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Flexsystems has been manufacturing medical products for the medical industry since 1994. From custom clothing labels for medical uniforms, to sequential QR labels for radiation coats, to medical pvc  brace tabs for braces, to zipper pulls for wheelchair companies and more. Our material is a medical grade PVC. It was formulated to make human heart catheters and does not contain any phthalates. Instead, a corn ingredient is used. Our company has the exclusive for this material world wide in our industries.

SealSkin Medical Wrap American Made Bandage

SealSkin Medical Wrap is a US-manufactured bandage wrap that helps in the healing process. Being made in the USA has been a core belief of our company – to support local communities with jobs and patients with the best medical care possible.

SealSkin Medical Wrap is a transparent wrap that makes monitoring wound healing easier. That means less pain from applying and reapplying bandages and potentially speeding up the healing process.

The wrap is waterproof to keep sensitive areas dry. Nothing is worse than the irritation of a wet cast or bandage. With SealSkin, you can shower with confidence knowing that your wound, cast or PICC Line/IV won't get wet.

You can also easily apply and remove because the wrap is self-adhering. SealSkin won't pull your hair or skin when you remove it. That's a big improvement compared to some of the other products on the market that are down right painful to take off.

SealSkin is compact and can be used at home, on the battlefield, veterinary clinics, or in hospitals. Some common uses include: waterproofing casts, PICC line protector, hot/cold compression wrap, keeping other bandages in place.

The origin of SealSkin Medical Wrap is a personal story of a prolonged hospital stay. Christina, the daughter of SealSkin's creator spent weeks in the hospital due to pancreatitis. Doctors and nurses refused to remove her IV lines so that she could shower due to fear of a blood clot. That is when the idea for SealSkin Medical Wrap was born. They were able to waterproof the area with SealSkin which allowed Christina shower. She not only felt better but she also had a sense of dignity and normalcy back.

SealSkin Medical Wrap aims to help improve the healing process for everyone. Because we believe that if you heal better you will also feel better.

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Utah Medical Products, Inc.

Utah Medical Products, Inc. of Utah has the experience and capabilities to handle the most complex silicone and thermoplastic molding requirements for both medical and non-medical applications.

MASS Medical Storage

MASS Medical Storage of Kansas. MASS Medical Storage products can be found in hospitals both large and small all over the world.  We manufacture medical grade acute care storage for the interventional areas of the hospital such as OR, GI, ED, Radiology, etc. in stainless steel, metal, laminate, high density plastic or combinations thereof.  As a leading innovator in customized healthcare storage, MASS constantly reinvents designs in order to provide clinicians with the most efficient storage units on the market. In every hospital, in any department, MASS produces a medical storage solution that fits the needs of its clients.  Our intense focus on the customers and member's needs make MASS Medical Storage one of the top manufacturers in the industry today.  MASS Medical Storage differentiates its solutions with extensive customization of 2D and 3D CAD product libraries.  All designs are available in the industries standard materials. Need something unique?  Take our customization challenge! Our customers receive quotes in 24 hours, customized CAD drawings in less than 72 hours and we'll ship customized manufactured solutions in 45-60 days. MASS Medical Storage is a certified MBE  manufacturer and is a certified SBE 8a company . MASS Medical Storage was named Kansas' 2014 MBE Manufacturer of the Year. MASS Medical Storage is also proud to have the following OEM corporate partners: OLYMPUS, COOK MEDICAL, MEDIVATORS, IMS, BOSTON SCIENTIFIC AND STORAGE SYSTEMS UNLIMITED

Scrub Ink

Scrub Ink After watching a sea of nurses walking past their office window, Rodger and Dalia (a father-daughter duo) couldn't help but notice how they all looked very similar. Rodger, having 30 years of experience in the garment industry, and Dalia an award winning graphic designer knew there had to be a way to combine fashion and personality to the classic uniform, without compromising professional appearance.

Since 1950, Rodger and Dalia's family has been manufacturing in the garment center. They have shipped to large corporations, small businesses, and individuals with pride and care. From the onset of their careers, they have prided themselves in manufacturing every one of their quality garments solely in New York City…not many people can say that! Through their combined experience of design and fashion, Scrub Ink was born. Today, medical professionals and patients alike are enjoying the unique individuality offered by Scrub Ink…and we hope you will too


Banana SCRUBS of Texas. Nearly two decades ago, Banana SCRUBS sent out its first mail order catalog. From its humble beginnings in the mail order uniform business, Banana SCRUBS has evolved into a premiere manufacturer and specialty retailer of high quality, trend-setting scrub apparel and accessories. The Banana SCRUBS® brand targets fashion-forward women and men worldwide with a focused selection of stylish clothing at compelling values. Banana SCRUBS maintains full control over its proprietary  brand by designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling all of its own merchandise. The company combines the finest global

fabrics with superior, all-American craftsmanship to deliver unsurpassed quality and workmanship. You will NEVER find the words ''made in China, Mexico, or Honduras'' on our label. All Banana SCRUBS® brand apparel is proudly made in the U.S.A. Banana SCRUBS® brand products can only be purchased in our brand stores and through our official online store, Banana SCRUBS ships to all 50 United States and Canada. The company discontinued the distribution of its paper catalog in 1999 in an effort to become more earth friendly. In January 2009, the company opened a new flagship brand store in Waco, Texas in the heart of the medical district. This modern showcase features beautiful inlaid ceramic tile with hardwood flooring accents, granite countertops and benches, plus distinctive crown molding throughout. The spacious boutique-style shop is filled with a vast selection of must-haves, exclusive items, as well as a large assortment of sale articles. The entire brand store experience expands on the Banana SCRUBS lifestyle.

Performance Scrubs

Performance Scrubs For years astronauts and athletes have benefited from scientifically-designed materials that are super comfortable and highly functional. Now it's your

turn. Performance Scrubs are created to control both temperature and odor, wick away moisture, hold their vibrant color and shape wash after wash, and reduce ironing time. Each scrub is handmade to order. Mix and match styles, sizes, color, pockets and piping colors. Thousands of combinations are available with our unique "build-on-demand" option so you can get the custom look and fit you want!

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