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Surf Dogs Rock

Surf Dogs Rock of California sells Made in the USA, Surf Dogs Products. This includes a yearly Surf Dogs Calendar, Note Cards & Postcards. All products are printed in the USA, all photographers are in the USA and all the Surf Dogs are all USA residents, mostly from Southern California. Our proceeds benefit local charities in the USA!!

Enviropak LLC

Enviropak LLC is a manufactuer of patented, reusable steam steriliaztion pouches invented by US dentists. Enviropak pouches profice infection control for small instruments to large cassettes. The pouches are FDA medical device class II compliant, with 510k issue. Enviropak is used in top US dental/dental hygiene schools, and reduces waste by more than 200 times with savings of up to 50% annually.

Appointed American Made Notebooks

Appointed American Made Notebooks. Appointed is a US made brand of thoughtfully designed paper desktop products including paper notebooks. Their signature product are American made notebooks — yes the classic spiral bound paper notebook. This is not the notebook you grew up with, this notebook is beautiful with a water resistant bookcloth cover.

Appointed makes more than just American Made Notebooks, you will also find calendars planners, and many other office and personal paper products made in the USA.

httpss:// was created to add money to your bottom line. Whether you're a small business owner or the purchasing director of a fortune 100 company, filing supplies can be a significant percent of operating costs. As founders of, we have been your filing supply experts since 1985. During that time, we have gained years of experience distributing products that help assist companies remain organized. A cooperative effort between suppliers and has allowed us to bring competitive costs to you for all your filing needs. Our products are manufactured on a per order basis, thus allowing the consumer fresh merchandise on each and every order at substantial savings. Benefit from over 25 years of experience, a lean distribution network, and our manufacturing supplier partnerships,which results in savings passed on to you.

Systematic Filing Products

Systematic Filing Products of Pennsylvania We're Proud to be an American manufacturer of office filing and storage products. Using premium American Made paper, we producefile folders, expandable products, metal edged archival storage boxes, art portfolios and a vast array of other products in our 95,000 sq. ft. facility in Danville, PA.

Federal Schedules

Federal Schedules is a GSA consultant prepared to assist and negotiate your business' government contract. As a 100% employee owned, American company, we possess the skills and experience needed to provide government contracting expertise. Our services include: GSA Schedule Preparation, GSA Contract Management, GSA Contract Extensions, GSA Schedule Training, and the GSA Advantage. For the beginner's guide to contracts and how to get started visit Federal Schedules, Inc. online today.

Oatmeal Studios Greeting Cards Made in the USA

Oatmeal Studios Greeting Cards Made in the USA. Hilarious greeting cards made from recycled paper with vegetable based inks. Made in the USA with pride! For over 35 years Oatmeal Studios has been in the business of making people laugh. Oatmeal Studios Greeting Cards Made in the USA started in Rochester Vermont back in 1978 Helene Lehrer, an artist, created simple silkscreen cards featuring her pet rabbit Oatmeal. Since then Oatmeal Studios has grown into one of the top humorous greeting cards made in the USA companies in the world.

All our cards are 5? x 7? and are printed in full color outside and inside and include colored envelopes. Our cards are all printed on recycled paper. 300 designs are currently in our everyday card line, and include, Happy Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well and Congratulations cards just to name a few.

La Casa Cards

La Casa Cards - We specialize in Southwest style Christmas & note cards produced from the art of some of the Southwest's best artists. Our selection includes Arizona sunsets & desert scenes, California desert images, Texas and New Mexico images of pueblos, haciendas, arches and gates adorned with chili ristras, chili pepper wreaths, and kokopellis; paths & entryways lined with luminarias; playful images of coyote, roadrunner and quail. We have a good selection of Spanish Christmas cards as well as those hard to find Southwest Religious Christmas cards. Our greeting cards are top quality and reasonably priced. Your cards can be personalized by the package or in quantities. Christmas cards, Business Christmas cards, holiday greetings, note cards, new address cards and thank you notes. All of our cards are printed in the USA. All of our supplies are purchased in the USA

Gails Lighthouse Cards

Gails Lighthouse Cards of Michigan creates hand Illustrated lighthouses by Gail Borgman McGuire. We have a large assortment of Michigan, Florida, Carolina, Oregon, and Maine lighthouse note catds. The original drawings are done in colored pencil and then reproduced onto the note cards. We also have fine art prints and Christian note cards. All my products are made in the USA.

Banner American Products

Banner American Products provides a full line of premium Roll Laminators, Pouch Laminators, and Custom Laminators, and laminating film supplies for commercial, government, school and personal use. These laminating machines will protect, ID badges, photos, maps, documents, posters, and more! Banner American Products' laminators are made out of high-quality materials.. If you are looking for laminators, laminating film, or laminator pouches, Laminator Direct has the product for you. If you are not sure which laminator is right for you, call Banner American Products toll-free at 800-572-2144

Vintage Vinyl Journals

Vintage Vinyl Journals of Pennsylvania. We rescued the forgotten vinyl record and lovingly crafted these journals for those who appreciate a simpler time – when albums started with a pop and a hiss as needle met groove and thoughts were recorded pen to paper. Our journals contain 240 acid-free high quality unlined pages. Adding to the uniqueness of each journal is a carefully handcrafted cover and finish work. The fronts and backs of the journals are made from actual old albums, not reproductions of the art.  Let the words flow. Create your own music. 100% Made in USA.

Garland’s USA

Garland's USA made writing instruments are easily recognized by the flared top design, the carefully-weighted balance, and the styling. All writing instruments in the Colour, Revere,  Monogram, Tuscany, Signature and Founder's Collections continue to be custom designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA by Garland. The flared top design is a registered trademark of Garland Industries, Inc. and remains a subtle, yet distinctive way to identify a Garland writing instrument in today's promotional product and distinctive gift marketplace.

General Pencil Company's

General Pencil Company's artist products come to you from our factory in Jersey City, New Jersey. We believe in quality, tradition, value, and the fun of creating. We take pride in handcrafting quality pencils and artist materials using traditional methods passed down for five

generations. Our history dates back to 1861 when Edward Weissenborn founded the American Lead Pencil Co. in Hoboken, NJ. He was an inventor and machinist and acquired 28 patents for improved machinery and processes in making 360 different kinds of pencils. Weissenborn sold the company to The Reckford family in 1885. He then established the pencil exchange in Jersey City, New Jersey with his son Oscar, in 1889 .Which was later renamed

The General Pencil Company. Still family owned and operated, our goal is to create consistent, quality products in a sustainable manner for artists of all levels. Our products continue to be the American made choice for aspiring and world renowned artists alike.

Banner Creations, Inc.

Banner Creations, Inc. is a nationally recognized Eco-friendly manufacturer of high quality custom table covers and banners, tote bags, flags, and other display products. Our products are made the USA for both retail and wholesale customers.

Since 1989 we've worked with thousands of customers, such as Best Buy, The Walker Art Center, The Smithsonian, and PBS, to create exciting, eye-catching banners and displays that drive success. You'll find our banners displayed across the country by numerous businesses, restaurants, hotels, malls, retail stores, universities, sports teams, art museums, and galleries.

We have always made our best efforts to recycle and reuse resources in the workplace. We use water based inks and we even recycle the paper used in our dye-sub print process onto fabric; most banner and flag printing is done with solvent inks on vinyl. of FL, CA, RI, NY  Since all time, printing has always been the main and most effective way to promote a product, business or service. We provide you with the best tools, design templates and expert help you need to accomplish your project with quality and within budget. With small, but efficient facilities all over United States we print, ship and deliver your promotional printed product in a very fast manner. Most popular products are business cards,

postcards and brochures.

Alliance Rubber Company

Alliance Rubber Company of Arkansas is a leading global supplier of rubber bands, office and packaging supplies. Since 1923, we have been dedicated to Holding Your World Together. The company has grown into a global leader with more than 2,200 skus of products sold through dealers in 34 countries. Under the current leadership of President Bonnie Swayze, Alliance continues its long history of innovation. Pioneering the womens entrance into the boardroom, Swayze was the first female board member of the Wholesale Stationers Association and has served on the WBENC board and other HUB organizations.

TimePilot American made Timeclocks

TimePilot Corporation produces a line up of cost effective electronic time clock systems both indoor and outdoor use that replaces old-fashioned punch clocks. All our American made time clocks are designed and manufactured in the U.S. in Batavia, Illinois, to be exact. Our American made time clocks system are assembled by Marsh Products, Inc., which occupies space in the same building as TimePilot. Our circuit boards are assembled in Elgin, Illinois, just a few miles from Batavia, and if you call for support, you'll be talking to someone in Batavia.

American made and US based support to keep you running on time. When you buy American more and more companies will need Timeclocks made in the USA for the employment we will create.

Pyramid Time Systems

Pyramid Time Systems of Connecticut makes Time clocks, synchronized clocks, and wire clocks made for small, medium, and enterprise businesses looking for high quality craftsmanship that are built to last. Our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured here in the USA.

Natural Choice Corporation

Natural Choice Corporation  Bottleless Water Coolers for Home & Office to quench your thirst.  Enjoy an endless supply of cold, hot, and even sparkling water.  Never buy Bottled Water again. Background on Natural Choice Corporation – Started in a garage in 1990, in Rockford, Illinois, James B. Knoll and his son, George Knoll, developed alternatives to Bottled Water, and have won awards and patents for their innovative water filtration technology. Since 1990, Natural Choice Water has developed innovative drinking water solutions, including the award-winning ION Bottleless Water Cooler.  Innovative features includes – SleepMode energy saving for evenings and weekends; Sparkling Water (carbonated), EZChange Filter (CarbonPlus) that changes in seconds without even turning off the water supply. Our mission is to replace Bottled Water Coolers one at a time, improving our environment with a  sustainable solution - and improving personal health with freshly filtered drinking water.Ordinary Filtered and Bottled Water Coolers use a reservoir tank that holds stagnant filtered water.  The ION uses a proprietary Sealed Water Pathway that contains just 3 oz of drinking water.  So every glass from an ION Bottleless Water Cooler is freshly filtered and instantly chilled.Simply connect to a tap water supply (mains fed water supply), and the ION starts up automatically.  Installation can be found on our website or at Natural Choice Water distributes water filtration systems throughout the USA – major markets include Chicago, Dallas, Ft Worth, Houston, New York City, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Baltimore, Charlotte, Charleston, Richmond, Denver, Boston, Cleveland, Columbus, Memphis, and Atlanta. Brand names include – ION Bottleless Water Cooler, CarbonPlus Water Filter, EZChange Filtration Cartridges, and Infiniti Water Filtration System.

USA Filtration Systems American Made Water Filters

USA Filtration Systems makes American Made Water Filters for your home or business. After seeing the devastating effect of the auto industry's move to manufacturing outside of the U.S.A on his local community, the founder if USA Filtration Systems Inc. decided to create a business that would help keep Americans working. USA Filtration Systems Inc. was created to provide our customers with complete water filtration systems that are efficient and effective, as well as manufactured and assembled 100% in the U.S.A. We have partnered with several American-based manufacturers to create filter systems that will provide home and business owners with clean, clear, safe, and great tasting water.

Our filtration systems feature an easy to install design that connects to your existing plumbing in less than 30 minutes, without a plumber! The drinking water system installs under the sink or to your refrigerator, and the whole house system installs to the incoming city water line or after your well tank.

USA Filtration Water Filter System Kits Include:

Water Filter Housings - Made in California

Water Filter Cartridges - Made in Idaho

Unbreakable Metal Wrenches - Made in Michigan

Metal Mounting Brackets - Made in Michigan

Tubing - Made in Michigan

Compression Fittings - Made in New York

We have chosen these specific components based on their ability to meet all your water filtration needs, from grooved filters that provide a higher dirt holding capacity and filters that remove dangerous contaminants, to an unbreakable galvanized steel housing wrench that will make changing filters a breeze.

USA Filtration Drinking Water System Kit Specifications:

Flow Rate: 2 gpm

Micron Rating: 0.5 Micron

Carbon Type: Coconut Shell Carbon Block

Filter Dimensions: 2.5? x 4.75?

Lead Removal: >99.3%

Chlorine Reduction: >95% for 5000 gallons

Dirt, Dust, & Rust: to 0.5 Micron

Cyst, Cryptosporidium, & Giardia Reduction: >99.99%

The USA Filtration Whole House Water Filtration System Kit Specifications:

Flow Rate: 8 gpm

Micron Rating: 10 Micron

Carbon Type: Coconut Shell Carbon Block

Lead Removal: >99.3%

Chlorine Reduction: >95% for 5000 gallons

Dirt, Dust, & Rust: to 0.5 Micron

Cyst, Cryptosporidium, & Giardia Reduction: >99.99%

Filter Dimensions: 2.5? x 10?

3/4? Female Pipe Thread for inlet & outlet

Total Size: 6? Diameter, 13? Tall

This product is made in several different states and it listed on several locations in the State by State listing

Don't forget about the air in your home and visit the Air Filters made in the USA page too. PureCool filter for water coolers and crocks: is a simple, gravity fed water filter that allows you to make your own, BPA-Free bottled water for pennies!  Use PureCool with any water crock and most brands of water coolers.  PureCool turns your Tap Water into Bottled Water by reducing: chlorine, chloramines, lead, mold, algae, BPA, and more.

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