose driven people. The products are American made environmentally preferred lubricants and cleaning products that allows concerned consumers who care about the environment and American energy independence to do their part without sacrificing value or performance. Save the Earth - Sacrifice Nothing®.

AW would like to thank Michael D. for bringing this company to our attention.

AW dedicates this listing to our Green friend Catherine of the Golden State.


Preserve Purposeful Plastics. Since our founding in 1996, Preserve has sought to offer a new way of thinking about the everyday products we use. After all, products are more than just products. They have implications and effects far beyond the box or bag they come in. Each one carries a cost. Preserve offers better products—ones that look good, do their job well and require no compromise from our customers or our planet.

Plastics have radically transformed the kinds of products available for use in our daily lives, from cars to cell phones to cups to candy wrappers—but they're also curious and sometimes confusing materials. From our first days as a company, we have used only recycled plastic to make our Preserve products. We use plastic because it is a widely available and useful material. And more importantly, by using only recycled plastics, we keep them from piling up in landfills, we save resources like energy and water, and we reduce carbon emissions and other impacts.

Plastics are coded with numbers 1-7, not to categorize which plastics are more or less benign or recyclable, but simply to differentiate them.

Kitchen Products Include:

Food Storage

Measuring Cups

Mixing Bowls


Cutting Boards

Tableware includes:




Oral Care products includes:


tooth picks

Tongue Cleaners

All of our products are made in the USA*.

We choose to manufacture here because:

Most of our retailers are in the USA; we can ship products shorter distances, which reduces our carbon footprint.

We believe in the power and talent that drives US manufacturing. We can control the quality and purity of our plastics, thereby ensuring their safety for our customers.

Please note Preserve makes razors, however the razors are assembled in Mexico.


Polarmax® With aggressive fabric development and product testing, a strong green story, and a completely vertical business structure, it is no wonder that Polarmax® is one of the nation's top base layer apparel manufacturers.

These days, there are not too many companies that have made the commitment to R&D, knitting, finishing, cutting, sewing, and distribution in the U.S.A.

Our employees live and work in North Carolina. We hire only the best craftspeople to manufacture our products, using the finest fabrics, flat seam technologies and sewing techniques. We are a completely vertical manufacturer. No, that doesn't mean we all work standing up. It does means our products are totally engineered, made and distributed by us. And we do it all right here in the U.S.A.

We are proud to say, "We are 100% made in the U.S.A." So raise a flag and get outdoors.


HYPERCLASH designed by Paloma Navarrete and established in 2004. HYPERCLASH original limited edition eco clothing.

Featuring rough, worn and haphazard styling that represents an earthy and honest reflection of life. Clothing made from reclaimed, organic, sustainable or fair trade earth friendly materials, handmade in the u.s.a.

At HYPERCLASH we are driven to do everything possible to minimize our ecological footprint. By creating clothing from reclaimed materials, our business minimizes its impact on the environment, while maintaining innovative, cutting edge fashion that is the HYPERCLASH trademark. We use a vertically integrated business model which minimizes the use of sub-contractors and offshore labor. Sewing, photography, marketing distribution and design all happen in our Taos, New Mexico studio. HYPERCLASH leverages art, design and technology to advance the business process, while continuing to pioneer industry standards of social and environmental responsibility in the workplace.

Babee Greens

Babee Greens uses only the highest quality, eco-friendly fibers in its cloth diaper products, including 100% certified organic cotton (US Made), 55% hemp/45% organic cotton and Merino Wool (US made) made with Oeko Tex 100 certified yarn.  All products are manufactured in Asheville, N.C. using ethical and safe manufacturing standards.  We are proud to deliver the highest quality organic diaper and baby products to customers and retailers worldwide.

Here at BabeeGreens we firmly believe in keeping business local. That is why we manufacture ALL our products here in the USA. Nestled in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, each fabric product is hand cut and hand sewn by an impressive team of local seamstresses. We take much pride in being part of North Carolina's long standing textile industry and continue to do our part in the resurgence of employment in our own backyard. BabeeGreens maintains ethical and safe manufacturing standards and is proud to deliver the highest quality organic diapers and baby products to customers and retailers worldwide.

Pacific Sands, Inc.

At Pacific Sands, Inc. we help you simplify your life, naturally.

We are makers of household and commercial cleaners and spa chemicals that work as well or better than national brands, but are eco-friendly, biodegradable and healthy for you and your family.

Our product line-up includes:

Oxy-Boost ultra-concentrated oxygen bleach stain eliminator

Natural Choices green cleaners that make your house sparkle.

Ecoone hot tub chemicals that leave your water crystal clear and your skin silky smooth and baby-soft! (If you have a spa you HAVE to try Ecoone. You'll be amazed!)

Great for people with allergies, sensitive skin, or multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome.

We welcome visitors to our 100,000 sq. ft. office and manufacturing facility in Kenosha, WI.

CozyPure Organic Bedding

CozyPure Organic Bedding We take great pride in the workmanship and the natural components which goes into each and every natural and organic mattress made by CozyPure®. Every detail from start to finish represents our high-quality standards to produce the finest natural mattresses available in North America.

American Recycled Products

American Recycled Products of Ohio, California, Illinois, Wisconsin makes a large selection of products for indoor and outdoor recycling/waste applications. All products incorporate recycled content into the manufacturing process. Plastic lumber, metal and plastic containers with large choice of openings, labeling and colors to enhance your recycling program. Additional products include parking lot signs, wheel stops and curbs, rubber mulch, benches, message centers and dog waste stations.

USA Soy Solutions

USA Soy Solutions Your source for biobased lubricants and greases. Our products are based on exclusive Biotechbased technology, formulated with renewable, biodegradable USA-grown vegetable oils. These lubricants, greases, and metalworking fluids are environmentally friendly and meet or exceed industry standards.

English Retreads

English Retreads of Colorado turns recycling into a bold fashion statement with eco-chic handbags and accessories handcrafted in Boulder, Colorado. In 2001 Heather English had a predicament; she was searching for a new handbag that was stylish and eco-friendly – a lofty request at the time. While some people get their best ideas in the shower, Heather got hers while floating down Boulder Creek on an inner tube. "It occurred to me that this inner tube could be made into the handbag I'd been dreaming of." English Retreads hit the road in 2002. English Retreads re-purposes inner tubes collected from local truck stops. "We want to provide consumers with an opportunity to make sustainable fashion choices without compromising style or quality." The purpose of English Retreads is to continue to deepen our commitment as a Triple Bottom Line company (people, planet, profit) as we provide consumers with fashionable products which have a low impact on the environment.


Lindenbrooke specializes in re-manufactured inkjet and toner cartridges that are STRICTLY  produced in the USA by USA workers. We do not Re-fill our own cartridges, all of our products are  ISO:9001 and STMC certified. Our inkjet and toner cartridges are produced in state of the art facilities right here in the USA. We also carry the greenest laser toner cartridge on the market, Soyprint. Soy print's toner is derived from soy bean oil, soy beans that are grown in the USA. It is a fully renewable, non-petroleum product. Everyone print's black, now you can print green with Soyprint. Go green today with our Eco-friendly inkjet and toner cartridges. We offer free shipping on all orders over $29.99 in the USA. And a super low shipping rate of $2.99 on all orders under $29.99 We also donate a portion of all proceeds to a cause of your choice, please see our donation page for more details

Polly Products

Polly Products We are proud to supply an environmentally responsible product to the marketplace. A product that provides a durable alternative to other materials that rob our environment of our valuable natural resources is a Polly Product. "Green Products for a Green World" is our contribution to the saving of our planet. "Quality", "recycled", and "designed to endure" are words synonymous with Polly Products. We not only manufacture all of our recycled plastic components, our craftsmen create and fabricate products that are shipped worldwide. If you are in the marketplace for tables, benches and related products look no further we have them. Many of our products have components pre assembled to save you our customers time and money. They all have fully illustrated step by step easy assembly instructions.The decorative table frames found on our Green Scapes and Café tables are designed for ease of assembly and truly are superior in quality and design.

Bio Green Clean

At Bio Green Clean, we believe chemical-free living starts at home and then extends to the world around us. That's why we've developed a revolutionary cleaner to easily, precisely and safely break down and eliminate dirt without harming people, pets or the environment. Derived from plant goodness (see ingredients), Bio Green Clean will dramatically reduce cleaning time and will make everything sparkle! We promise you that you have never used a cleaning product so effective. Safe for you, your children, your pets and Mother Earth! Bio Green Clean, Inc., is located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Recycled wine products

Recycled wine products help bring wonderful memories of your favorite vineyard home. We have a wonderful selection of recycled wine gifts. They make an elegant addition to your wine home decor. This stunning recycled art makes it easy to recycle and is proudly made in the USA! Have you ever wondered what happens to old grapevines or wine barrels after they are retired? What better way to save them from our land fills or becoming fire wood then by creating stunning grapevine furniture and beautiful wine barrel furniture and accessories for your home or business. We also have other eco friendly products that are made from recycled materials for distinguished accent pieces.

Loll Designs

Loll Designs "By purchasing Loll's sustainable outdoor furniture you are making a consumer statement and showing your commitment to green products and green business practices"

Johnson Paper's

Johnson Paper's Reliance & Verigood Absorbent Papers: Fragrance Absorbers, Desk Blotters, Half-

Tone Printable Blotters, Coaster Papers, Medical Testing Papers, 50% Recycled, Made In USA

Green Toys Inc

Green Toys Inc. Announces the World's First Bioplastic Toys, 100% Made in USA!!

Garrett Specialties

Garrett Specialties Earth Friendly Made in the USA Promotional Products

Elephant Bark Rubber

Elephant Bark Rubber is designed to withstand the most abrasive conditions.  Made from 100%

recycled rubber, it is designed for commercial applications with heavy foot traffic. What is the difference between Eco-Friendly and Organic Clothing? When a garment is labeled Eco-Friendly it is first speaking to the renewability of the product. Renewable resources are items that can be replenished in a relatively short amount of time (as opposed to millennia). The second factor is the ecological footprint of the resource - how much land (usually measured in acres) it takes to bring one of the individuals (plants or animals) to full growth and support it. The third thing to consider in determining the eco-friendliness of a particular product is how many chemicals it requires to grow/process it to make it ready for market. At All USA Clothing we carry a blend of Bamboo/Cotton garments that meet these rigourous standards. Bamboo is a highly renewable grass, and it is probably this property that has resulted in its being classified as "eco-friendly". It also has natural antibacterial properties and the fabric "breathes". The resultant cloth is biodegradable. is a family owned business dedicated to selling Earth Friendly Products that are made in the USA. We all know that recycling is important, but purchasing products made with recycled materials completes the recycling loop. Our mission at is to provide you with a unique shopping experience where you have access to hundreds of unique Green gift ideas. Find Green products that include furniture, décor, garden, pet and jewelry all 100% made in the USA.

These Green Products are created from bicycle parts, silverware, circuit boards and nuts and bolts. We have fabulous items created using glass bottles, wine barrels, snow skis, milk jugs, corks and grapevines. Going Green is easy when there are so many amazing recycled products available!

Poly-Wood, Inc

Poly-Wood, Inc "Once destined for landfills, milk jugs are transformed into recycled plastic lumber used to create our casual outdoor furniture. Poly-Wood is premium outdoor furniture made in Syracuse, Indiana, USA."

Obrien Inc

Obrien Inc of Colorado makes OlovesM Eco-Friendly bags are created from yoga mats and other materials that are new, but headed for landfills. We have repurposed them into amazing bags! Made in Colorado, we have created jobs for home sewers. We also love a good story and that is how we got our start! Head to the site to check us out

Green Guru

Green Guru Feel good about your adventurous lifestyle by upcycling old bike inner tubes, wetsuits, climbing ropes, and banners so our sewing ninjas may build you the most exciting eco- adventure gear such as backpacks, messenger bags, bike bags, duffels and accessories. All of our gear is proudly made in the USA surpassing environmentally and social standards.

Clothes Made From Scrap, Inc.

Clothes Made From Scrap, Inc. We manufacture and market a line of clothing and accessories made from recycled plastic soda bottles and reclaimed cotton. We also offer 100% US made US fabric organic cotton T-shirts in natural. Every product that CMFS manufactures has a direct impact on safeguarding our environment.

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