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Mohop American Made Shoes and Handbags

Mohop makes American made shoes and handbags. Right on their home page you will see they proudly proclaim responsibly made in the USA. Another item on the home page caught my eye and that is the icon claiming PETA approved Vegan. I guess that indicates they don't use animal products in the making of their products. I really appreciate that the market today gives consumers choices today.

A quick visit to their About us section of their website is worth the time. Unlike other sites this one really does give you a great deal of information about this company, their values, the way they operate and more. They also include informative videos as well.

This company produces shoes for men and women but they did not forget our four legged friends. Mohop also make dog collars. Do yourself a favor and check this company out.

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14th Rose Purses

14th Rose Purses are a twist to the classics to take you stylishly to one season to the next.

Manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Purse Perfector

Purse Perfector of California makes The Purse Perfector® the only organizer that changes shape to fit all bags. This patented, washable American-made organizer is available in six

colors and has 13 pockets in two sections connected by a separating zipper. Unzip it partially for the slim profile just right for a briefcase or rolling tote. Unzip it completely so that each section of the Purse Perfector® can be placed on either side of a divided purse or use half for a small clutch. The zipper forming the center section can secure a longer wallet, checkbook, passport, coupons or photos.

J.W. Hulme Co.

J.W. Hulme Co. Step out in style with our collection of leather handbags, which are entirely made in America. Our handbags, tote bags, crossbody bags, and clutches are designed and sewn by skilled artisans here in our St. Paul factory. These classic styles will never go out of fashion—you'll carry them for life.

Corrente Handbags

Corrente Handbags of New York. Corrente Handbags are all about quality in both products - like our leather - and design. Made and sourced in Brooklyn, Corrente handbags are a must for any New York woman. Handbags made in the USA make us proud and our classic leather handbags are a great staple for every woman.

Stephanie Dawn handbags

Stephanie Dawn handbags are fun, functional and fresh. All colors and patterns are designed with modern American women of all ages in mind. Finally, a stylish and high quality handbag line that is EXCLUSIVELY MADE IN THE USA.

Obrien Inc

Obrien Inc of Colorado makes OlovesM Eco-Friendly bags are created from yoga mats and other materials that are new, but headed for landfills. We have repurposed them into amazing bags! Made in Colorado, we have created jobs for home sewers. We also love a good story and that is how we got our start! Head to the site to check us out

American Made Gift Store

American Made Gift Store our gift store has AFFORDABLE purses, lap quilts, soy candles, organic soaps, embroidered hand towels and placemats, Christmas & snowman Tees, and more made right here in the mountains of North Carolina.  Our purses and handbags are genuine one of king originals.  Every effort is made to assure the highest quality gifts, we back our products with a money back guarantee.   New gift items are coming... jewelry and stained glass to name of few.

Cinda B

Cinda B Fashionable bags and accessories for today's contemporary gal! Made right here in the USA , cinda b offers stylish bags and accessories that compliment your active lifestyle! Each of cinda b's fun and functional pieces are water and stain resistant, lightweight, as well as, completely machine washable! All are available in a selection of 14 energetic and graphically charged cinda b exclusive patterns and colors. Every piece in the cinda b bag and accessories collection is thoughtfully designed by founder, creator and award-winning Atlanta designer, Cinda Boomershine herself, reflecting all of the latest trends in style and color. Carrying around your baggage was never this much fun!

The Leather Artisan

The Leather Artisan custom handcrafts, from the highest quality domestic leathers, a wide variety of handbags, belts, men's and women's wallets, moccasins and briefcases. We've been making quality leather products for over 30 years.

Slainte Bags

Slainte Bags was started by Jillian Bornemann back in 2003. It was one of those accidental success stories – did a weekend sewing course, got addicted to fabric, made a few bags

for friends, word got out….All our bags are handmade in San Francisco, CA They are made from locally sourced materials They are available in recycled materials and eco- cottons They are functional, durable, washable and comfortable They have multiple pockets – everything has a place They are light-weight and pack flat; perfect for travel The workmanship is guaranteed for the life of the bag Let's not forget – they look fabulous

The Hitchin Post's

The Hitchin Post's deerskin handbags and purses are top quality products, made right here in the USA.  Special care is taken in selecting only the softest and most supple native deerskins for our handbags and purses.  Each item is individually cut and sewn to ensure long lasting wear.  All handbags and purses carry our unconditional workmanship and materials guarantee!

Natural Reflections

Natural Reflections Quality leather products since 1975 Quality of design with an eye on the most practical styling has been our trade mark for over 25 years. We use only the best

in materials and search out first class manufacturers for all of our supplies and materials.

Yvonne Totes

Yvonne Totes Fashionable shopping bags, athletic bags and travel pillows made in the USA. Be sure to see our many styles to choose from.


Harvey In March 1997, husband and wife, Dana and Melanie Harvey were installing seatbelts into their 1950 Buick, so they had the idea of making Melanie a matching handbag. Everyone loved hers so much that we decided to make more.

North Star Leather American Made Leather

North Star Leather American Made Leather  Handbags & Leather  Purses are a step above the cheap imported Leather handbags you find elsewhere. We make many styles of leather purses& leather handbags.  We offer hobo bags,  fringed  leather handbags, fanny packs & dressy leather purses.

Montana Threads

Montana Threads Convertible backpack purse we have made this purse since 2006 and it has become our best-seller.  It is an organizer bag that can be carried 5 different ways and has pockets everywhere inside and out.  Made from microsuede and lined with 200 denier coated nylon, this bag will last you for years.  Click on image gallery, then click on convertible backpack purse.


Prideority we look for ways to show our patriotism and pride in America. We're honored that you've chosen to visit our website and check-out our handbags that we believe are a wonderful way to show that American pride. We hope you'll enjoy viewing our merchandise and that you'll decide to display your pride in America by purchasing one or more of our red, white and blue patriotic handbags to proudly demonstrate your allegiance to this great country we are so blessed to live in.

Ziky Boutique

Ziky Boutique of Arkansas's goal is to combine elevated style and function with design and high quality craftsmanship. All handbags are hand crafted one at a time and limited in quantity. Gear bags and saddle covers are made in trendy, fun colors and patterns. Graphics and embroideries are fashionable.  ZIKY is for the fashion forward rider. ZIKY boutique also offers custom designed products where the customer can choose the colors of the fabric, trim, and lining to create their own style of gear bags. Need a special bag that fits your needs, ZIKY can make the pattern just for you! ZIKY's Philosophy Function, quality and style in limited edition collections bring a fresh look to horse back riding gear and wear. Hand made items are sewn with utmost attention to detail and quality. Only premium materials are used to maximum durability and beautiful looks.

Elizabeth Laine Handbags

Elizabeth Laine Handbags of California. Elizabeth Laine is a Los Angeles, California native. From a young age it was instilled in Elizabeth to express herself artistically by her

grandmother who was a home economics teacher and published author. After pursuing studies for Art & Design, Elizabeth took her passion for creating and fascination with handbags and established the Elizabeth Laine brand. The lifestyle company specializes in handmade luxury products that are exclusively manufactured in America. All Elizabeth Laine handbags are combined with rich skins, opulent fabrics and adorned with gold-tone or silver-tone hardware. Every handbag makes a statement and is made for the different aspects in a womans life. Each piece brings the perfect mix of sophistication, function and style to women of all ages.

Clutch bags

Clutch bags are Quality Leather Handbags Made in NYC We take functional ideas and make them our own  an envelope, a mail pouch, a saddlebag and so on. Our designs will outlast any trend or fad. We like to think these clutch bags  and purses are something women will use for a lifetime & Made in USA

Pacific Tote Company

Pacific Tote Company of California. The Pacific Tote Company's iconic tote bags introduce bespoke quality and a fun Californian spirit. All totes are designed and manufactured exclusively in California and made from the finest heavy-duty canvas and twill available. Our two main styles include "The Big Sur" Tote and "The Catalina" Tote.

Baltimore Bag Company

Baltimore Bag Company of California. All Baltimore Bags are handcrafted locally and produced by American craftsmen, bringing manufacturing jobs back to America one bag at a time.

Anna Bags, LLC

Anna Bags, LLC. American made luxury, a term that is once again being noticed across the globe in the world's finest boutiques, describes the mission of Anna Bags, LLC. Based in Washington D.C., We work with leather craftsmen across the USA to transform each handbag design, beginning as an oil painting on canvas, into a timeless piece of art under the designer name Anna Orthwein. Within our atelier centuries-old leather crafting techniques are being revived as craftsmen hammer seams and skive edges to achieve a fine, elegant finishing. Our commitment is to make beautiful, finely crafted, exclusive leather handbags for our discerning customer, and to make them in America!

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