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Smart Mouth Lip Treatment

Smart Mouth Lip Treatment is not your normal lip balm! In fact, we don't even call it a lip balm – it's a lip treatment stick. It does not have the waxy consistency of a lip balm. Instead, it adds your daily dose of vitamin E/A/C, Aloe, and Comfrey in one magical step that melts into your lips, leaving them oh-so-soft and ready for action. Perfect for wearing under lipstick or lip gloss. Put it on before you go to bed to wake up with younger, softer lips. This original formula has no color or flavor, just crazy softness!

Merle Norman Cosmetics

At Merle Norman Cosmetics, we believe in "in" sourcing. From a humble kitchen in California, Merle Norman Cosmetics started as, and continues to be, an American company. For us, "Made in the USA" is not just a cliché. It is a literal translation of who we are. Founded by an American born and bred woman who paved the way for female entrepreneurship, we are a family-run business. We opened our first Studio (franchise location) in sunny Santa Monica and built facilities in both California and Tennessee. We employ nearly 500 U.S. workers to research, develop, manufacture and package our own line of skin care and color products. To ensure optimum quality control, we house our own Research & Development department on the premises of our headquarters in Los Angeles. Using state-of-the-art technology and the finest ingredients available, we take pride in developing unique, high-quality products that address the needs of today's consumers while also presenting a broad line of color cosmetics for today's fashionable consumers. We are proud that our formulas are made right here in the U.S., along with the compacts, jars, bottles, caps and tubes in which our great products are packaged. While we may source a component from overseas, we design our line so that all product and manufacturing of the finished good is done here in the U.S. Except for a few select items such as sponges, puffs, pumps and pencils which are specialized items made overseas, we are 100% American made. That authenticity is beyond comparison in this industry.

Bren New York Cosmetics and Skincare

Bren New York Cosmetics and Skincare of New York. Discover your look with Bren Cosmetics. Our stylish makeup and skincare rival the world's top designer brands and includes: anti-aging, bath and body, cosmetics / makeup, functional skin correctors, skin care and special spa treatments. All of our products are made in the USA.

*****Please confirm that products purchased from this site are in fact American Made before you order. Last time this site was checked they lacked a good display of American made on their site******

Gourmet Body Treats

Gourmet Body Treats of Texas make only organic, vegan, cruelty free, 100% non-toxic cosmetics and skin care products. We are located in New Braunfels, Texas where we use local farmers for our products. We are family owned and have been for the past 10 years!

L.A. Minerals

L.A. Minerals was founded in 2007 in the midst of the recession. We are a family run company and truly believe in supporting other American business'. All of our cosmetic manufacturing is in house, in the USA. Our jars are even made in the USA, by Colt Plastics, a very old company most famously known for gun manufacturing. We manufacture foundation, veil, concealer, blush, bronzers, lip balm, and other color enhancer products. While some of the minerals are only available outside the U.S., we do look for sources first in the States before looking elsewhere.

Neoteric Cosmetics, Inc.

Neoteric Cosmetics, Inc. is a proud American Manufacturer of Anti-wrinkle skin creams, anti-aging wrinkle creams, anti-wrinkle eye cream, alpha hydroxy acid skin care products, moisturizing body washes, alpha hydroxy acid body lotion... Anti-blemish skin care... Diabetes skin care cream... Natural, organic massage & bath oils... All natural hair, skin & bath products... Exclusive grooming & skin care products for women and men, all skin types and all skin colors. Whatever your skin care needs, Neoteric Cosmetics offers an array of innovative, effective, extremely affordable products for all ages, skin types & sexes.

The FootMate® System

The FootMate® System by Gordon Brush Foot care is a daily challenge, but the Podiatrist recommended FootMate® System makes optimal foot health easy. It is a complete foot care system for cleaning, soothing, stimulating, and massaging your feet every time you shower. The FootMate® System is a brush and specially formulated gel, that goes in the bath or shower to clean and massage your feet without having to bend over.  The product is great for the elderly, anyone with back problems, pregnant women, athletes, people that have trouble bending or seeing their feet while showering or bathing, or anyone wanting a soothing, stimulating way to clean and massage their feet in the shower.  The product is currently endorsed by the 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist/2012 Olympic Silver Medalist in the 100M hurdles, Dawn Harper. The FootMate's wide, gentle inner bristles massage your tender soles, while the stiffer outer bristles smooth rough skin and calluses, and stimulate circulation. The contoured bristles, shaped to cradle the foot, creates a stimulating massage and extra cleaning power for both the bottom and sides of your feet. With circulation stimulated, your feet will feel great.  The FootMate® System is the ultimate foot massage and the perfect way to pamper your tired, aching feet.  Refresh, Restore, Renew!™…

Medi-Rub Corporation

Medi-Rub Corporation of California Medi-Rub® Corporation is celebrating 34 years of manufacturing our foot and body massagers in America. This accomplishment and our success stems from value and integrity of the product, and the endorsement of the medical industry.  The company was founded by Yolanda Holly and has a single manufacturing facility located in the beautiful west coast, San Clemente, California.  The state of the art motor was designed to promote the maximum amount of blood circulation in the least amount of time. The Medi-Rub ®massagers, are one of a kind, non invasive and built for strength and durability. Although, the foot massager was originally designed for people with Diabetes, to aid with blood circulation and treatment of peripheral neuropathy, it brings fast relief to millions of Americans with achy feet and sore muscles. With a strong national distribution network, we are proud of our long standing commitment and loyalty to keep America working. REMEMBER, if it doesn't say Medi-Rub®…IT ISN'T!!

Zendulum Foot Massager

Zendulum Foot Massager Tired feet? Here's some help. The Zendulum Foot Massager is specifically designed to help relax and soothe aching feet and muscles. Our solid-steel, USA manufactured foot roller is ideal for use in the home, office, or at rehabilitation facilities. All design, components, and manufacturing are proudly done in the USA. Shop local

American Eyewear Eyeglasses Made in the USA

American Eyewear Eyeglasses Made in the USA is located in Nashville. They manufacture eyeglass frames for men and women. Many of the steps in the manufacturing process are done by hand by their craftsmen, which shows up in the excellent quality. The designs are both contemporary and traditional. The prices are competitive. The frames are sold in private optometrists offices and optical boutiques around the country. A list of providers can be found on their website.

Eyeglasses is also one of those industries that was impacted by low cost imports. This is one company that is fighting back because as they put it. "I wanted to return to classic American manufacturing and NASH is the highest quality you can get! But at a price that won't break the bank. And best of all you are supporting American workers." - Nash Montgomery offers stylish, designer brands and many American made frames. Please use the filter to sort choices Made in the USA as they do offer others

Capital Eyewear

Capital Eyewear of California is an independent eyewear design and manufacturing studio. All our glasses are handmade in the USA by skilled craftsmen with outstanding attention to detail. Find out more at

Mikios Natural Body Scrub

Mikios Natural Body Scrub is a small company based in Georgia that makes 100% natural homemade salt body scrubs in five flavors: Peppermint, Coconut, Strawberry, Vanilla and the company signature flavor called Tropical Yummy. The body scrubs are high quality, 100% natural, and affordable. Body scrubs are very effective with healing dry skin, stretch marks and scars, flushing out toxins, reducing inflammation, removing dead skin, and more. While there are several salt body scrub companies on the market, few offer 100% natural ingredients for the same price, quality, and quantify as Mikios Natural Body Scrub LLC. The product is made in America

Oliver Ridge Company American made men’s grooming company

Oliver Ridge Company is an American made men's grooming company with a focus on quality small batch goods. Our selection of skin and hair products are made of all natural, organic oils and ingredients. We field test every batch to ensure they stand up the quality and craftsmanship of the Oliver Ridge Company name.

Hawaiian Body Products & Ola Tropical Apothecary American Made

Hawaiian Body Products & Ola Tropical Apothecary American Made skin care products is a family owned and operated business in Hawaii since 2005. We are committed to creating premium Hawaiian inspired products at the source, in Hawaii.

Ola means "life force" and "wellbeing" in Hawaiian. Ola products are the ultimate in body and skin care and synonymous with natural tropical luxury!

Ola Tropical Apothecary formulations are based on ancient Polynesian plant wisdom while reflecting sophisticated formulas, authentically combining carefully harvested local botanicals with synergy and modern technology to create luxury tier body and skin care products to maintain healthy, radiant and youthful skin naturally!

Ola products are potent and pure. We personally hand craft every product in small batches, using mindfully wild crafted, and locally grown organic and natural ingredients.

Ola's retail products include a wide range of natural products in travel and full sizes.

Body Lotions

Body Butters

Body Polishes

Bath Salts

Body Washes

Hydrating Herbal Body Mists



Sun Recovery lotion & Soak

Lip Moisturizers

Foot Scrub

Massage and Body Oils

Lomi Sticks

Gift Sets

Home Fragrances

Ola Tropical Apothecary products and services provide exceptional alternative organic and natural options for the Spa and "At Home Spa" experience!

Find our products on our website or at better spas, salons and specialty boutiques in Hawaii and exclusive North American locations.

By supporting Ola Tropical Apothecary you support a multitude of small farmers & businesses and a company that is responsible, sustainable and transparent.

The Lotion Company American Made Lotion

The Lotion Company American Made Lotion. Our American made lotion is better than others because we make it with high quality ingredients. We start our lotion with the four most important components. The first is Aloe Vera, which has a cooling effect on skin while moisturizing. Second comes the Glycerin derived from plants that builds a barrier locking in moisture. That is followed up with Macadamia Nut oil that supplements that natural oil in skin for protection promoting softness. And last but not least the naturally antiviral and anti-inflammatory Sesame Seed oil producing skin tone.

The Lotion Company American Made Lotion products come from an old Dutch family recipe and is hand crafted. Our American made lotion is available in several sizes in ten wonderful varieties. You will love any of our collection which includes Dahlia Blossom, Free & Clear, Baby Powder, Kiwi Mango, Lavender, Spring Cherry, Sweet Brown Sugar, Sweet Pea, Vanilla Bean, and Vanilla Bean with Bronzer.

The Lotion company also offers fundraising opportunities for schools, clubs and organizations which fifty percent of sales goes to your fundraiser. We provide you with comprehensive support during your campaign, with attractive promotional materials and easy order forms along with and fundraising safety tips. We cap it all off when we deliver quickly with each order pre-sorted for each seller, making your job easy.

How about a private label program to make your special events even more special. What ever you are celebrating we can help. Use our made in the USA Lotion to create memories, one scent at a time, with our specialty private labels. Whether it is a wedding, shower, 1st birthday, graduation, Sweet 16, Bar Mitzvah, or themed/holiday parties bring us along with your special wishes for each guest.


Thrive Nutritional Supplement

Thrive Nutritional Supplement. What is Thrive? It's impossible to sum up in one word, but if I had to try I'd say, "EMPOWERMENT"! What is your goal? If it is to lose weight, be in the best shape of your life, or just be the best you can be, join the the 8-Week THRIVE journey to get you THRIVIN' in every aspect of your life! During the Thrive journey, benefit from premium support and experience improvements in the areas of:

Weight Management

Cognitive Performance

Digestive & Immune Support

Healthy Joint Function

Lean Muscle Support

Calms General Discomfort

Age-Defying & Antioxidant Support

THRIVE is rather difficult to explain, and perplexing to describe. It truly is something that can only be experienced. All products are 100% made in the USA.

Go to: The Thrive site, click on the [CUSTOMER] tab and create your account. You will not receive any spam emails and there is no obligation to purchase. If you'd like account set-up assistance or have any questions, please email us at If you would like to speak with a consultant, please send an email and include your phone number. We will respond within 24hrs.

Sign up and feel amazing again! Give us eight weeks and get your life back. You won't be disappointed!

Dionis Goat Milk Skincare made in the USA

Dionis Goat Milk Skincare made in the USA. Dianis was founded in 1982, as a small soap making business and has since grown into a thriving national bath and body care company making products in America.

Dionis today, we have expanded well beyond soap to include a wide range of products infused with botanicals, essential oils and vitamins to nourish all skin types. Our tried and true formulations emphasize natural ingredients and minimize preservatives. Although the company has expanded over the years, we still make Dionis products the same way we always have, in small batches with strict attention to quality and detail, right here in Bucks County, Pennsylvania!

Frank Beauty Inc American Made Hair Products

Frank Beauty Inc is a small, handcrafted men's haircare line that's appropriate for all hair types. Our products are designed to be everything you need to keep your hair healthy and looking good. Made in small batches and carefully curated, we are committed to bringing you a no nonsense approach to having really good hair.

The company was started by a hairdresser who, after working 25 plus years behind the chair, decided he wanted to create his own haircare line that offered something different. The products are all unique formulas (using high quality ingredients) that aren't copies of anything else. Absent of fancy perfumes, huge marketing budgets and ridiculous promises, the goal was to simply "make good stuff that works".

We also wanted to do it the right way. Frank Beauty Inc is committed to supporting AMERICAN MANUFACTURING and to give a FIXED AMOUNT of each product sold to local charities. Each of the products, with the exception of the combs (made in Switzerland by craftsmen who earn a livable wage) are made in the United States of America. As our label states, 'the product, the jar it's in and the label your reading we're all made in the USA'. We are a small, socially conscious company.

Of course we can't promise that you'll love our products, but we can can promise that they're different then anything else you've used. Whether it's SLAPDASH, a unique 'dry pomade' that quickly acquired a cult like following, DRAGGLE, a revolutionary formula that reinterprets the old petroleum based pomades, BOOST, a light hairdressing that can be used in so many different ways, or HACKLE & BRACER, a 2 in 1 (shampoo + conditioner) that actually works (really well) and is all you need to get clean, hydrated, tangle free hair. We worked really hard on these products. We hope you like them.

Satin Serenity

In 2004, we decided to share our family beauty secret with the world and launched our women-owned small business, Satin Serenity. As a hair stylist to some of the most famous actresses during Hollywood's Golden Age, Great Aunt Amy recommended sleeping on a satin pillowcase to maintain the beautiful hair and skin of her elite clientele. For three generations and nearly half a century, our family has made satin pillowcases for our own personal comfort and anti-aging benefits. After receiving numerous requests from others who wanted the same high quality satin pillowcases, and after years of making them as gifts for friends and family, we decided it was time to offer our top beauty secret to everyone. Known for reducing hair damage, minimizing sleep lines on the face, and maintaining moisture balance in the hair and skin, Satin Serenity Pillowcases are now top sellers in spas, salons and retail boutiques nationwide. Recommended by top beauty experts from hair stylists to cosmetic surgeons, our pillowcases, which are made with the highest quality Peau de Soie satin, have been featured in numerous magazines and beauty blogs, and given as corporate and VIP gifts. We have expanded our line of comfort and beauty sleep items to also include satin travel pillows, luxury travel kits, throw blankets, aromatherapy eye pillows, and luxury linens for spa treatment tables. We are excited to also offer silk pillowcases and travel pillows, launching the beginning of 2017. Our entire line of luxury sleep products can be purchased online at

Dakota Free Products

Dakota Free Products is a family owned, USA farm based company. Allergen specific products, all natural, gluten free skincare, baby & spa products without perfumes, alcohols, latex, parbens or phlatates. Our products also cater to people who have allergies, autism, celiac disease, chemical sensitivities or troubled skin.

Nel-Tech Labs

Nel-Tech Labs make the iScent2 is an intelligent easy-to-use scenting system utilizing advanced microprocessor controlled fragrance oil level, pump & atomizing diffuser technology. This system can be used in a wide range of applications from retail point-of-purchase displays to entice a product purchase to patient waiting rooms to calm occupants.

iScent2 Product Features Local & remote unit management Covers up to 30,000 sq. ft. Optional wired or wireless connectivity, Compatible with most HVAC systems, Customizable backlit LCD screen, Tactile feel membrane overlay keys, Powder coated metal unit construction, Shelf or wall mountable, 5-year parts and labor warranty, Designed and manufactured in the USA


MammaMichal's Freshly Made Body Care Products is husband and wife owned and operated. Our products are made from freshly harvested, home grown and pesticides free, flowers and herbs along with certified organic essential oils and other natural ingredients. ?All of our products do NOT contain any alcohol, detergents, artificial color, synthetic perfumes, factory-made preservatives or petrochemicals. NONE of our products, or the ingredients they're made from have been tested on animals. Our products are genuinely all natural and animal cruelty free! We grow most of the herbs and flowers in our garden. Whatever we're unable to do/grow ourselves, we procure from our trusted suppliers here in the USA

Rock Hill Estate

Rock Hill Estate was founded to promote beauty, health and well being by creating the purest and most natural essentials, for you and your home, using the finest and most versatile herb, Lavender.

Dakota Free Products

Dakota Free Products Natural products, without parabens, gluten, perfumes, latex or alcohol and designed for people who can not tolerate synthetic chemicals.  There are no hidden ingredients in our products, offering help to those with allergies, chemical sensitivities, autism or skin troubles.  Skincare, bath, baby and home spa products handmade in the USA , that are biodegradable, vegetarian and comply with Feingold Standards.

Zest Lady Aroma Pendants

Zest Lady Aroma Pendants(tm) of West Virginia makes Aromatherapy jewelry handturned in the USA. The Whiffer™, a stylish aromatherapy pendant gently diffuses oils wherever you go. It has a brass chamber within the wood body with diffuser vents and a cotton wick to hold and diffuse the oils by constantly releasing the oil molecules. Just unscrew the threaded top to easily refresh with more oils or change to a different oil. This hands free self-activating method of diffusing will work for fuss, no bother. Wear them, hang them in your car or anywhere you want to experience the healing power of essential oils. Also, good to calm dogs and horses.

Old Woodward Shave Co

Old Woodward Shave Co is the excellence in shaving products. Formulated from a barber's perspective, Old Woodward Shave Co has developed a line of shave products that are sure to enrich your shaving experience. Shave products are available in oil & butters in Original Clove & Peppermint Cool fragrance.

Health & Beauty Products

Health & Beauty Products made in Michigan include all natual handcrafted skin care and body care products using natural, organic, healthy ingredients while avoiding chemicals that damage skin. Bath & Body products include body lotions, body scrubs, foot crème, soaps, body butter and lip balms.

Naturally Sinful

Naturally Sinful offers amazing all natural skin care products. The skin care line includes body butter, face wash, toner, face cream and sugar scrubs for body and lips. These products are all natural with absolutely no toxins or chemicals.

Tilth Beauty

Tilth Beauty  Manufactures in Arizona Revolutionary, High Performance, Safe Anti-aging Skin Care Products. Tilth Beauty combines naturally derived ingredients with State-of-the-Art technology generating amazing and effective results.  The great thing about this line is there are absolutely no bad ingredients; No parabens, No sulfates, No petroleum-based products, No silicones, No synthetic fragrances, No artificial colors, No GMOs, No animal/dairy-derived products and are Gluten Free with Green packaging.

Noodle & Boo

Noodle & Boo of California is the premier leader in luxury maternity and baby skin care products, offers a comprehensive made in the USA line of safe, gentle and effective natural skin care products for sensitive skin.

Shellz Designs LLC

Shellz Designs LLC. from Washington & Alaska makes the "I've Got Your Back Lotion Applicators and Refill pads". The Lotion Applicator gently applies lotion to your back and other hard to reach areas, The applicator pads are  non-absorbent made of baby flannel for extra softness and can be washed on gentle cycle and air dried. Once you try it you will love it!! Proudly Made In The USA

Udderly Smooth® Udder Cream

Udderly Smooth® Udder Cream for Dry Skin Made in the USA for over thirty years, Udderly Smooth® products contain rich moisturizing ingredients. Not your average moisturizing lotion-Udderly Smooth® can be used on Dry Skin, Cracked Skin, for Diabetes Foot Care, as a Facial Moisturizer, as a General Moisturizing Lotion and many other uses.

California North

California North Based in Susalito, California, makes The Best High-Performance Skin Care Products for Men Worldwide  the company was founded in 1990 by Jim Miller, a retail executive involved in the cosmetic and personal care business, after his research continued to show that men were looking for high quality skin care products, priced realistically, and made specifically for them.  In the early 90s, many men were using women's products to enhance their look.  A typical example was a retail shop in Mill Valley, California, which repackaged women's products into generic bottles for men to purchase.  The lack of specific men's skin care products contributed to our development strategy, and further laid the groundwork for expansion into our hair care, shave care, fragrance, sun care, and appellation spa products.

Preserve Double Razor

Preserve Double Razor is made from recycled plastic including Stony field Farm® yogurt cups. It is sold in packs of 4 and the handles can be returned for recycling or recycled in communities that recycle #5 plastic. The Preserve Double Razor features twin blades that flex and pivot to prevent nicks and cuts while providing a smooth, close shave. (Please note only Razor Handle is Made in the USA)

Katarina Naturals

Katarina Naturals currently produces environmentally friendly, all natural nail polish removers and a salt substitute. All products are agriculturally based and fully manufactured in East Lansing MI. The goal of Katarina Naturals is to provide products made in a sustainable way and join a growing number of other manufacturers in delivering sustainable products while preparing for a future when renewable resources are our mainstay. In the very near future hand sanitizers and home cleaning solvents will be added. No animals are used in testing Katarina Naturals All Natural Health & Beauty Products.

Choices All Natural Foot Repair Creme

Choices All Natural Foot Repair Creme - You will think you have new feet, after using this Foot Crème for just a few days. Contains 28 % hydrating ingredients, this Crème will quickly eliminate rough, cracked skin. A cooling and deodorizing blend of natural extracts with Tea Tree oil, will leave your feet energized and refreshed. 4 ounces. This all natural Foot Repair Foot Crème is free of noxious chemicals, parabens, sulfates, glycol and PEG's, phtalates, glycols. 100% pure vegan foot creme is hydrating and nourishing, packed full of anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins and other skin beneficial nutrie


MammaMichal was started because we couldn't find truly all natural body care products, including at farmers markets. There is hardly any other company out there that makes freshly crafted body care products and avoids using any man made chemicals and preservatives. Thus we stepped up to fill the void.


NaturOli is a proprietary 100% natural products formulator for the Personal Care and Home Cleaning industries. Products includes organic shampoo, skin care, detergents, cleaners, and more. NaturOli is a Safety in Cosmetics' CHAMPION and two-time Green Dot Award winner, with a long list of other awards and achievements. NaturOli mission is to raise the bar for safer, highly effective products utilizing primarily botanicals such as olives, soap nuts, and many more. NaturOli practices 100% full ingredient disclosure.

Nurtured by Mother Nature

Nurtured by Mother Nature Organic Aromatherapy products are plant based and support the natural healing ability of the body and maintain wellness. Your body has an amazing ability to balance and heal itself. When we support this process with the wisdom of Mother Nature, this natural ability can be greatly enhanced. Great care is taken in selecting the finest ingredients. Certified organic ingredients are used when possible.

Sacred Showers Handcrafted Soap

Sacred Showers Handcrafted Soap. Holistically formulated and crafted in America. We fashion some distinctly different, natural bar soaps with ingredients like Starbucks Frappuccino, champagne, wine and beer. Our bar soap products are made in small batches that include vegetable and nut oils, butters, botanicals, essential oils and flower essences, and then enriched with skin-loving nutrients like shea butter, aloe vera, and borage oil. Vegetable oils, butters and botanicals benefit the body while essential oils and flower essences soothe and nourish the soul. Natural soap is kind to the environment and biodegradable. Visit us today. Your skin will thank you!

New Mexico Soap

New Mexico Soap makes Southwest-designed decorative and basic bar soap products. Our soaps are 100% detergent and synthetics free. They are very gentle on the skin, made with the freshest of vegetable oils (palm, corn and coconut oils). The lather is exceptional. We have many satisfied customers!

Charlie's Soap

Charlie's Soap "If you're not completely satisfied, Sutherland Products will, but not gladly, refund the buyer's purchase price."

Island Pixie LLC

Island Pixie LLC of Ohio makes handmade natural glycerin soaps, lotion, fragrance sprays and baby  products. Specialty soaps, shaped guest soaps - great for wedding and baby shower favors.

Friendly Fumes Soaps and Candles LLC

Friendly Fumes Soaps and Candles LLC We offer handmade natural soap, hand poured ALL NATURAL 100% soy candles, bath and body products and more... using essential oils and fragrance oils.


Dixie-Soaps is a family owned business specializing in handmade natural goat cereal sauce soaps. Our soaps are mixed and poured by hand in small batches to ensure high quality. We offer a wide range of soaps including scented, unscented, facial soaps, gardener soaps, and more. Our product line also includes lotions, lip balms, and other natural skin care products. Our soaps include cereal sauce from our own happy healthy dairy goats. We raise Alpine dairy goats with natural sustainable methods on our small farm in Dayton Tennessee .

Akron Grove Bath Products

Akron Grove Bath Products We are an independent, American owned soap and bath products maker located in Lockport , New York , USA . We make quality, natural, handmade soaps, bath products, lotion, skin care, gift baskets, gifts, shower favors, shampoo, conditioner and foot care items. We are constantly adding new items to our product line. All items are made to order and we have over 200 items and over 100 scents available

Destiny Boutique

Destiny Boutique Great MADE IN THE U.S.A true soap is handcrafted by American ingenuity and uncompromised quality standards. Handmade all natural soap from Destiny Boutique is so luxurious you might not need any additional lotions other than sunblock after being an ardent user for one month. The secret of the silky feel is all natural high quality healing oils, butters & essential oils mixed using the time honored cold processing technique that allows the naturally occuring glycerin to stay in the soap.

Oregon Soap Shoppe

Oregon Soap Shoppe  Handmade Luxury Soaps.  Shampoo - shower - shave and bathe with every bar! Recycled paper labels for product packaging. No more plastic bottles to clutter landfills.  After you use our soaps for a couple showers you should see and feel a difference in your skin and no longer need lotions.  Made by hand right here in the USA!

Denali Dreams Inc

Denali Dreams Inc Distinctive all natural handcrafted soaps rich in moisturizng olive oil. These exceptionally mild and creamy soaps have a thick, rich lather. Natural herbs, spices and pigments add texture and color. Feel good knowing you are treating your skin to the very best. It is a delight for us to share with you one of life's little pleasures, a lovely handmade soap.

Gluten-Free Savonnerie

Gluten-Free Savonnerie  Allergen-specific, gluten-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free soaps, hair care and skincare for the entire family.  No dyes, soy, peanuts, shellfish, corn, or casein derivatives. Full disclosure of all ingredients used. Hypoallergenic, vegan and biodegradable.  Formulated for those with allergies, Celiac Disease, Autism, MCS, eczema or sensitive skin.

Humble House Gardens

Humble House Gardens is a small farm located in the NE corner of Niagara County in New York State. The addition of goats in 1998 added a whole new dimension to the farm. Much experimentation to find ways of using the excess milk eventually resulted in the small but still growing line of skin care products currently being offered. Goat's milk is a natural emollient that helps soothe and moisturize the skin. It contains vitamins A, B6, B12 and E. Goat's milk has 3 times more beta-casein than cow's milk and caseins, because of their easy absorption into the skin, allow for quick hydration of dry skin. The combination of triglycerides, capric, caprylic and caproic acids helps balance the skin's natural pH and promotes natural exfoliation of dead skin cells. As a result goat milk gives a rich creamy feel and leaves skin feeling very soft. And, for those with sensitive skin, goat milk soap can be a godsend.

Laurel Fork Farm

Laurel Fork Farm Our soap products contain no artificial preservatives or colors unless requested. People with problem skin, eczema (atopic dermatitis), acne and other sensitive skin care concerns find they can use our scented skin care products with great results. For our friends with especially sensitive skin, or hard to control atopic dermatitis we also offer a line of unscented products.

Sweet Harvest Farm

Sweet Harvest Farm All natural, luxurious homemade soap crafted in small  batches to ensure quality and longevity! CJ's medical background has afforded her the opportunity to formulate her own patented soap   recipe! All products are wrapped with recycled paper and all products are bio-degradable. From soap made to fight the affects from Acne to Eczema and even a natural healing soap for your dog, Sweet   Harvest Farms handmade soaps are unlike any you've tried before! Wholesale now available. Are you looking for handcrafted, unique products? Look no further! On our website you can find handcrafted glycerin soap in over 55 exquisite scents and designs, whipped body butter, body wash and much more!! Our products are NOT tested on animals! Only on friends and family!  Fun things to do at : build your own gift box, build your own soap subscription, build your own gift set!

Grampa's Garden, Inc.

Grampa's Garden, Inc. Natural Skin Therapy Soaps Our natural, hand-made soaps protect and nurture your body with fragrant essential oils.

Gianna Rose Atelier

Gianna Rose Atelier is the leader in the design and manufacture of fine soap and personal care gifts and accessories - products, fragrances, and packaging that have forged a new dimension in the luxury soap category. Gianna Rose soaps are 100% vegetable-based

Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Systems Made in the USA

Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Systems Made in the USA. Lately teeth whitening has become a huge phenomenon. Who does not want a whiter, brighter smile since it is one of the first things that people notice about you. It is not a mystery that whiter teeth make you look better, younger, attractive, and even more confident.

Our teeth whitening systems are MADE in the USA. Each of our products are Hygienist trusted, tested by dentist and approved by both. Our products are even FDA registered. We proudly stand 100% behind our products. Like you we take your beautiful smile seriously.

Rockstar White

Rockstar White produces the best teeth-whitening products for at-home and dental offices And at the best price! Dentist recommended, All natural, Certified kosher, and Made in the USA. (fluoride free, sugar free, gluten free, sulfite free, alcohol free, and animal free). Rockstar White offers the strongest at-home teeth-whitening products on the market. This allows results that will WOW you within several sessions instead of weeks like other brands. Desensitizers, without the use of fluoride, are used to keep your gums and teeth safe and out of pain - delivering "the WOW without the OW™".No strips or boil and bite trays. So forget about your difficult and disappointing experiences with other teeth-whitening delivery systems; Rockstar White's tray system uses a food grade impression material that makes an instant impression of your teeth allowing a truly custom fit. The better the fit the better the results.


Preserve Purposeful Plastics. Since our founding in 1996, Preserve has sought to offer a new way of thinking about the everyday products we use. After all, products are more than just products. They have implications and effects far beyond the box or bag they come in. Each one carries a cost. Preserve offers better products—ones that look good, do their job well and require no compromise from our customers or our planet.

Plastics have radically transformed the kinds of products available for use in our daily lives, from cars to cell phones to cups to candy wrappers—but they're also curious and sometimes confusing materials. From our first days as a company, we have used only recycled plastic to make our Preserve products. We use plastic because it is a widely available and useful material. And more importantly, by using only recycled plastics, we keep them from piling up in landfills, we save resources like energy and water, and we reduce carbon emissions and other impacts.

Plastics are coded with numbers 1-7, not to categorize which plastics are more or less benign or recyclable, but simply to differentiate them.

Kitchen Products Include:

Food Storage

Measuring Cups

Mixing Bowls


Cutting Boards

Tableware includes:




Oral Care products includes:


tooth picks

Tongue Cleaners

All of our products are made in the USA*.

We choose to manufacture here because:

Most of our retailers are in the USA; we can ship products shorter distances, which reduces our carbon footprint.

We believe in the power and talent that drives US manufacturing. We can control the quality and purity of our plastics, thereby ensuring their safety for our customers.

Please note Preserve makes razors, however the razors are assembled in Mexico.


IntelliDent Products of Michigan makes Protection by Prevention IntelliDent Toothbrush Shields, the surgical mask for your toothbrush and IntelliDent MouthGuard Shields - Advanced Barrier Science (ABS) protecting your Oral Health and your overall health. Convenient, affordable, hygienic barrier for the devices that you put into your mouth.

Preserve Toothbrush

Preserve Toothbrush was designed by dentists and engineers to be an innovation in both oral care and eco-friendliness. Also known as "the toothbrush made from yogurt cups," the Preserve Toothbrush was designed by dentists and engineers to be an innovation in both oral care and co-friendliness.

Toothbrushes Page

Please see out Toothbrushes Page Eyeglasses "Made in USA" are hard to find. Buying "Made in USA" eyewear means more jobs for Americans. The eyewear industry has long been dominated by European (Italy, France and Germany) eyeglasses factories. In recent years, much of the world's eyeglasses production has moved to China. But there are a few companies that make eyeglasses in the USA. Shuron has been making glasses in the USA since 1865, all at their own factory. In this category, we have chosen some of the best selling Shuron frames, as well as some other eyeglasses we have found that are also Made in USA.

SealSkin Medical Wrap American Made Bandage

SealSkin Medical Wrap is a US-manufactured bandage wrap that helps in the healing process. Being made in the USA has been a core belief of our company – to support local communities with jobs and patients with the best medical care possible.

SealSkin Medical Wrap is a transparent wrap that makes monitoring wound healing easier. That means less pain from applying and reapplying bandages and potentially speeding up the healing process.

The wrap is waterproof to keep sensitive areas dry. Nothing is worse than the irritation of a wet cast or bandage. With SealSkin, you can shower with confidence knowing that your wound, cast or PICC Line/IV won't get wet.

You can also easily apply and remove because the wrap is self-adhering. SealSkin won't pull your hair or skin when you remove it. That's a big improvement compared to some of the other products on the market that are down right painful to take off.

SealSkin is compact and can be used at home, on the battlefield, veterinary clinics, or in hospitals. Some common uses include: waterproofing casts, PICC line protector, hot/cold compression wrap, keeping other bandages in place.

The origin of SealSkin Medical Wrap is a personal story of a prolonged hospital stay. Christina, the daughter of SealSkin's creator spent weeks in the hospital due to pancreatitis. Doctors and nurses refused to remove her IV lines so that she could shower due to fear of a blood clot. That is when the idea for SealSkin Medical Wrap was born. They were able to waterproof the area with SealSkin which allowed Christina shower. She not only felt better but she also had a sense of dignity and normalcy back.

SealSkin Medical Wrap aims to help improve the healing process for everyone. Because we believe that if you heal better you will also feel better.

Don't forget to check out all of our Medical items made in the USA pages

Traxx Mobility Systems, LLC

Traxx Mobility Systems, LLC of Michigan makes the Traxx Patient Lift is a freestanding, two post, battery powered lifting system that lifts, transfers and repositions an individual up to 500 lbs from bed to wheelchair and back again.  Our lift is an affordable  alternative for home health care reducing caregiver injury and improving the quality of life.  Made in USA with parts from the USA.

Hot Cherry Pillows

Hot Cherry Pillows are therapeutic pillows. Relax with moist heat that smells like cherry pie! Place Hot Cherry pillows in the microwave for an instant therapeutic heating pad, or chill in the freezer to use as a cold pack. Put them on sore muscles, tummy aches or just to warm your bed. Hot Cherry pillows are filled with Michigan tart cherry pits (that are cleaned and dried without chemicals) and sewn in sacks of natural dyed 100% cotton denim. We produce Hot Cherry pillows in 5 different sizes from Eye pillows to Body pillows, and there are two fabrics to choose from, Denim or Maraschino (an ultra suede). Hot Cherry pillows are the perfect gift for everybody, from kids to grandparents! Great for athletes, new moms, wedding gifts, back to school. Hot Cherry pillows are proudly made in America! (in Southern California). We sell retail or wholesale, and there are distributor opportunities.

Help You Live

Help You Live - Made in America since 2004 we have been creating quality therapeutic rice bags, soy candles and personal care products. We have grown steadily through the support of many happy customers and take pride in providing customers with personal service and unique products handmade in the USA. Our therapeutic hot/cold rice bag products are hand made with a removable washable cover and an inside cotton bag filled with 100% American grown rice. They are long lasting and energy efficient. Each product will wrap and conform to fit shoulders, neck, back, eyes, knees, feet - comfort from pain and strain - ready when & where you need it! Check out our Boo Boo Kitties, Neck and Body Roll, Eye Pillow and our best-selling Simply The Best moist heating pad. No cords, safe in bed, comforting and fun!

Maine Warmers

Maine Warmers of Maine microwave heating pads relax tight muscles, stimulate circulation, and help improve flexibility. Use also to warm hands, feet, and beds. Frozen, they off ergentle cold therapy to reduce pain & swelling. They are filled with whole corn without any added fragrances. They have washable covers, are portable, easy to use, and safe. The fabrics for our Comforting Creatures are made in the USA, and all of our products are made by professional sewing contractors in Scarborough, Maine. They are high quality and provide lasting value.


Transfermaster of Iowa.  In 1969, man first landed on the moon. Twenty-four years later, we figured out how to independently transfer in and out of bed! The patented Original Transfer Master Hi-Low was the first bed build to help with transfers. The standard minimum height (from the top of the mattress to the floor,) is 18 inches, allowing for easy transfers from most wheelchairs. The Hi-Low mechanism allows the bed to raise 12 inches to enable an easy transfer back to the wheelchair and to simplify care-giving tasks. The head and foot sections rise higher than what you find in most standard home care beds. The Original Transfer Master Hi-Low Bed was designed to look like home furniture, yet maintain all of the functions of a clinical or hospital bed. Typical home care beds are designed exclusively for the nurses. The Original improves on this by meeting the needs of both the user and the rest of the family.

Utah Medical Products, Inc.

Utah Medical Products, Inc. of Utah has the experience and capabilities to handle the most complex silicone and thermoplastic molding requirements for both medical and non-medical applications.

MASS Medical Storage

MASS Medical Storage of Kansas. MASS Medical Storage products can be found in hospitals both large and small all over the world.  We manufacture medical grade acute care storage for the interventional areas of the hospital such as OR, GI, ED, Radiology, etc. in stainless steel, metal, laminate, high density plastic or combinations thereof.  As a leading innovator in customized healthcare storage, MASS constantly reinvents designs in order to provide clinicians with the most efficient storage units on the market. In every hospital, in any department, MASS produces a medical storage solution that fits the needs of its clients.  Our intense focus on the customers and member's needs make MASS Medical Storage one of the top manufacturers in the industry today.  MASS Medical Storage differentiates its solutions with extensive customization of 2D and 3D CAD product libraries.  All designs are available in the industries standard materials. Need something unique?  Take our customization challenge! Our customers receive quotes in 24 hours, customized CAD drawings in less than 72 hours and we'll ship customized manufactured solutions in 45-60 days. MASS Medical Storage is a certified MBE  manufacturer and is a certified SBE 8a company . MASS Medical Storage was named Kansas' 2014 MBE Manufacturer of the Year. MASS Medical Storage is also proud to have the following OEM corporate partners: OLYMPUS, COOK MEDICAL, MEDIVATORS, IMS, BOSTON SCIENTIFIC AND STORAGE SYSTEMS UNLIMITED

Neurobiologix American Made Health Supplements

Based in Austin, Texas, Neurobiologix provides American made pharmaceutical grade, GMP Certified supplements. All our supplements are designed by top US physicians. Our supplements provide nutritional assistance to those who may need help with cognitive support, immune system support, mood support, poor nutrition, nervous system support, and more.

At Neurobiologix, our mission is to provide quality nutrition that changes lives, one formula at the time. Each formula is designed to carefully target specific health issues and replenish the efficiency that the body has in order to recover and re-establish the normal functions of the nervous and immune systems. All of our products are 100% produced and manufactured in the USA, and are available for purchase on our website, our store in Austin, Texas, as well as licensed practitioners and physician offices across the country.


NutraSense has been manufacturing its line of high quality, American made products since 1995. We offer products that are unsurpassed in quality and efficacy and are backed by clinical science. Our customers include a broad scope of international consumers via distributors, healthcare stores and professionals, pharmacies, and the internet.  What distinguishes NutraSense from the other supplement companies is the fact that our branded supplements are produced and manufactured in the USA using only USA manufactured ingredients. All manufacturing is performed under highly regulated procedures according to good manufacturing practices (GMP). Rest assured, NutraSense delivers only pure, quality-controlled nutritional supplements.

Extreme G3™ Rapid Adjust Gun Sling

Extreme G3™ Rapid Adjust Gun Sling products are conceived from years of experience in the woods, fields, mountains, and marshes. Over time, hunting techniques and products have evolved; becoming more advanced and technical, now so has the way you carry them.

Sneezeguard Solutions

Sneezeguard Solutions® are continuing to develop affordable products for food service professionals.  Each product is designed to comply with Health Codes that require the use of breath shields or "sneeze guards" whenever food is presented for patron self-service.  Sneezeguard Solutions® modular systems are attractive, durable, efficient, and labor saving. Our products are proudly Made in the USA to NSF/ANSI-2 standards and carry the ETL certification label to meet health codes nationwide.

Prestige Ameritech

Prestige Ameritech is the largest domestic manufacturer of surgical face masks in the United States.  We manufacture and market our ProGearTM line of high quality, American-made medical products while also serving as the trusted manufacturing partner of leading medical and cosmetic companies.  The Prestige Ameritech team has more than thirty patents issued and pending for innovative medical products. Prestige Ameritech manufactures disposable medical products in the USA using domestically-produced raw materials. We provide our customers with safe products and a secure supply chain.  Prestige Ameritech has a reputation for the innovation of products made from films, tapes and non-woven fabrics, and an expertise in ultrasonic welding, heat sealing, die cutting and other technologies. The result of this combination matches innovative, high-quality products with custom, state-of-the-art equipment to provide a cost-effective, made-in-the-USA solution.

Herbally Pure

Herbally Pure Liquid MultiVitamins  Minerals And Antioxidants. We are committed to producing the finest High Potency Nutritional Liquid Vitamin & Mineral Supplements which shows in every step of our manufacturing process.  With the best premium raw materials available, highly devoted staff, quality control purity testing and modern sterilized production equipment.  You are guaranteed the highest of quality in manufacturing and testing making the final result, products having not only the highest

purity but also the correct ratio of critical ingredients to assure the results and nutritional success you are looking for

pHresh greens

*pHresh greens the only 100% organic alkalizing raw superfood pHresh greens is a product that was created particularly with one thing in mind: YOUR HEALTH.   pHresh greens is made with 16 ingredients that were carefully selected for their high pH. It is 100% organic ensuring that you will get all the ingredients' benefits without any harmful chemicals, additives or fillers. pHresh greens is also gluten free, animal free, non irradiated and non GMO. Its ingredients have been slow dried under 70°F/21.1°C to help retain its life energy. pHresh greens is made from the natural produce itself, thus ensuring you are getting the nutrients from each of the ingredients in a natural state, just one step removed from picking the produce from your own garden. pHresh greens will help deliver optimal nutrition to every cell in your body!

USA Laboratories

*USA Laboratories nutritional supplement products are all Pharmacist made in U.S.A.

* is your resource for all natural discount vitamins and supplements. We have quickly become the best place to buy natural health supplements and discount vitamins online.

Hampshire Products

*Hampshire Products is an international distributor of Hampshire, Westhaven Labs, Natural World Supplements, and Worldwide Herbals vitamins, health supplements and homoeopathic pain relief remedies.  All products are manufactured in the United States.

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