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VaccuFlex Vacuum Attachment

The Vaccuflex vacuum attachment was invented because, "Necessity is the mother of invention." The necessity in this case of course is to clean in small places were an average vacuum hose could not reach. This resulted in the invention of Vaccuflex, a uniquely engineered cap constructed of thermoplastic rubber that attaches to a vacuum hose, enabling the use of small diameter, flexible tubing.

The cleaning possibilities with Vaccuflex are endless: (some of these uses require a wet/dry vacuum)

Refrigerator coil cleaning

Dryer vent lint removal

Unclogging sink drains

Auto detailing

Blowing dust from electronic and computer components

Inflating/deflating (air mattresses, balloons, exercise balls, pool floats)

Chandelier cleaning

Of course the Vaccuflex is American made. Let the Vaccuflex take your vacuum Where no vacuum has gone before.

Metrovac American made Vacuums

Metrovac American made vacuums is based in Oakland NJ. This great company was refereed to us by a customer of theirs that is such a fan of the company he took the time to tell us about them. After reviewing Metrovac we knew we wanted to share this company with you. Their story is just a fantastic telling of a family pursuing the American Dream.

In 1939 a pawned pocket watch, which fetched $50.00 started Metrovac. From a humble beginning in a Bronx store front offer sales and service of vacuum cleaners Metrovac has grown in a diversified manufacturing company. Metrovac went from selling and fixing vacuums to making their own brand.

One aspect of learning about this company is you can tell they love America and are proud to advertise that they sell vacuums made in the USA. They they registered their slogan "Deliberately made better in the USA", which is just a wonderful slogan.

Metrovac makes more than just vacuums in the USA, they also make dog dryers, computer cleaning equipment, auto detailing vacuums, inflator/deflator devices and even baseball and tennis training devices. Yes, that is correct training tools for baseball and tennis. They make devices that levitate the baseball or tennis ball on a stream of blown air for the athlete to hit. Much like hitting off of a tee, except the tee is air.

Metrovac American made vacuums has 75+ years experience manufacturing in the USA. A third generation American company is very rare and they set the example. Please visit their site for yourself and you will see their American exceptionalism shining through.


HafcoVac manufactures superior quality compressed air vacuums for heavy duty industrial cleaning and material recovery. Our vacuums are powerful, reliable and economical, especially when compared to unreliable electric vacuums. HafcoVac vacuums deliver unparalleled performance without the need for electricity, relying solely on shop-supplied compressed air already in place for pneumatic equipment. With our industry leading warranty , you can have peace of mind that you have found a permanent solution to your cleaning problems! We also feature explosion proof vacuums. HafcoVac is a product line of Hafco Foundry. Hafco Foundry is located in Midland Park, New Jersey. Founded in 1969, Hafco Foundry manufactures and distributes a variety of vacuum cleaner units and accessories that are perfectly adapted to the heavy duty requirements of industrial and machining cleanup

Tacony Corporation

Tacony Corporation manufactures both the Simplicity and Riccar brand vacuums cleaners  in St. James, Missouri. We offer a large variety of upright vacuums.


GarageVac brings vacuum cleaners into the 21st century with its unique and sleek design, hypo-allerginic filtration for a cleaner environment and installation flexibility. At 9 pounds weight, the GarageVac is easy to remove and use in other locations such as an RV or Boat. GarageVac has a powerful 12 amp, 113 cfm twin fan 5 Peak HP turbo motor. Our garage vacuums are manufactured in the U.S.A, come with a full 6 year warranty and have been the choice of all major yacht builders and RV manufacturers for many years.

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