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Adventure World Play Sets - Made in the USA

Adventure World Play Sets designs and builds environmentally friendly, maintenance-free playsets and swing sets for children. Our custom, outdoor playsets are manufactured from recycled plastics right here in America! Our customers can customize the perfect playset based on color and size preferences. All swing sets come with a variety of features such as sliding boards, chutes, ladders, turbo slides, towers, tire swings, rock walls, monkey bars and other safe, kid-friendly options.

Kid's Creations, quality swing sets.

Kid's Creations American made wooden swingset structures are hand-crafted, built to last, and easy to assemble and free of chemical treatments, so they're safe for your child and the environment. Kid's Creations American made wooden playsets are totally customizable. You can even design your own.

Kid's Creations American made swing sets are engineered to stand the test of time while providing your children with years of healthy and imaginative play! Our American made swing sets are built with our safety commitment to consider safety at every angle - literally. Visit our site to learn what makes our swing sets the safety play structure on the block.


OHSAY USA We offer 100% guaranteed quality Made in USA gifts for the whole family.We feature products twice a week at 10-70% off retail prices. You will discover unique home and outdoor gifts, toys, pet products & more. Our mission is to help our neighbors by stimulating job growth and renewing a sense of pride and opportunity in the place we live. We provide Americans a central source to buy quality US made goods from inventors, designers and even companies who have been around since the 1800's.

Old Fashion Toy Co

Old Fashion Toy Co. is a small business that make hand crafted, Made in the USA, wooden historic toys for museum gift shops and gift store. Our toy line includes 20 different toys such as  Buzz Saws, Jacob's Ladders, Yo-Yos, Marbles, Jump Ropes  as well as 23 others toys. These toys are sold by a whole sale  paper catalog or soon by a web site, www.oldfashiontoyco. com, thank you. Chadwick Boehlke., Toy Maker and Historian

Piper Grove Music

Piper Grove Music located in California make Limberjack dogs, frogs, ponys and men are handcrafted wooden instruments made in my workshop/garage in Pacific Grove, California! Each one comes with an operating stick and wooden paddle ''dance floor.'' Play

along with favorite songs, jigs and hornpipes. Add some rhythm to banjo and fiddle tunes! Children love them! They are American folk toys

The Happy Toy Maker

The Happy Toy Maker designs and builds western toys that are as rugged and durable as the kids who play with them. These toys are made of STEEL - designed to last a lifetime and more. The craftmanship and attention to detail are unmatched by other toys. In a time where things

seem to be disposable and low quality, the Happy Toy Maker breaks the mold and builds a quality toy built with pride. All toys are hand-made in HAPPY, TEXAS!

My Unique Wooden Toys

My Unique Wooden Toys we started our business in 2006 and we decided to make toys that our kids loved when they were young. Old fashioned wooden toys, guns, stick horses and marble rollers are a few of the most popular items along with all kinds of barns, horse barns and other

farm toys. We make the majority of the toys in our Indiana shop and many others are made by in an Amish woodshop also located in IN. Much of our wood we use is locally grown too.

Halo Toys

Halo Toys is an American maker of specially handcrafted toys for little girls and little boys ages 3 and up.  We are a family-owned business located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Our products are 100% manufactured in the U.S.A. with an attention to detail applied to each and every item. The Dingies™ dolls, Muddy Puddy™ Modeling Compound, Dirty Dingy Daryl™ books and Dingies™ Wearing apparel are made with quality materials and ingredients.  They are fun, safe and creative.  Each product that comes from our company is manufactured with the extra ingredient of love.  Please get all the dirt on the Dingies by visiting our online store

Knockabout Toys

Knockabout Toys. Each truck is individually handcrafted at our shop in Searsmont,  Maine. Made with precision and care each truck is made to last for a lifetime of play.Big and Little Rig Line Built and designed for the younger truck driver. Each truck is built one at a time at our toy shop in Searsmont, Maine. Handcrafted with a combination of pine, birch, oak and maple from

local sawmills and recycled lumber.  Assembled with wooden pegs and glue; no metal parts to worry about. The Big and Little Rigs are protected with a water-based, child safe finish.Crafted with care and precision they are made to last for a lifetime of play.

TAG Toys

TAG Toys are designed for all children from one to six years of age, with the clearly defined goal of stimulating the development of sensory motor skills and thinking abilities. Virtually all

scientific and educational research recognizes that these early years are the most critical to the development of intelligence. TAG Toys are proudly designed and made in the USA. We use non-toxic, water-based finishes on all our products. Our raw materials such as paint, wood, and glue are brought in from local suppliers who also proudly manufacture them in the USA.

Toys of USA

Toys of USA Over 400 American made toys! Over 30 brand names! The very best online selection of high quality TOYS MADE IN USA! This is where you will find the most extensive variety of "Quality Fun. Made in America." Please visit often always adding new items every week!

Wild Apples

Wild Apples workshop has been creating wooden toys for more than 30 years. Wild Apples specializes in wooden animals and Noah's Arks. Situated in the heart of New York State's Finger Lakes region we use local hardwoods including cherry, oak and walnut.

Turner Toys

Turner Toys American Classic Toys & Wooden Folk Toys (Check products for Made in the USA)

The Cubbyhole

The Cubbyhole specializes in made-to-order wood toys, wood coat racks, wood rocking horses, wood toy chests, step stools and educational puzzles.

Terrapin Toys

Terrapin Toys, makers of Mary's Softdough! Mary's Softdough is a soft, non-crumbly play dough that's fun to play with! Terrapin Toys has been making Mary's Softdough since 1988. Mary's Softdough comes in lots of colors like red, blue, yellow, green and purple as well as glow-in-the-dark and new scented dough. Mary's Softdough is made in the USA based in Eugene, Oregon.

Step2's Complete Listing of American-Made Toys

Step2's Complete Listing of American-Made Toys (some toys Made in the USA with imported parts. PLEASE CHECK LABEL)

Maple Landmark Woodcraft

Maple Landmark Woodcraft Great wooden toys


LAURI TOYS predominately manufactures all of it's products in the USA in Smethport, Pennsylvania.

Holgate Toys

Holgate Toys When Fred Rogers was looking for an American manufacturer to make his Neighborhood Trolley, he turned to the finest name in wooden toys for children.

Green Toys Inc

Green Toys Inc. Announces the World's First Bioplastic Toys,100% Made in USA!

Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain Toys Fat Brain Toys is identifying all the products in our catalog that are manufactured right here in the USA. (please check label for Made in the USA)

American Plastic Toy Company

American Plastic Toy Company. Proud Manufacturer of American Made Toys

All American Toy Company

All American Toy Company "Maker of Vintage, Antique Old Toy Trucks" All American Toys for the All American Boy Made in the U.S.A. since 1947

Green Toys Inc

Green Toys Inc. Announces the World's First Bioplastic Toys, 100% Made in USA!!

Dynamo’s line of air hockey tables

Dynamo's line of air hockey tables are now known as the finest air hockey tables in the world and have won the AMOA's ‘Best Hockey Game' award every year for the last 10 years. Dynamo has also done contract manufacturing for nearly every major video game manufacturer and continues to do custom manufacturing for various entities in the industry.


Pajaggle™ While fiddling with a couple pieces of wood, we found that placing a piece of wood into a unique socket provided some inherent good feeling. That good feeling spawned an idea to create a game. Today, Pajaggle™ has evolved to a patent pending race puzzle game that focuses on the basics of spatial recognition and the many benefits that result from playing Pajaggle™. From Pajaggle™ Boards to playing e-Pajaggle, our Pajaggle™ games are designed so everyone can play.


ResponsiBuilders looks like a game but it's really a parenting tool. Your kids will love it! ResponsiBuilders is kid tested and mother approved. The cards were created to help parents guide their children toward being responsible, industrious people. 100% MADE IN THE USA

Gontza Games

Gontza Games designed and manufactured in the USA Featuring Hours of Family Fun!

American Dart Lines™

American Dart Lines™ is the marriage of excellence and affordability! Darts with the same great Bottelsen craftsmanship at an affordable price. The quality of our American Dart

Lines™ products rivals most companies' top of the line darts due to our rigorous attention to every detail of the design and manufacturing process.

Reborn Dolls

Reborn Dolls come with a birth certificate, instructions for care, a magnetic pacifier, Mohair conditioner and a faux formula sealed baby bottle. Each reborn doll comes with their own birth certificate, which includes the babies weight, length, and date of rebirth. The name is left blank, so you can name the the reborn doll whatever you want. The reborn dolls weigh about 5 1/2 pounds and are about 20? long. They have been weighted with glass beads and polyfil for "that real baby feel".

KBeckett OOAK Dolls

KBeckett OOAK Dolls of Florida makes all one of a kind art dolls by KBeckett Polymer Clay Art Dolls Made in USA in sunny Winter Haven Florida

American Table Games

American Table Games is an American company that specializes in craps tables, blackjack tables, roulette tables, roulette wheels, poker tables & various other casino products for the home & breakdown casino furniture for casino parties. We manufacture every table that we sell from our factory in Arizona. All of our products & product designs have been tested and continue to be tested to better ensure that they last for as long as you own them. Our home gaming tables & our breakdown gaming tables are built to replicate casino gaming in every way including looks & play. Our lightweight breakdown tables are very sturdy & are built to assemble & disassemble quickly & easily. We pride ourselves on our top quality & the overall beauty of our products. Because we are the factory we also offer complete customization to ensure everything is just how you want it!

True Outdoor Pool Tables

True Outdoor Pool Tables made In The USA with a limited lifetime guarantee, all tables using exclusive slate play surfaces, 9 standard models to choose plus total customizing plus graphics and custom manufacturing and from worldwide delivery. 888-703-6175 toll free

Valley-Dynamo Valley pool tables

Valley-Dynamo Valley pool tables offer the excitement individuals look for in home tables with the dependability of commercial quality construction. Our rich colors, trims, cabinet structure, and imported slate are just part of what makes our tables stand out. Valley pool tables contain the quality, dependability, look and feel that is perfect for any home game room or entertainment space. Purchase an affordable Valley home pool table and enjoy the game of pool in your home for years to come.

Don't forget to also check out our games made in the USA page while you are looking for products made here at home. Come back often because we are always adding great companies.

Tigercandy Arts

Tigercandy Arts is an inventive American company founded by dedicated visual artists, art educators and authors. We believe that all people have a need to express their inherent creativity regardless of age, experience, or ability. This is reflected in our designs that make fun, beauty and sense of joy and accomplishment of art-making and creative play accessible to all, while stretching the limits of imagination and fostering the artist within.

We specialize in handmade, couture sock puppets called Socketts®; Custom made portrait & character sock puppets;  Original, process-oriented, puppet making kits; Classes & one day workshops featuring puppet making & other 3 dimensional art forms. We are also available for art parties,  coorporate events & trunk shows.

Playaway Toy Company, Inc

Playaway Toy Company, Inc of Wisconsin makes The Rainy Day Indoor playground turns any standard doorway into a playground we manufacture 9 different attachments so there is something for children of all ages. Truly a toy product that will last a life time and will be played on daily


Topozoo is an eco-friendly, made in the USA (Ohio) wooden toy that allows kids to create their own custom creatures.  It's equal parts puzzle, craft kit, room décor…and all imagination! Each set of Dinosaurs, Safari or Monsters contains 15 wooden pieces that make 3 animals – or over 1,200 unique animal hybrids.  Plus, parents can visit to download color- in and cut-out Topo-layers so that kids can customize their creature with wings, tails, spikes and more.  Topozoo is made from formaldehyde-free MDF, water-based stains and packaged in recycled packaging.


Lockrobots go beyond the building block due to the unique design and interconnecting features that allow for stacking, balancing, puzzle creations and 3-D structures. Lockrobots are simple enough for the younger child to manipulate, yet challenge older children to design and create more complex structures. The Lockrobot builder can be inspired in a world of imaginative play,

offering hours of fun with family and friends! Lockrobots are proudly made in the USA, using safe non-toxic material.


WoodenDollsHouseShop - at our shop you will find miniature and playscale (Barbie) wooden doll house kits.  Our kits come in all sizes and styles.   We also have hand crafted playscale (Barbie) furniture that children may actually play with.  Both the doll houses and furniture may be finished in a number of different ways to provide one of a kind gifts that are made with love. We have finishing supplies such as windows, doors, siding, shingles and more.  We have finishing ideas and welcome more.   We are constantly looking for new items to add to our site.

Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix Company sole manufacturer worldwide of Wikki Stix One-of-a-Kind Creatables, which are wholly made in the USA! We are proud of the fact that Wikki Stix have won several Parents' Choice Awards, as well as the iparentingmedia award and awards from Dr. Toy. We have also won the top two toy awards in the United Kingdom Not only are Wikki Stix a wonderful creative activity toy... they are also a "Really Cool Tool for Teaching School." So, if you're a teacher, you may have seen us at your national conference, as we are there every year with new and innovative ways Wikki Stix can be helpful in your classroom.

Carolina Pratt Unit Blocks

Carolina Pratt Unit Blocks of North Carolina. Kids love wooden building blocks. The best block toy for children, ages 1 and up, are durable, infant-toddler-safe Hard Maple Standard Unit Blocks like the ones we make. Our wooden blocks are preschool quality and heirloom quality

standard size Carolina Pratt Unit Blocks, completely made in the USA from FSC-Pure & certified Hard Maple, responsibly harvested and milled in the USA, and lovingly cut, shaped, and rounded by hand in Asheville, North Carolina.


AIR POGO ® can best be described as a pogo on a rope. It gives kids a big bounce in the air instead of on the pavement. When suspended from a tree limb, deck, wooden swing set or  any other 8 1/2 ft. sturdy overhead support with 6 ft. obstacle clearance, the AIR POGO ® gives children a great ride - swinging and bouncing up to 2 1/2 ft without touching the ground. This is one of the most unique and fun playground accessories to reach the market in years!

Premier Wagons

Premier Wagons of Ohio the preferred distributor of kids wagons by the Berlin Flyer brand. Berlin Flyers are manufactured in Berlin, Ohio. Made with the finest Amish craftsmanship, these classic wagons are fast becoming a popular wagon brand.

Pure Play Kids

Pure Play Kids Pure Play Kids is an exciting new company selling kid-powered, creative, safe and unique products. Our broad product line is comprised of natural and sustainable products made in the USA.**This company does have a few products from other countries however they

do a great job of displaying the country of orgin

Back To Blocks

Back To Blocks Back To Blocks handcrafts a product line of quality wooden building blocks for children, right here in the U.S.A. We are a family-run business that has made these natural wooden blocks for years for our family and friends, and now we offer them to you. Every family should have a set of this classic toy. We believe that a block set should provide a lot of blocks, be easy to clean up and store and be affordable for your family. What is unique about Back To Blocks wooden block sets? Back To Blocks wooden block sets have a lot of blocks for your child, so their creativity will not be limited by too few or blocks that are too small. Our block sets range from 60 to 200 pieces and are of good size and weight for easy building. Back To Blocks wooden block sets come in bright colored plastic buckets. These are a favorite for moms because they make it easy for clean up and storage. Best of all Back To Blocks block sets are affordable. Our blocks are made from poplar,a lighter and  more affordable hardwood.They are still durable and will provide years of great play value. They are all natural wood with no paints, stains or dyes and they have been tested and comply with all regulations for children's products in the U.S.A. These American made wooden blocks make a great gift for children of any age.

Quick Count Football

Quick Count Football The fast-paced family card game Half-time Fun to Engage all Your Big Game Bowl Party Guests! Take Quick Count with you! Quick Count Football fits in purse or pocket - making it the perfect takealong activity for engaging children or adults when you find yourself having to wait.....Play it at tailgate parties Play it at the restaurant while you wait for

your foodPlay it at the airport or on the plane Play it in the Dr.'s officePlay it on vacation in the RV Play it when you're waiting for a ride Play it when you are waiting at a sibling's team practices Great for traveling sports teams - take Quick Count on the Team Bus


More4Kids Personalized Gifts is a Tennessee company specializing in personalized gifts for children. Our products include homemade personalized baby bibs and blankets, personalized

books, music and software. Made in America: The majority of our personalized gifts are made and assembled by us, right here in the U.S.A.

Marble King

Marble King Did you know that over one million marbles a day are produced by a West Virginia company? Well, they are. Marble King, Incorporated, located in Paden City, West Virginia, currently manufacturers over a million marbles each day. They operate seven days a week, three

hundred sixty-five days a year.


GUILLOW'S proudly made in the USA toy gliders and model airplanes fun easy to build balsa wood airplanes. Go together in minutes but provide many hours of back yard entertainment.

Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett Metal Detectors "We will build the best possible metal detector and offer the best customer service." Countless hours, and sometimes years, are spent researching and engineering a new product or technology


FRACTILES-7 to create starbursts, spirals, butterflies, beautiful mandalas of infinite complexity, bouquets of flowers, swarms of fireflies, spaceships, illusions of 3D space, and lots more.

Buffalo Games

Buffalo Games operating from an 87,000 sq ft facility in Buffalo, NY ( that's where the name comes from), employing 81 full time people, and having a blast creating products that are a lot of fun for you. Our new and distinctive offerings this year include 3 card games, 9 jigsaw

puzzle series and an innovative puzzle preservation tool - Puzzle Presto! Our focus has been on games and puzzles that go beyond the traditional boundaries of play, and so we've added features such as specially shaped cards, jewelry, voting wheels, dice, markers, free garden seeds and more.


Arrowcopter The world's highest flying toy with unique space age action Made in the United States

All Union House Apparel

Union House carries a top toy line from Channel Craft is made entirely in America, great prices and American Made


DutchCrafters of Florida offers more than 5,000 solid wood furniture products made by the Amish, including dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, office furniture and outdoor furniture.

Baby Eco Trends - American Made Baby Furniture

Baby Eco Trends - American made baby furniture is a family owned business specializing in hand made, solid wood, heirloom furniture for babies and children. Our builders source their materials from US suppliers and every component in our products is manufactured in the US. All of our lumber is sustainably grown in the Midwest, kiln dried and hand selected by our builders. Each piece is handmade to order and all work is done by skilled American craftsmen. All glues and adhesives used are water based. We offer standard finishes and paints as well as water based, formaldehyde free finishes and paints.

heirloom quality Baby Eco Trends - American Made Baby Furniture is built with safety and durability in mind. No shortcuts are taken, no nails are used and there are no plastic parts. With mortise and tenon joints, dovetailed corners and heavy gauge solid steel hardware, our baby and children's furniture is the highest quality and safest juvenile furniture available. With unique designs that can be converted as children grow, our convertible cribs can be used from infancy through to adulthood. Our children's beds, bunk beds and loft beds can be configured in an endless array of designs, creating a custom fit for any room.

In addition to furniture, we offer organic cotton mattresses and bedding, organic cotton Moses baskets and stands, lamps, and toys. We deliver our furniture all across the continental USA and offer Free Shipping on purchases over $75.

Viking Cue

Viking Cue is one of the oldest manufacturers of two-piece pool cues in America. Viking blends time-honored craftsmanship with state of the art machinery to produce a flawless pool cue that lives up to its reputation. With our continued commitment to the highest quality standards in the billiard industry, you can be assured, that when it's time to upgrade or get service on your current pool cue, Viking will be there for you. Viking pool cues are proudly and exclusively made in the U.S.A.

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